Southwest Terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport

Southwest Terminal Hollywood Burbank Airport

When traveling through Burbank Airport, finding your way around can be a breeze, especially if you’re flying with Southwest Airlines. This article serves as a detailed guide to navigating Southwest’s terminal at Burbank Airport, providing insights into arrival and departure terminals, amenities, dining options, services, parking, destinations, and more.

Overview of Southwest Airlines Terminal Burbank Airport

AirportHollywood Burbank Airport
Airport Address2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
TerminalTerminal B
Check-In CountersLocated within Terminal B
Baggage ClaimLocated within Terminal B
Security ScreeningLocated within Terminal B, post check-in
Ground TransportationAccessible from baggage claim area

What Terminal is Southwest at Burbank Airport?

If you’re flying Southwest Airlines from Burbank Airport, you’ll be departing from Terminal B, also known as the Southwest Terminal. This terminal is conveniently located adjacent to the parking garage, making it easy to get to and from your flight.

Southwest Terminal B at Burbank Airport

So if you’re flying Southwest Airlines from Burbank Airport, rest assured that you’ll be departing from Terminal B, a modern and convenient facility that offers everything you need to make your travel experience as enjoyable as possible.

Southwest Arrival Terminal at Burbank Airport

After deplaning at Terminal B, follow the clearly marked signs for baggage claim. Southwest utilizes multiple carousels, so check the flight information screens for your specific baggage claim location. Once you’ve collected your luggage, proceed towards the ground transportation area to find taxis, ride-sharing services, or the public transportation options.

Southwest Departure Terminal at Burbank Airport

Departing passengers on Southwest should head directly to Terminal B at Burbank Airport. Check-in kiosks are readily available for self-service check-in, or you can proceed to the traditional check-in counters staffed by Southwest representatives. Security checkpoints are conveniently located within Terminal B for a streamlined pre-departure process.

Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Southwest Terminal Burbank Airport

If your luggage is lost, delayed, or damaged during your Southwest flight, head to the Southwest Airlines Customer Service desk located within Terminal B. They will assist you in filing a report and help locate your missing luggage or address any damage concerns.

The sooner you report the issue, the easier it will be for Southwest to track down your belongings and initiate the resolution process. Be prepared to provide detailed information about your luggage, including its description, contents, and any identifying tags. The Southwest representative will guide you through the next steps and keep you updated on the progress of your case.

Lounges at Southwest Terminal in Burbank Airport

Southwest Airlines does not offer dedicated lounges at Hollywood Burbank Airport. However, there are several other airlines with lounges in Terminal B, accessible for a fee or through membership programs.

The Club at BUR

This lounge, operated by American Airlines, offers a comfortable space to relax before your flight. It features complimentary Wi-Fi, and a variety of seating options, including plush armchairs and high-top tables, ideal for working or socializing. Additionally, the lounge provides a selection of complimentary beverages (including soft drinks, juices, and coffee), along with light snacks and sometimes even hot meal options.

Escape Lounge

This independent lounge offers a more modern and upscale experience. It boasts comfortable seating areas, including individual workstations and relaxation zones with plush recliners. Passengers can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, a wider selection of beverages (including alcoholic drinks for a fee), and a more substantial food spread compared to The Club at BUR.

Food at Burbank Airport Southwest Terminal

Traveling can be a stressful experience, but finding a good meal at Burbank Airport’s Southwest Terminal can make all the difference. Despite the terminal’s small size, there are plenty of dining options to choose from, ensuring that you won’t go hungry before your flight.

Here’s a glimpse of the dining options available:

Restaurant NameCuisine
The CounterBuild-Your-Own Burgers
California Pizza KitchenCalifornia-Style Pizza
Umami BurgerUpscale Burgers
StarbucksCoffee & Snacks
Hugo’s CoffeeCoffee & Pastries

Southwest Services at Terminal in Burbank Airport

Southwest Airlines is known for its customer-friendly services, including:

  • Early Bird Check-In: Allows priority check-in for an additional fee.
  • Upgraded Boarding: Move up in the boarding queue for a chance to choose your seat earlier.
  • Checked Baggage: Check your luggage for a fee.
  • In-Flight Beverages & Snacks: Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks onboard.
  • Wi-Fi: Purchase in-flight Wi-Fi access to stay connected during your flight. (Note: Wi-Fi availability may vary)

Parking at Southwest Terminal Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport offers several convenient parking options to suit your needs, whether you’re dropping off a passenger for a quick trip or embarking on a longer journey yourself. Here’s a breakdown of the different parking options available near Southwest Terminal (Terminal B):

Short-Term Parking

Ideal for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, or short layovers. Short-term parking lots are located closest to the terminals, offering easy access for a premium price. Rates typically increase the longer you park.

Long-Term Parking

This option caters to extended travel durations. Long-term parking lots are located slightly farther from the terminals, but the airport provides a free shuttle service to transport you directly to your terminal. Rates are generally lower compared to short-term parking.

Hourly Parking

This flexible option allows you to pay for parking in hourly increments, making it a good choice for those unsure of their exact parking duration. Hourly rates might be slightly higher than long-term parking rates, but offer more flexibility for shorter stays.

Where Does Southwest Fly from Burbank Airport?

Southwest Airlines offers a variety of destinations from Hollywood Burbank Airport. Here’s a table outlining some popular routes:

Destination CityAirport Code
Albuquerque, New MexicoABQ
Austin, TexasAUS
Boise, Idaho (starting June 4, 2024)BOI
Dallas, Texas (Love Field)DAL
Denver, ColoradoDEN
Las Vegas, NevadaLAS
Oakland, California (starting April 2024)OAK
Phoenix, ArizonaPHX
Portland, OregonPDX
Salt Lake City, UtahSLC
San Francisco, CaliforniaSFO

Southwest Terminal Map of Burbank Airport

Traveling can be a stressful experience, but with the right preparation, it can be a breeze. One of the best ways to prepare for your trip is to familiarize yourself with the airport you’ll be flying out of. For those flying out of Burbank Airport’s Southwest Terminal, we’ve got you covered with a detailed map and helpful tips.

Burbank Airport Terminal B Map

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll need to pass through security. The security checkpoint is located straight ahead of the ticket counters. Make sure you have your ID and boarding pass handy, as you’ll need to present them to the TSA agents. Remember to remove any liquids or electronics from your bags and place them in the provided bins to expedite the screening process.

Map of Southwest Terminal at Burbank Airport

A map of the Southwest Terminal at Burbank Airport is essential because it gives passengers a visual guide to navigate the terminal efficiently. It helps travelers locate check-in counters, security checkpoints, gate areas, amenities, and other facilities within the terminal, saving time and reducing stress before their flight.

Contact Southwest Terminal at Burbank Airport

Contact information about the Southwest Terminal at Burbank Airport is important because it provides passengers with a direct means of communication in case of inquiries, assistance, or emergencies related to their travel with Southwest Airlines.

  • Southwest Airlines Website: You can access Southwest’s website and use their online chat feature or contact form.
  • Southwest Airlines General Customer Service: Call their general customer service number (800) 435-9792. They can assist you with questions about your flight to Burbank Airport.
  • Hollywood Burbank Airport Information Desk: While not directly affiliated with Southwest, the Hollywood Burbank Airport information desk might be able to provide general guidance or connect you with Southwest representatives at the terminal. You can find the airport’s contact information on its website

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Burbank Airport’s Southwest Terminal has plenty of dining options to choose from. From fresh Mexican cuisine to gourmet pizza to delicious coffee drinks, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your cravings.


Which terminal is Southwest at Burbank Airport?

Southwest Airlines operates out of Terminal B at Burbank Airport. This terminal is dedicated to Southwest and handles both their arrivals and departures.

What is Southwest terminal arrivals at Burbank Airport?

Southwest Airlines arrivals at Burbank Airport can be found in Terminal B, where Southwest operates. Upon arrival, passengers can proceed to the designated Southwest area within the terminal.

What gates does Southwest use at Burbank Airport?

Southwest Airlines uses multiple gates at Terminal B in Burbank Airport. The specific gate for your Southwest flight can be found on your boarding pass or by checking the airport monitors upon arrival at the terminal.

Can you walk between terminals at Burbank Airport?

Yes, Burbank Airport is relatively small, and it is possible to walk between terminals. Terminal A and Terminal B are connected by a covered walkway, making it convenient for passengers to move between the two terminals.

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