Southwest Airlines Terminal at San Diego Intl. Airport (SAN)

Southwest Airlines Terminal San Diego Airport (SAN)

In San Diego, Southwest Airlines utilizes San Diego Airport Terminal 1 for its operations. The Southwest Terminal at San Diego International Airport (SAN) is used for departures and arrivals.

Opened in 1928, San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1 consists of 14 gates, from 5 to 18 along with 2 concourses i.e. West and East.

When it comes to the additional services and facilities available for passengers at Terminal 1, travelers can locate baggage counters, check-in points, ticket booking windows, etc.

Knowing some more aspects about Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport can help Southwest travelers enjoy hassle-free travel.

Southwest Airlines Terminal Information at San Diego Airport (SAN)

To get a detailed overview of Terminal 1 used by Southwest Airlines at San Diego Airport, the following table can be considered:

Airport NameSan Diego International Airport
Southwest Airlines San Diego TerminalThe Southwest Airlines terminal at San Diego Airport is Terminal 1.
Southwest Airlines San Diego Arrivals TerminalThe Southwest Airlines terminal at San Diego Airport is Terminal 1.
Southwest Airlines San Diego Departure TerminalSouthwest Airlines departs from Terminal 1 at San Diego International Airport, through Gates 5-18.
Suggested Arrival TimesDomestic – 120 min
International – 120 min
San Diego Airport CodeSAN
San Diego Airport Address
First Floor, SDCRAA Administration Building, 2417 McCain Road, San Diego, CA 92101
Southwest Airlines IATA CodeWN
Southwest Airlines ICAO CodeSWA
Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter Hours at San Diego AirportOpens 120 minutes before the first departing flight, Monday-Sunday
Southwest Airlines Phone Number for San Diego Airport800-435-9792
Southwest Airlines Website
San Diego Airport Website
Southwest Airlines Information at San Diego Airport

What Terminal is Southwest at San Diego Airport?

Southwest uses San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1 for its flights. For this carrier, the terminal serves as an operating base. Southwest flies regularly and seasonally from Terminal 1 to Colorado Springs, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Dallas, Chicago, Oakland, and other locations.

Southwest Airlines Terminal at San Diego International Airport (SAN)

The terminal also has the necessary facilities such as a baggage claim counter, check-in points, and a customer assistance center for use while flying to these locations.

Southwest Arrival Terminal at San Diego Airport

Terminal 1 at San Diego Airport is used by Southwest Airlines for the arrival of its flights. The airline uses this terminal as it is equipped with many facilities including baggage claim counters.

For Southwest Airlines baggage claim at San Diego Airport Terminal 1, one can specifically head to the ground floor. They can access Carousels 2, 3, and 4. Generally, depending on the carrier’s schedule/flight location, the carousel is assigned.

Southwest Departure Terminal at San Diego Airport

San Diego Airport Southwest Departure Terminal 1 ensures optimal comfort for the passengers departing for their destination. Travelers can locate the Southwest Airlines counter to avail services such as security, check-in, baggage purchase, and so on. Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport (SAN) Airport comprises curbside baggage check-in facilities.

After completing Southwest Airlines check-in at San Diego Airport, boarding passes can be obtained. For seat assignments, the airline’s ticket counter at this terminal can be contacted. To speed up the process, fliers are advised to keep their IDs handy at every check-in and security point.

For processes related to departures, Southwest Airlines Gates at San Diego Airport Terminal 1 should be known. Gates 5 to 18 help regulate these processes. Travelers can also use these gates to enter and board the flights.

Services Provided by Southwest Airlines at Terminal 1 in San Diego Airport (SAN)

Southwest Airlines offers numerous services to its fliers at San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1. The airline aims to provide passengers with a more flexible, convenient, and hassle-free travel experience. Hence, it ensures facilities that include but are not limited to reservations, flight changes, etc.

Southwest Airlines Services at San Diego Airport (SAN)
  1. Booking: Southwest Airlines at Terminal 1 in San Diego Airport has a dedicated booking window for passengers. They can get detailed information about the routes covered and book tickets accordingly.
  2. Cancellation: Southwest Airlines counters are available at the San Diego Airport for cancellation-related services. Here, the revocation process will be initiated after validating essential details such as the passenger’s name, ticket number, and reason for canceling the ticket. Depending on the cancellation time, ticket type, and more, the refund process will also be initiated.
  3. Flight Change: Minor as well as major changes can be administered at San Diego Airport’s counter for Southwest Airlines. At San Diego Airport, changes can be made to the date of travel, class reserved, etc.
  4. Unaccompanied Minors’ Travel: For children who are 5 years old or above, Southwest Airlines offers unaccompanied minors service at the San Diego Airport. To reserve the service as per eligibility, the terminal can be approached.
  5. Accessible Travel: Southwest ensures a hassle-free and convenient transition for passengers with special needs. The assistance is also provided at the San Diego Airport if there are any medical needs. This assistance is ensured from the point of booking to arrival at the destination.

Southwest Airlines Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage Services at San Diego Airport (SAN)

Baggage counters are available at San Diego Airport Terminal 1 for Southwest Airlines. Here, travelers can report the issues associated with damaged or delayed baggage.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Services at San Diego Airport (SAN)

In case the baggage of a traveler does not arrive and gets misplaced, the same can also be reported at the Southwest Baggage Claim Counter as well as the Ticket Counter.

Southwest Airlines Lounge at San Diego Airport (SAN)

Southwest Airlines does not have its lounge at San Diego Airport. However, its passengers can still enjoy the benefits of the airport’s lounge.

Southwest Airlines Lounge San Diego Airport (SAN)
Aspire Lounge at San Diego Airport (SAN)

The Aspire Lounge is available for all passengers, regardless of the airline and travel class. Travelers can move from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 to avail of several benefits available at this lounge.

Some more details in relation to Southwest Airlines lounge have been given in the table below:

Opening Hours5:00 AM to 10:00 PM,
Monday to Sunday
LocationEast of Terminal 2
Gate Number23 and 33
AmenitiesFoods, Beverages, Shower, Seating area, Restrooms, Full bar.

Food & Dining Options at Terminal 1 in San Diego Airport (SAN)

Terminal 1 has plenty of food and fine dining options near Pre-security and Gates 3 to 14 at San Diego Airport.

Whether travelers need some quick breakfast options or are looking for some lavish meals, Terminal 1 has an assorted range of the region’s top brands.

Name of the RestaurantGate Number
Ciao Gourmet Market4
Bankers Hill Bar and Market7
Jack in the BoxPre-security
Einstein Bros. Bagels3
JetboxTerminal 1 East
Pacifica Breeze CaféPre-security
The Counter: Custom Built Burgers4
Peet’s Coffee and Tea11
Urban Crave14

Facilities Available at Terminal 1 in San Diego Airport (SAN)

Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport offers many services while arriving or departing. San Diego Airport services ensure a stress-free transition from San Diego Airport to other destinations.

Terminal 1 Facilities in San Diego Airport (SAN)
Facilities at Terminal 1 in San Diego Airport (SAN)

The services offered at this airport to the passengers of Southwest Airlines are related to baggage, refreshments, Wi-Fi, and more.

  1. Wi-Fi: A free but fast internet facility is provided to all fliers at this airport. The fast speed allows the passengers to download their favorite movies, series, music, etc. Please remember that the free session is available for 2 hours only. Users will need to re-login to use the Wi-Fi again.
  2. ATMs and Car Rental Points: Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport consists of many ATMs of different banks. Passengers coming to this airport can use these ATMs to withdraw money. Additionally, a car rental point is also available. The Southwest Terminal 1 map can be used to find the locations.
  3. Lactation Rooms: To help lactating mothers feed their little ones without any hassle, San Diego Airport has a dedicated room available at Terminal 1. At West Rotunda, the lactation room is situated on the 2nd floor. The same is also available on the ground floor in East Rotunda.
  4. Global Entry: The Global Entry facility at San Diego Airport is available for those who have an approved/scheduled appointment. All Global Entry applicants should remember that walk-ins are not accepted due to restricted space. 
  5. Portable Charging: At Terminal 1, refillable and portable charging units are available. Visitors can recharge as well as buy cables. Or, they can simply swap out the fully charged units. However, this facility will cost them around USD 25.  
  6. Baggage Carts: Travelers can make their boarding easy and hassle-free with baggage carts accessible at Terminal 1 San Diego Airport. By paying USD 6, they can avail a cart. However, this facility is free for the travelers arriving at this airport. These carts can be availed from Terminal 2’s curbside check-in point.
  7. PPE Vending Machines: To provide fliers with optimal safety, PPE vending machines are available at San Diego International Airport. Situated near the pre-security counters and baggage claim windows, fliers can get sanitizers, face masks, wipes, gloves, over-the-counter medicines, etc.
  8. Food Vending Machines: Even though San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1 has many restaurants and cafes, travelers can also buy snacks and cold beverages through vending machines. At this terminal, a food vending machine is situated near the pedestrian bridge.

Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport has several other services inclusive of bicycle lockers, courtesy phones, counters for converting cash, and more.

Parking at Southwest Airlines Terminal 1 San Diego Airport

San Diego Airport features a Curbside Valet and Cell Phone Lot parking services. These services are available for those departing via Terminal 1 or waiting to pick up Southwest passengers. While the Curbside Valet parking comprises numerous lots, the Cell Phone Lot has 70 spaces available.

Southwest Airlines SAN Terminal San Diego Airport Parking Map
San Diego Airport (SAN) Parking Map

At San Diego Airport, a New Terminal 1 is also being constructed. To be identified as the New Terminal 1 Parking Plaza, it will be available for use in 2024.

Curbside Valet Parking

The Curbside Valet parking service is available for passengers/visitors at Terminal 1. It can be reserved using the San Diego Airport website. The additional details required to use this service are added below:

Operational HoursFor drop-off: 5:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. (All days)
For Retrievals: 24/7
Valet Parking fee$60 per day
Email ID for
Valet Parking Terminal 1 Phone Number619-291-2087

Cell Phone Lot Parking

For visitors picking up passengers near San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1 Baggage Claim area, Cell Phone Lot parking services are provided. 

Cell Phone Lot Parking Location2311 McCain Road, San Diego CA 92101
Contact Number19-291-2087
Parking CostFree
Functional Hours5:00 A.M. to 12:30 A.M.

Other Parking Options

Additional parking options are provided by certain operators at San Diego Airport for visitors or passengers traveling via Terminal 1. These include the following:

  • Wally Park
  • Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
  • San Diego’s Park, Shuttle Fly
  • Aladdin Airport Parking
  • San Diego Airport Parking Co.
  • Laurel Travel Center-Jazz Parking

Southwest Airlines Terminal 1 Map of San Diego Airport (SAN)

Southwest Terminal 1 map of San Diego Airport showcases the easy-to-understand layout of its structure. The map can be used to find the Southwest check-in gates, baggage claim counters, reservation centers, parking, etc.

In addition to this, the San Diego Airport Terminal 1 map is a handy tool that displays the eateries, lounges, restrooms, and several other airport facilities available here.

With different concourses and gates, Southwest Airlines Terminal 1 of San Diego Airport ensures a stress-free travel experience for both departing and arriving passengers. It is a well-maintained and well-structured airport terminal loaded with amenities. With the easy availability of restaurants and other facilities, travel for all passengers can be eased.


Does Southwest fly to San Diego?

Yes, Southwest Airlines flies to San Diego International Airport (SAN).

Which terminal is Southwest at San Diego International Airport?

T1 of San Diego Airport is used by Southwest Airlines.

What is the Southwest arrival terminal at SAN Airport?

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal 1 at SAN Airport for arrivals.

What is the Southwest departure terminal at SAN Airport?

For departure, SAN Airport Terminal 1 is used by Southwest Airlines.

What is the phone number for Southwest Airlines at San Diego Airport?

The contact number of Southwest Airlines at San Diego Airport (SAN) is 800-435-9792.

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