Southwest Stroller Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Southwest Stroller Policy

When it comes to traveling with young children, having a reliable stroller can make a world of difference. Southwest Airlines understands the needs of parents and caregivers, which is why they have a comprehensive stroller policy in place. In this article, we will delve into Southwest’s stroller policy, covering everything from the guidelines for stroller dimensions to the procedures for checking in strollers. So, let’s get started and explore the Southwest stroller policy in detail.

What is Southwest Stroller Policy?

Southwest Airlines welcomes strollers as part of their free baggage allowance. This means you can bring a stroller for your child in addition to your regular checked baggage and carry-on items. Southwest’s stroller policy aims to ensure a convenient and hassle-free travel experience for families.

Approved Stroller Dimensions on Southwest Airlines

To comply with Southwest’s stroller policy, it’s important to be aware of the approved dimensions. The maximum size for a stroller to be carried on board is 52 inches (length + width + height). It’s crucial to check the dimensions of your stroller before your trip to ensure it meets the requirements.

Stroller Dimensions on Southwest Airlines

Can I Bring Stroller Onboard?

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to bring their strollers onboard if they meet the approved dimensions. However, it’s important to note that strollers must be collapsible and able to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. If your stroller is too large, it will need to be checked in.

How to Check-in Strollers?

If your stroller exceeds the approved dimensions or if you prefer not to carry it onboard, you can check it in for free at the ticket counter or gate. Southwest Airlines takes care of your stroller and ensures it is handled with care during the journey. It will be returned to you either at the gate or the oversized baggage area upon arrival.

How to Tagg and Claim Strollers?

When checking in your stroller, Southwest Airlines will provide you with a claim tag to ensure the safe handling and identification of your stroller. The tag contains a unique identification number that matches the one on your boarding pass. Hold on to this tag as you will need it to claim your stroller at your destination.

Stroller Protection and Liability

Southwest Airlines takes responsibility for the care of your stroller during your journey. However, it’s important to note that strollers are not covered under the airline’s liability for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage. It’s always advisable to have your own insurance coverage for valuable strollers.

Stroller Rental Options

If you prefer not to bring your own stroller or if you are traveling without one, Southwest Airlines offers stroller rental services at select airports. This convenient option allows you to have a stroller available upon arrival, eliminating the need to bring your own.

Traveling with Stroller Accessories

Along with your stroller, you may also want to bring certain accessories for your child’s comfort and convenience. Southwest Airlines allows passengers to bring stroller accessories, such as diaper bags, blankets, and toys, free of charge. These items are not counted as part of your carry-on or personal item allowance.

Tips for Smooth Stroller Travel

To ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience with your stroller, here are some helpful tips:

  • Plan ahead: Familiarize yourself with Southwest’s stroller policy and guidelines before your trip. This will help you pack accordingly and avoid any surprises or inconveniences at the airport.
  • Arrive early: Give yourself plenty of time at the airport to check in your stroller or prepare it for carry-on. Arriving early allows for a more relaxed and organized boarding process.
  • Label your stroller: Consider attaching a luggage tag or label with your contact information to your stroller. This can be helpful in case it gets misplaced or mixed up with other strollers.
  • Secure loose items: Before boarding, make sure to secure any loose items on your stroller to prevent them from falling off or getting lost during the flight.
  • Communicate with the airline: If you have any specific concerns or questions regarding your stroller, don’t hesitate to reach out to Southwest Airlines customer service. They will be happy to assist you.


Traveling with a stroller doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Southwest Airlines’ stroller policy offers clear guidelines and options for passengers, ensuring a smooth journey for families. Whether you choose to carry your stroller onboard or check it in, Southwest makes every effort to provide a convenient and enjoyable travel experience for you and your little one.

In conclusion, Southwest Airlines’ stroller policy ensures a hassle-free travel experience for families. Whether you choose to bring your stroller onboard or check it in, Southwest Airlines takes care of your stroller and provides the necessary assistance throughout your journey. Traveling with your little one has never been easier with Southwest Airlines.


Can I bring a double stroller on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, Southwest Airlines allows double strollers as long as they meet the approved dimensions for carry-on or checked baggage.

Can I gate-check my stroller?

Yes, you can gate-check your stroller if you prefer not to carry it onboard. Southwest Airlines provides this option at no additional cost.

Do I need to remove any accessories or detachable parts from my stroller before checking it in?

It’s advisable to remove any detachable parts or accessories from your stroller and carry them separately. This helps protect them from potential damage during handling.

Can I bring my jogging stroller on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can bring a jogging stroller as long as it meets the approved dimensions and can be collapsed for storage onboard or checking.

Are there any restrictions on bringing electric or motorized strollers on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines does not allow electric or motorized strollers on their flights. Only manually operated strollers are permitted.

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