What Terminal is Southwest at Honolulu Airport?

Southwest Terminal Honolulu

Published Date :- June 23, 2023

Southwest Airlines is a popular choice for travelers, and visiting Honolulu means flying into Honolulu International Airport. If you’re flying Southwest, your journey starts at the Honolulu Airport Southwest Terminal. Here’s everything you need to know about this terminal, including maps, food options, and more.

What Terminal is Southwest at Honolulu Airport?

Southwest Airlines is one of the major airlines that operate out of the Honolulu International Airport, which is the largest airport in the state of Hawaii. If you’re planning to fly with Southwest Airlines from Honolulu, you’ll be happy to know that the airline operates out of Terminal 2, also known as the Overseas Terminal.

Honolulu Airport Southwest Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is the newest terminal at the Honolulu International Airport, and it was built to handle the increasing number of international flights to and from Hawaii. The terminal is located on the opposite end of the airport from the Interisland Terminal, which serves all other Hawaiian flights.

Overall, if you’re flying with Southwest Airlines from Honolulu, you can look forward to a comfortable and convenient travel experience at Terminal 2. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the terminal has everything you need to make your trip a success.

Honolulu Airport Southwest Airlines Terminal Map

When you arrive at the Honolulu Airport Southwest Terminal, you’ll find it to be a relatively small and straightforward terminal. Southwest primarily operates out of gates 25-34 in the easternmost portion of the terminal. This terminal is known for its efficiency and ease of use, making it a favorite among travelers.

Honolulu Airport Southwest Airlines Terminal Map

Upon entering the terminal, you’ll be greeted by a spacious and well-lit area. The terminal is designed to be easy to navigate, with clear signage and helpful staff available to assist you. If you’re hungry or thirsty, there are a variety of dining options available, ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants. You can also browse through the shops and boutiques for souvenirs or last-minute travel essentials.

Overall, the Honolulu Airport Southwest Terminal is a great choice for travelers who want a stress-free and easy airport experience. With its efficient layout, helpful staff, and variety of amenities, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip from start to finish.


What is the Southwest departures terminal at Honolulu Airport?

Southwest Airlines operates out of Terminal 2 at HNL airport. If you are flying with Southwest from Honolulu, you can expect to find their check-in counters, ticketing, and departure gates within Terminal 2.

Which terminal is Southwest at HNL?

Southwest Airlines is located in Terminal 2 at HNL airports. Terminal 2 is the designated terminal for Southwest flights, and it houses the airline’s check-in counters, security check points, boarding gates, and other passenger facilities.

How do I know which airport terminal my flight is?

To determine which terminal your flight is departing from or arriving at, you can check your airline ticket or confirmation email. It usually contains information about the terminal and gate number for your specific flight. Additionally, you can visit the official website of the airport you are traveling from or use airport mobile applications to access real-time flight information, including terminal assignments. Alternatively, you can contact your airline’s customer service or consult the airport personnel for terminal details specific to your flight.

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