United Airlines Terminal Pittsburgh International Airport

United Airlines Terminal Pittsburgh International Airport

Navigating through airports can be a daunting task, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the layout. For travelers flying with United Airlines through Pittsburgh International Airport, understanding which terminal to head to, where to find amenities, and how to access various services can greatly streamline your travel experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about United Airlines’ terminal at Pittsburgh Airport, from arrival and departure information to dining options and customer services.

Information of United Airlines Terminal Pittsburgh Airport (PIT)

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the United Airlines Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport:

AirportPittsburgh International Airport
Airport Address1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231
United Airlines Pittsburgh TerminalTerminal 1
United Airlines PIT Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
United Airlines PIT Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Security checkpointsLocated in Terminals 1 & 2
GatesLocated in Terminals 1 & 2
Connection between terminalsAirside connection

What Terminal is United Airlines at Pittsburgh Airport?

United Airlines operates at the Terminal 1 and 2 at Pittsburgh International Airport. Both terminals are connected airside, allowing for seamless transfers between domestic and international flights. This eliminates the need for travelers to exit security and re-enter between flights on the same airline.

United Airlines Arrival Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport

Both Terminal 1 and 2 serve as arrival points for United Airlines flights at Pittsburgh Airport. Upon arrival, follow the signs for baggage claim and immigration (for international arrivals). Baggage carousels are marked with flight information, making it easy to locate your luggage.

United Airlines Departure Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport

United Airlines departures also operate from Terminals 1 and 2. Upon entering the terminal, locate the check-in counters for your flight. Check-in kiosks are available for self-service check-in and baggage tagging, offering a convenient option for passengers traveling with only carry-on luggage. Proceed through security after check-in and follow the signs to your departure gate.

United Airlines Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Pittsburgh Airport Terminal

In case of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage, visit the United Airlines Customer Service desk located in Terminals 1 or 2. Alternatively, you can report missing or damaged baggage online or through the United Airlines mobile app. To ensure a smooth resolution, remember to have your baggage claim check readily available when reporting a lost or damaged bag.

If you filed a report online or through the app, keep a copy of the confirmation email or reference number for your records. United Airlines strives to handle baggage issues efficiently, but unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to delays. If your baggage is delayed, the airline will make every effort to locate and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Lounges at United Airlines Terminal in Pittsburgh Airport

While navigating the bustling Pittsburgh International Airport, finding a haven of peace and relaxation can be a welcome escape. Fortunately, United Airlines offers two distinct lounges catering to specific passenger needs: the United Club and the United Club Escape.

United Club Lounge

Located conveniently within Terminal A, the United Club welcomes a variety of guests, including:

  • United Club members: Passengers with an annual or one-time United Club membership can enjoy the lounge’s amenities at their leisure.
  • Star Alliance Gold members: Passengers holding elite status within other Star Alliance airlines, such as Lufthansa or Singapore Airlines, can access the United Club when flying on United or other Star Alliance member airlines.
  • Passengers flying in United Business Class or First Class on international flights: Regardless of membership status, individuals traveling in premium cabins on international United flights receive complimentary access to the United Club.

United Club Escape Lounge

Situated within Terminal C, the United Club Escape provides a sanctuary for select passengers seeking a pre-flight retreat. Access is granted to:

  • Passengers flying in United First Class on domestic flights: Traveling in first class on domestic United flights automatically grants access to the United Club Escape.
  • Star Alliance First Class passengers: Passengers holding first-class tickets on other Star Alliance airlines can also access the lounge when flying on United or other Star Alliance member airlines.
  • Select Star Alliance Gold members: Specific Star Alliance Gold members, depending on their airline and status level, may be eligible to access the United Club Escape.

Food & Dining Options at Pittsburgh Airport

A wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and quick-service options are available throughout Terminals 1 and 2, offering a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy any craving.

Restaurant options:

Restaurant NameType of CuisineLocation
Crested DuckAmericanTerminal 1
Primanti Bros.AmericanTerminal 1
StarbucksCoffeeTerminals 1 & 2
Piattini Italian MarketItalianTerminal 2
The TavernAmericanTerminal 2

United Airlines Services at Terminal in Pittsburgh Airport

United Airlines offers various services to assist passengers at their dedicated terminals (1 & 2) at Pittsburgh International Airport:

Check-in and Baggage:

  • Self-service check-in kiosks: Expedite your check-in process and print boarding passes independently, available for most domestic flights.
  • Baggage drop-off: Dedicated counters to conveniently check in your luggage for travel.
  • Baggage claim: Retrieve your checked bags upon arrival, with clearly marked carousels for each flight.

Customer Service:

  • Customer service desks: Staffed with friendly representatives to assist with flight changes, reservations, boarding passes, baggage inquiries, and other travel needs.

Additional Services:

  • ATMs: Withdraw cash for last-minute expenses or travel needs.
  • Currency exchange: Convert your currency to facilitate travel expenses.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected throughout your travel journey (availability and access may vary).
  • Lost and Found: Report lost or misplaced items at the dedicated Lost and Found office.
  • Restrooms and Baby Changing Facilities: Access conveniently located facilities throughout the terminals.

Parking at United Airlines Terminal Pittsburgh Airport

The Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) offers various parking options to suit your needs, budget, and travel duration. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the available choices near the United Airlines terminals (Terminals 1 & 2):

On-site Parking

  • Short-term Parking: Located closest to the terminals, this option is ideal for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, or short-term layovers. The first hour costs $36, and the daily maximum rate applies thereafter.
  • Long-term Parking: Located slightly further from the terminals but still within walking distance, this option is suitable for longer stays. The daily rate starts at $20, offering a more cost-effective solution for extended trips.
  • Extended Parking (with Shuttle Service): This is the most economical option for long-term stays. It’s located furthest from the terminals, but a complimentary shuttle service operates regularly to transport passengers directly to Terminals 1 and 2. The daily rate starts at $15.

Off-site Parking

Several off-site parking facilities are located near the airport, offering competitive rates and often featuring amenities like valet parking, car washes, and covered parking. These facilities usually provide shuttle services to the terminals, although travel time may be slightly longer than on-site options.

Where Does United Airlines Fly from Pittsburgh Airport?

United Airlines offers flights to various domestic and international destinations from PIT Airport.

New York (EWR)Domestic
Chicago (ORD)Domestic
Washington D.C. (IAD)Domestic
San Francisco (SFO)Domestic
London (LHR)International
Cancun (CUN)International
Toronto (YYZ)International
Paris (CDG)International

Map of United Airlines Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport

Map information about the United Airlines Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport is crucial as it helps travelers navigate the terminal complex, locate amenities, and find their gates efficiently, ultimately saving time and reducing stress during their journey.

Contact United Airlines Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport

Contact information for the United Airlines Terminal at Pittsburgh Airport is crucial for passengers to seek assistance, resolve issues, and access support services quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

There are several ways you can reach them for assistance:

  • Visit the Customer Service Desk: Head to the United Airlines customer service desk in either Terminal 1 or 2 at Pittsburgh International Airport. They can help with various inquiries, including baggage issues, flight changes, and general information.
  • Call the United Airlines Customer Service Center: You can contact the United Airlines Customer Service Center directly by dialing 1 (800) 241-6522. They can assist you with your specific needs and connect you to the appropriate department at the airport if necessary.
  • Use the United Airlines Mobile App: Download the United Airlines mobile app and access the “Help” section. You can chat with a virtual agent or explore various self-service options for flight changes, baggage tracking, and other inquiries.
  • Visit the United Airlines Website: The United Airlines website (https://www.united.com/) allows you to manage your reservations online, track your flight status, and find relevant information about your trip.


Which terminal is United Airlines at Pittsburgh Airport?

United Airlines operates at Terminals 1 and 2 at Pittsburgh International Airport.

What is the United Airlines arrivals terminal at Pittsburgh Airport?

Both Terminals 1 and 2 serve as arrival points for United Airlines flights at PIT.

What is the United Airlines departures terminal at Pittsburgh Airport?

United Airlines departures also operate from Terminals 1 and 2.

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