When Does Southwest Release Flights? [Complete Guide 2023]

When Does Southwest Release Flights

Published Date :- July 17, 2023

Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the United States, known for its affordable prices and convenient flight schedules. If you’re planning a trip with Southwest, it’s important to know when they release their flights so you can snag the best deals and secure your desired travel dates. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Southwest’s flight release schedule, including regular release patterns, holiday and peak season releases, changes and delays, fare options, Rapid Rewards benefits, popular destinations, special promotions, and frequently asked questions.

When Does Southwest Release Flights?

If you’re eagerly waiting for Southwest to release their flight schedules, you’re not alone. Many travelers anticipate the release dates to book their dream vacations or family visits. Southwest typically releases their flights for booking around six to nine months in advance. This allows customers to plan well ahead and secure their preferred travel dates.

However, it’s important to note that the specific release dates may vary from year to year. Southwest does not have a fixed release day or time, which adds an element of surprise to the process. It’s always a good idea to sign up for Southwest’s email alerts or follow their social media channels to stay updated on the latest release announcements.

what time does southwest release flights

Planning a trip can be an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. With Southwest Airlines, the anticipation of their flight schedule release adds an extra layer of excitement to the planning process. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing beach getaway or a thrilling adventure in a new city, having the ability to book your flights well in advance can help make your travel dreams a reality.

Southwest Airlines understands the importance of giving their customers ample time to plan their trips. By releasing their flight schedules around six to nine months in advance, they allow travelers to secure their preferred travel dates and make necessary arrangements. This proactive approach ensures that customers have the best chance of getting the flights they want at the most convenient times.

While Southwest Airlines is known for their excellent customer service and affordable fares, it’s important to remember that the specific release dates for their flight schedules can vary from year to year. This element of surprise adds an air of anticipation to the process, as travelers eagerly await the announcement of when they can start booking their flights.

To stay informed about the release dates, Southwest Airlines offers various channels for customers to receive updates. Signing up for their email alerts is a great way to ensure that you’ll be among the first to know when the flight schedules are released. Additionally, following Southwest Airlines on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can provide real-time updates and announcements.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who is planning their first trip, the release of Southwest Airlines’ flight schedules is an event worth noting. It marks the beginning of the booking process and sets the wheels in motion for your upcoming adventure. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to secure your dream vacation with Southwest Airlines.

How Southwest Releases Flights

Southwest follows a rolling release schedule for their flights. This means that they release flights in batches, rather than all at once. The batches are typically released every few weeks, giving customers the opportunity to book flights in smaller increments.

How Southwest Releases Flights
How Southwest Releases Flights

The exact number of flights released in each batch can vary depending on various factors such as demand, availability, and route popularity. So, if you don’t find your desired flights in the first batch, don’t lose hope. Keep an eye out for subsequent releases, as they might include your preferred travel dates.

Regular Flight Release Schedule

Planning a trip can be an exciting but sometimes daunting task. One crucial aspect of travel planning is booking your flights. If you’re a frequent flyer or simply someone who loves to explore new destinations, knowing the flight release schedule of your preferred airline can be immensely helpful. In the case of Southwest Airlines, while they don’t have a fixed release day or time, they do have some patterns that can help you plan accordingly.

Southwest Airlines, known for its customer-friendly policies and affordable fares, tends to release flights on Tuesday mornings. This information alone can be a valuable starting point when scheduling your calendar reminders for future flight releases. By marking your calendar for Tuesday mornings, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential travel opportunities.

Regular Flight Release Schedule

Now that you know the day of the week when Southwest typically releases flights, let’s dive into the time of release. Southwest Airlines usually makes flights available for booking around 8:00 a.m. Central Time. This means that bright and early on Tuesday mornings, you can start exploring the vast array of flight options that Southwest has to offer.

Being prepared is key when it comes to booking flights. To make the most of Southwest’s flight release schedule, it’s important to have your preferred routes and travel dates in mind when the release time approaches. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a family vacation, or a business trip, having a clear idea of your travel needs beforehand will help you secure your desired flights swiftly and efficiently.

Imagine waking up on a Tuesday morning, feeling the anticipation of a new travel adventure, and knowing that Southwest Airlines is about to release their flights for booking. You grab a cup of coffee, sit down at your computer, and eagerly await the clock to strike 8:00 a.m. Central Time. As the seconds tick away, you can visualize the possibilities that lie ahead. Will you be booking a flight to a tropical paradise, a bustling city, or perhaps a serene mountain retreat? The choices are endless, and the excitement is palpable.

As the clock finally hits 8:00 a.m., you quickly navigate to Southwest’s website, ready to embark on your virtual journey. The website comes alive with a plethora of flight options, each one promising a unique experience. From the moment you start browsing, you are transported to a world of possibilities. You can almost feel the warm sun on your face or hear the buzz of a vibrant city. The anticipation builds as you narrow down your choices, carefully selecting the perfect flight to match your travel dreams.

With your travel plans solidified, you proceed to book your Southwest flight, knowing that you’ve successfully navigated the flight release schedule and secured your spot in the skies. The thrill of adventure courses through your veins as you eagerly await the day of departure.

So, mark your calendars for Tuesday mornings and set your alarms for 8:00 a.m. Central Time. With Southwest Airlines’ regular flight release schedule, you can ensure that you’re always one step closer to your next travel escapade. Remember, the world is waiting to be explored, and Southwest Airlines is ready to take you there.

Holiday and Peak Season Flight Releases

Holidays and peak travel seasons can be a busy time for Southwest Airlines. To accommodate the increased demand during these periods, Southwest often releases flights earlier than they would for regular travel dates.

If you’re planning a vacation during popular holiday seasons like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s advisable to keep an eye out for flight releases around six to twelve months in advance. This gives you a better chance of securing your preferred flights before they fill up.

Keep in mind that holiday releases can vary from year to year, so it’s crucial to stay updated through official announcements or by reaching out to Southwest’s customer service.

Changes and Delays in Flight Release

While Southwest aims to release their flights at regular intervals, there may be instances where the release schedule is delayed or altered. Factors like system updates, unforeseen circumstances, or adjustments to route planning can impact the timing of flight releases.

Changes and Delays in Flight Release

If you encounter a delay in Southwest’s flight release, don’t worry. The airline is committed to providing their customers with the best travel experience, and they will strive to release the flights as soon as possible. Remain patient and keep an eye out for any official announcements or updates on their website.

Southwest Fare Options

When booking your Southwest flights, you have a variety of fare options to choose from. Southwest offers three main fare categories: Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select.

The Wanna Get Away fare is the most affordable option, perfect for budget-conscious travelers. It allows you to enjoy Southwest’s low fares while still offering flexibility in case you need to make changes to your flight.

The Anytime fare provides more flexibility, as it allows you to change your flight without paying hefty fees. This option is ideal if you need the freedom to alter your travel plans.

The Business Select fare is designed for business travelers who require additional perks and benefits, such as priority boarding and extra Rapid Rewards points.

Rapid Rewards and Early Bird Benefits

Rapid Rewards is Southwest Airlines’ loyalty program that allows you to earn points on your flights, which can be redeemed for future travel. One of the perks of Rapid Rewards membership is the ability to unlock Early Bird Check-In.

Early Bird Check-In grants you automatic check-in before other passengers, giving you a better chance of securing your preferred seat and boarding position. This can be especially advantageous when Southwest releases new flights, as you’ll have an advantage in selecting your desired seats.

It’s important to note that Early Bird Check-In is a separate add-on service for an additional fee. However, for frequent Southwest Airlines travelers, the convenience and peace of mind it provides can be well worth the investment.

Popular Destinations and Their Release Patterns

Southwest operates flights to numerous destinations across the United States and beyond. To ensure the best chances of securing flights to popular destinations, it’s helpful to understand their release patterns.

For highly sought-after destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Cancun, Southwest tends to release flights earlier due to high demand. Keep an eye out for these destinations in the initial flight releases or the special promotions section, as they can sell out quickly.

On the other hand, less popular routes or seasonal destinations might be released in later batches. If you have flexibility in your travel plans and are open to exploring new destinations, you may find some hidden gems when Southwest releases flights for lesser-known routes.

Special Promotions and Flash Sales

In addition to their regular flight releases, Southwest often surprises customers with special promotions and flash sales. These promotions can include discounted fares, bonus Rapid Rewards points, or other exclusive offers.

To stay in the loop and never miss out on these exciting deals, be sure to subscribe to Southwest’s email newsletters, follow their social media accounts, or check their website regularly. These promotions tend to be time-sensitive, so acting quickly is essential to secure the best deals.

If you’re flexible with your travel plans, keeping an eye out for special promotions can lead to incredible savings and unforgettable travel experiences.

With these tips and insights into Southwest’s flight release process, you’re now better equipped to plan your future trips with ease. Whether you’re longing for a beach vacation, a city adventure, or a family visit, keep an eye on Southwest’s flight releases, and you’ll be on your way to a memorable journey at an affordable price.


As with any travel-related topic, there are usually some common questions that arise when it comes to flight releases. Let’s address a few frequently asked questions to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Southwest’s flight release process.

Can I set up alerts for flight releases?

While Southwest Airlines does not offer a specific flight release alert system, you can sign up for their email alerts to receive notifications about promotions, sales, and other important updates. This can help you stay informed about upcoming flight releases.

Are flight prices lower on the day of release?

Flight prices on the day of release are not necessarily lower than those on other days. Southwest’s pricing system is dynamic and can change based on various factors, such as demand and availability. It’s advisable to monitor the prices and book when you find a fare that suits your budget and travel plans.

Can I book a flight during a release if I don’t have exact travel dates in mind?

Yes, you can book a flight during a release even if you don’t have specific travel dates in mind. Southwest Airlines offers flexible booking options that allow you to modify your flight later, subject to their terms and conditions.

If you’re unsure about your travel dates, it’s recommended to select the Wanna Get Away fare option, as it generally provides the most flexibility in making changes.

Can I change or cancel my flight after booking?

Yes, Southwest Airlines offers flexibility when it comes to changing or canceling flights. Depending on the fare option you selected, you may be able to make changes without incurring additional fees. However, it’s important to review Southwest’s policies and pay attention to any fare difference or fees that may apply when modifying your booking. Checking the specific terms and conditions before making any changes will ensure a smoother experience.

What if the flights I want are not available during a release?

If you’re unable to find your desired flights during a release, don’t be discouraged. Southwest operates many flights across various routes, and availability can change rapidly. Consider checking back during subsequent releases, as Southwest releases flights in batches over time. Additionally, exploring alternative dates, nearby airports, or routing options may increase your chances of finding suitable flights.

Are there any other ways to save money on Southwest flights?

A: Absolutely! In addition to keeping an eye out for special promotions and flash sales, there are a few other strategies to save money on Southwest flights.

Firstly, consider booking your flights as early as possible. While Southwest releases flights in batches, fares tend to increase as the available seats fill up. Booking early can often result in lower fares.

Furthermore, consider being flexible with your travel dates. Flying on weekdays or during off-peak hours can sometimes lead to more affordable fares. Additionally, consider utilizing Rapid Rewards points or companion passes if you have them available.

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