Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap? Affordable Services, Cost-Control & More

Why is Spirit Airlines So Cheap

Spirit Airlines is one of the low-cost air carriers in the US. The airline serves its passengers at an affordable price. As it employs cost-control measures, one can understand why is Spirit Airlines so cheap. These measures direct the carrier to demand costs from fliers for areas essential for traveling.

Thus, when tickets are reserved, basic facilities are provided. Usually, for luxury services, this airline charges extra costs. Nevertheless, at affordable prices, it aims to provide satisfactory experiences to passengers. At budget-friendly prices, Spirit Airlines offers baggage services, on-board facilities, and to some extent, safety as well.

Is Spirit Airlines Cheap for Seat Selection Services?

Is Spirit Airlines Cheap for Seat Selection Services

This airline can be considered cheap as it does not provide well-defined seat selection services. To ensure low-cost travel, it focuses on random seat allotment. Thus, the cost of selecting a seat is reduced. This is also one of the ways in which the airline controls expenses in relation to this particular service.

How is Spirit Airlines Cheap and Good?

The carrier, Spirit, is good not just because of its low budget fares but for its services as well. It has good in-flight services to offer. Although not all of them are available for free, the costs are maintained to be low. Thus, even when additional costs apply, fliers are not required to spend a lot.

Not only is Spirit a good airline but cheap as well due to other reasons listed below:

  • The airline offers good-quality food but it isn’t complimentary. One can buy it at a low cost.
  • It facilitates low-cost Wi-Fi services at a good speed.
  • The security arrangements on the aircraft conform to aviation rules.
  • Passengers can experience a comfortable journey by investing in cheap fares.
  • With standard hygiene regulations, the airline’s service is good.

Why is Spirit Airlines So Much Cheaper When It Comes to Seat Size?

Spirit Airlines offers passenger-preferred seat sizes at a low price. Fliers get their seats free of cost when the airline assigns the same. It is one of the reasons why is Spirit Airlines cheap for many fliers when the desired seats have to be reserved. 

  • On the front side of the plane, the Big Front Seat is offered at an affordable price.
  • If a flier books Big Front Seats in advance, $12 is the starting fee.
  • Big Front Seat upgrades while on board are available at $25.
  • A Customer- Requested Regular Seat starts at just $1.

How is Spirit Airlines So Cheap for Bag Services?

For many passengers, Spirit Airlines is cheap in terms of baggage services as the charges are either low or not applicable. If a passenger is carrying a backpack that can be accommodated in a small box, he/she need not have to pay anything for the same. Only when they are carrying bigger luggage, the airline charges them, subject to some conditions.

  • Passengers can carry bags for free when included in their tickets.
  • Charges apply for bags that are oversized or overweight.
  • Some Spirit Airlines bad reviews indicate that extra baggage services are costly.
  • One will have to pay a minimum of $79 per bag when carrying extra luggage.
  • Usually, the charges are low unless carrying sports equipment.

Is Spirit Airlines Reliable Even though it’s Cheap?

Spirit Airlines is an air carrier that its valued passengers can always rely upon, despite being cheap. While keeping the convenience of its fliers in mind, the air carrier aims to serve them better. This reliability is ensured through timely and safe services.

There are several reasons why is Spirit safe and reliable yet cheap: 

  • This airline follows guidelines prescribed by aviation authorities in case of any emergency.
  • Spirit invests in training its staff to ensure passenger safety even at a low cost.
  • The FAA has awarded the technical maintenance team of the airline.
  • It is rated highly as a punctual airline.
  • The airline makes special arrangements for unaccompanied minors when required.
  • Such minors can reliably travel with this airline at low costs.

Why is Spirit Airlines Cheap for Services Onboard?

Several fliers who have opted for a Spirit Airlines flight consider the inflight services cheap. For such services, why is Spirit Airlines so cheap is largely because of the options the passengers can avail on board. While doing so, they will need to pay for those. 

As per their budget, fliers can buy a service, such as:

  • A preferred sitting spot
  • Seat size of choice
  • The desired pack for the internet

Why is Spirit Cheaper for Buying Wi-Fi?

Buying Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines is cheap because of the low rates charged. A range of options is available for the passengers to choose from. Usually, the options are affordable but some can range high, depending on the services included. What stands as the main reason why is Spirit Airlines so cheap for Wi-Fi is the inclusion of limited services for which only low fees apply.

  • The browsing plan starts just at $3.99, allowing the flier to check email or social media
  • With the streaming plan starting at $6.99, one can stream videos up to 720p resolution. 
  • At cheap prices, using the inflight Wi-Fi services, passengers can:
    • Get updates from news platforms
    • Use social media while on board
  • With other affordable plans, they can also:
    • Watch their favorite movies and TV shows 
    • Play games

Is Spirit Airlines Cheap Considering the Extra Charges?

Several fliers find Spirit Airlines affordable as hidden or additional charges are not generally observed. They do not have to pay the extra charges if they don’t use additional services available on board.  This is why Spirit Airlines is so cheap for many fliers who only wish to fulfill the basic need for traveling.

  • Extra charges, although cheap, can apply for services like Wi-Fi, food, beverages, etc.
  • Passengers only pay for Wi-Fi when they want to watch or read content online. 
  • They will be required to pay for a seat when they have a specific part of the cabin to sit on.
  • Likewise, beverages or food items can be purchased as required.

Final Remarks

Spirit Airlines boasts of being one of the low-budget air carriers with a host of services. At cheap costs, it aims to maintain experiences through aspects like safety, entertainment, etc. It can also be observed that passengers find the airline cheap to travel by when choosing their preferred inflight services.


Why is Spirit Airlines so much cheaper?

This airline applies cost control measures to reduce airfares.

Why Spirit Airlines is so cheap in terms of cancellation fees?

Spirit does not charge any fees when canceling bookings 60+ days before departure.

How is Spirit Airlines so cheap when it comes to seat selection?

Since seat selection services are limited, no cost applies.

Why is Spirit cheaper yet safe for unaccompanied minors?

The airline allows unaccompanied minors to travel only within domestic routes.

Is Spirit Airlines cheap for printing the boarding pass?

No, in case one prints the boarding pass at the airline’s check-in counter, it will cost $25.

Why is Spirit Airlines cheap in offering WiFi services?

It is cheap as one can buy Wi-Fi services at a price as low as $3.99.

Is Spirit a good airline?

Yes, the airline is good for being safe and reliable.

Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap in terms of charges on board?

To buy a service, the airline provides low-cost options for fliers to choose from.

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