Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi? How To Use Spirit Wi-Fi? [2023]

Women Using WiFi on Spirit Airlines

Published Date :- September 15, 2023

Spirit is among the first few ultra-low-cost carriers to offer inflight Wi-Fi. It is also important to know does Spirit Airlines have WiFi on all flights. Fliers can enjoy steady internet service in all the routes covered by the carrier, except at certain heights due to the airspace laws of the concerned country. They have the option of picking their preferred plan while on board at an affordable price.

In addition to that, Spirit Airlines enables its valued passengers to buy the plans by making cashless transactions on the go with a bunch of options to choose from. With easily accessible QR Codes, the service can be connected to.

With an inflight online streaming experience of watching quality videos up to 720p, the carrier does it all so that its passengers don’t miss their favorite shows while on board. 

Does Spirit Have WiFi on All Flights?

Women Using Spirit Airlines WiFi

Spirit Airlines WiFi service is provided on most flights. For seamless use of the internet for its passengers, the airline comes with this facility. Upon connecting, flyers can have access to high-speed internet on board. This provides them the option of streaming video content, connecting to social media, or playing games without any interruption.

For Which Locations Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi?

Passengers need not have to be highly concerned about the Wi-Fi coverage as they can enjoy the facility across all routes of Spirit Airlines. To be specific, they can enjoy steady and fast internet across the United States, the Caribbean, and South America.

  • Internet connectivity when flying to these locations is possible because of the airline’s planes.
  • WiFi on Spirit Airlines is available throughout the aircraft network
  • Limited connectivity is provided at an altitude above 10,000 feet. 
  • This is because the regulations levied vary from one country to another.

How Much is Spirit WiFi?

When it comes to using the internet service, being aware of the cost of the same becomes imperative. Spirit WiFi costs just $3.99, to begin with. The internet and speed provided at this price are good enough to check important emails, news updates, and social media.

screenshot of spirit wifi plans and cost
Spirit WiFi Plans
  • Additionally, with just $6.99, flyers can savor every moment on board for:
    • Streaming TV shows
    • Watching movies
    • Enjoying high-resolution games

How to Make A Spirit WiFi Purchase?

Flyers can buy Spirit WiFi with a bunch of options at their disposal. This also allows them to purchase the internet without worrying about the cash they are carrying in their pockets. Thus, the transaction is hassle-free. One simply needs to choose the required WiFi plan and pay the amount or enter the voucher code, if any.

  • To initiate the purchase, a flier needs to scan the Wi-Fi QR code from:
    • The tray table on board
    • A sticker on the back of the seat on a flight 
    • The back of the Spirit À La Smarte® Sips + Snacks menu 
  • Or, manually connect to “Spirit_WiFi” on the device.
  • Now the user will be directed automatically to “”. 
  • In case it doesn’t get directed, go to the same website manually. 
  • Now, the plan selection will have to be executed on board. 
  • Making the online payment for inflight internet via:
    • Credit Card
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay

Can You Buy Spirit WiFi on the Plane?

With a number of options aboard Spirit Airlines to buy WiFi, travelers can expect speedy connectivity. After a quick online payment to buy their preferred internet plan, they can enjoy seamless fast internet on board. 

Note: This airline’s Wi-Fi and its speed on the plane will be determined as per the location.

Is Spirit WiFi Refundable?

In case a passenger has an issue with the inflight Wi-Fi service, he/she can always opt for a refund. To do so, the concerned person is requested to visit the official website of Spirit Airlines. Here, a request can be placed to receive the paid money back for the internet facility.

To initiate the process, the given steps can be followed:

  • Look for “Spirit Wi-Fi Refund” on a browser.
  • Visit the official link of Spirit Airlines displayed in the results.
  • Click on “Refund Request Form” on the next window and fill it up. 
  • While filling up the form, the passengers need to enter information such as:
    • Date of departure, 
    • Wi-Fi Voucher Code (if any), 
    • Wi-Fi purchase receipt number,
    • And, the Flight number. 
  • Once the Spirit WiFi refund form is successfully submitted, one will get an acknowledgment email. 
  • This email can help in citing the status of the refund request.

How to Connect to Spirit WiFi?

Connecting any compatible device with the Spirit Wi-Fi is as easy as it gets. One can enable Flight Mode on this device. Afterward, a QR can be scanned along with following some other steps. The internet will be quickly connected and its use can be availed.

  • To do so on the said device, one needs to turn the Flight Mode on. 
  • At this point, the passenger needs to tap on the Wi-Fi button on their device.
  • Select “Spirit_WiFi” to connect. 
  • Use the QR Code to connect to the service.
Spirit WiFi QR Code
Spirit WiFi QR Code

What is Spirit WiFi Voucher Code?

The Spirit WiFi voucher code is a number added to the booking confirmation email. This is included when people buy an inflight Wi-Fi plan while booking a ticket from the official Spirit Airlines app or website. Also, even if a passenger doesn’t buy the plan while booking, he/she can purchase the same from the preflight communications made via email. 

  • It is also important to note that the voucher codes remain valid for a year. 
  • The fliers, at their own convenience, can use it any time during that period on any flight. 
  • If there’s any change in the travel plans, opt for a refund or use the same voucher on another flight.

How to Use Spirit WiFi?

A flier can buy a preferred pack from plans according to the inflight internet needs. This can be done via different payment modes available. Once they buy a plan, they can use it to browse the internet. This browsing can be executed without concerns regarding the security of connections. Since Spirit Airlines is safe, the Wi-Fi connections remain secure. 

  • To get news updates, the Spirit WiFi service is helpful. 
  • Or, it can be used to enjoy watching video content as desired.

Is Spirit WiFi Speed Good?

The Wi-Fi speed provided by this airline is of a level that should be good enough to match the needs of the flight passengers. The Streaming plan offers a speed of 7 to 10 Mbps.

Spirit Airlines WiFi Speed
Spirit Airlines WiFi Speed

Using this, fliers can easily play content with a video quality up to 720p. On the other hand, with a Browsing plan, one can play videos up to a resolution of 240p.

Does Spirit WiFi Work on Multiple Devices?

As of now, travelers need to purchase plans for all the devices that they want to use Wi-Fi while on board. However, according to the official website of Spirit Airlines, the company is planning to bring in a Wi-Fi plan for use on different devices. This Spirit WiFi for multiple devices will let travelers invest in only 1 plan for diverse uses.


As it can be noted, Spirit Wi-Fi provides internet services to its passengers at an affordable price. With its easy-to-use purchase options, need-based Wi-Fi plans to cater to different passengers. Hassle-free support options are given too. Hence, all its passengers can expect a convenient experience.


Does Spirit Airlines have Wi-Fi now?

Currently, most flights of this airline have WiFi facilities.

Is Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi free?

No, as of now, Wi-Fi is not free on this airline.

Can I buy Spirit Wi-Fi on the plane?

Yes, one can purchase this facility onboard.

How much is Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi?

The Browsing internet plan begins at $3.99 whereas the Streaming one will cost around $6.99.

How to connect to Spirit W-iFi on your iPhone?

To connect the iPhone, turn on the flight mode first, and enable “WiFi”. Then choose “Spirit_WiFi”.

How to log into Spirit Wi-Fi?

Upon connecting the device with the Wi-Fi, scan the QR Code to open “”, and then log in.

Can I buy Spirit Wi-Fi on the plane?

Yes, one can purchase this facility onboard.

How to purchase Spirit Wi-Fi?

A flier needs to visit “” to purchase different WiFi plans.

Can you get Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines to connect multiple devices?

Spirit is planning to add a multi-device feature soon. But currently, the feature is limited.

Can I buy Spirit Wi-Fi on the plane using Apple Pay?

Yes, the passengers can buy WiFi using Apple Pay.

Can you get Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines to enjoy free content?

Passengers can get free updates for connecting flights, the status of a trip, etc. using Wi-Fi.

Does Spirit Wi-Fi provide refunds?

Yes, this airline can provide refunds, subject to some conditions.

How can I get a Spirit Wi-Fi voucher?

People can get a Spirit WiFi voucher when they purchase an inflight WiFi plan during reservations.

Is Spirit Wi-Fi worth it?

Absolutely, given the options a passenger has to choose from, this Wi-Fi service is value-worthy.

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