Southwest CMH Terminal – Columbus Airport

Southwest CMH Terminal - Columbus Airport

If you’re planning to fly with Southwest Airlines from John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH), it’s important to know which terminal to go to catch Southwest Airlines. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to find Southwest’s terminal at Columbus Airport, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.

We’ll explore the terminal location, and facilities, and share some helpful tips to navigate the airport efficiently. Let’s get started and discover Southwest’s terminal at Columbus Airport.

Overview of Southwest Airlines Terminal Columbus Airport (CMH)

AirportJohn Glenn Columbus International Airport
Airport Address4600 International Gateway, Columbus, OH 43219
Southwest CMH TerminalConcourse A
Check-InKiosks and ticketing counters within Concourse A
Security CheckpointsLocated within Concourse A
Baggage ClaimAccessible after deplaning within Concourse A

What Terminal is Southwest at Columbus Airport?

For those traveling through Columbus, Ohio, Southwest Airlines operates out of the A Concourse in Terminal 1. The Columbus Southwest Terminal has many amenities, including dining and shopping options, free Wi-Fi, and charging stations for electronic devices.

What Terminal is Southwest at Columbus

Terminal 1 is the main terminal building at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. It houses a variety of airlines, including Southwest Airlines. The A Concourse is located on the second floor of Terminal 1 and can be accessed via escalators or elevators.

Southwest Arrival Terminal at Columbus Airport

Once your Southwest flight touches down in Columbus, you’ll disembark and proceed through the customs area if arriving internationally (located in Concourse A). Follow the well-marked signs for baggage claim, which will direct you to the designated area for your arriving Southwest flight.pen_spark

Southwest Departure Terminal at Columbus Airport

Departing Southwest passengers will also utilize Concourse A. Look for check-in kiosks and ticketing counters upon entering the terminal. Security checkpoints are located within Concourse A, leading directly to the departure gates.

Southwest Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Columbus Airport

If your luggage is lost, delayed, or damaged during your travels, head to the Southwest Airlines customer service desk located in Concourse A. They will be happy to assist you in filing a report and initiating the resolution process. Be prepared to provide details about your baggage, including its description, identifying tags, and any unique markings.

The Southwest representative will work with you to locate your missing luggage or assess the damage and guide you through the reimbursement process. Remember, the sooner you report an issue, the quicker Southwest can begin working on a solution.

Lounges at Southwest Terminal in Columbus Airport

While John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) boasts a single terminal with various amenities, Southwest Airlines, the primary operator in Concourse A, doesn’t have a dedicated lounge for passengers. This can be a disappointment for travelers accustomed to the luxurious pre-flight experience offered by some airlines.

The Escape Lounge – The Centurion® Studio Partner

This independent lounge, conveniently located after security screening in Concourse B near Gate 32, offers a haven for weary travelers. While access may require a paid membership, credit card benefits, or a day pass purchase, it provides a comfortable escape from the hustle and bustle of the terminal.

Food & Dining Options at Columbus Airport

Concourse A boasts a variety of eateries catering to diverse tastes. Whether you’re craving a quick bite before your flight or a sit-down meal, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Donatos PizzaClassic and specialty pizzas
Wolfgang Puck Kitchen CounterUpscale grab-and-go options
Columbus MarketplaceConvenience store offering snacks, drinks, and travel essentials
Several Coffee ShopsGrab a cup of coffee or tea to jumpstart your day

Southwest Services at the Terminal in Columbus Airport

Southwest Airlines offers a variety of services to enhance your travel experience at the Columbus Airport:

  • Curbside Check-In: Check your bags and receive your boarding pass without leaving your vehicle (fees may apply).
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Expedite your check-in process by utilizing the self-service kiosks available in the terminal.
  • Baggage Assistance: Need help with your luggage? Southwest offers baggage assistance services for a fee.

Parking at Southwest Terminal Columbus Airport

John Glenn Columbus International Airport offers a variety of parking options to suit your travel needs, all conveniently located near the Southwest terminal (Concourse A). Here’s a detailed breakdown of your parking choices:

On-Site Parking

  • Short-Term Parking Garage: This is the most convenient option for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, or short layovers. It’s directly connected to the terminal via a walkway. Rates typically start at $5 for the first hour and increase with each additional hour, with a daily maximum (usually around $30).
  • Long-Term Parking Garage: This covered garage offers a more economical option for extended stays. It’s a short walk from the terminal, but a complimentary shuttle service is also available. Daily rates are generally lower than the Short-Term Garage, often around $20 or less.

Off-Site Parking

  • Off-site Economy Lots: Numerous private companies operate parking lots near the airport. These lots often offer the most competitive rates, sometimes as low as $5 per day. They typically provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the terminal, running at regular intervals. Be sure to research and compare rates and amenities offered by different off-site parking providers before booking.

Where Does Southwest Fly from Columbus Airport?

Southwest Airlines offers convenient connections to various destinations from John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

Destination CityAirport Code
Atlanta, GAATL
Chicago, ILORD
Dallas, TXDFW
Denver, CODEN
Houston, TXIAH
Las Vegas, NVLAS
Orlando, FLMCO
Phoenix, AZPHX
Tampa, FLTPA
Washington D.C.DCA

Columbus Airport Southwest Terminal Map

If you’re flying into or out of the Columbus Airport, you may be wondering how to navigate the Southwest Terminal. Luckily, the airport has a user-friendly online map tool that can help you find your way around.

Columbus Airport Southwest Terminal Map

One of the great features of the map tool is that it provides directions to each Terminal 1 gate. This can be especially helpful if you’re in a hurry or if you’re not familiar with the airport layout. Simply enter your gate number into the tool and it will give you step-by-step directions on how to get there.

Contact Southwest Terminal at Columbus Airport

Contact information for the Southwest Terminal at Columbus Airport is crucial because it provides passengers with a direct line of communication with the airline’s customer service team. In case of emergencies, flight delays, lost baggage, or other travel-related issues, having access to Southwest’s contact details ensures passengers can quickly seek assistance.

  1. General Customer Service: Call Southwest’s general customer service line at 1-800-435-9792. They can connect you with the appropriate department or answer your questions about your flight or baggage at the Columbus terminal.
  2. Southwest Airlines Website: The Southwest Airlines website has a robust online help center with information on various topics. You might find answers to your questions or utilize their online chat option for assistance.

Overall, the John Glenn International Airport’s online map tool is an invaluable resource for anyone traveling through the Southwest Terminal. Whether you need to find your gate quickly or you’re looking for something to do during a layover, the map tool has you covered.


How many terminals does CMH Airport have?

Columbus International Airport (CMH) has one main terminal building.

Which terminal is Southwest at CMH Airport?

Southwest Airlines operates at Concourse A in the main terminal of Columbus International Airport (CMH).

How early should I arrive at CMH airport?

It is generally recommended to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your domestic flight’s scheduled departure time. This allows enough time for check-in, security screening, and other necessary procedures before boarding your flight.

What time does the Southwest ticket counter open at Columbus Airport?

The Southwest ticket counter at Columbus International Airport generally opens a few hours before the first scheduled departure of the day.

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