Jetblue Terminal Las Vegas – Harry Reid International Airport

Jetblue Terminal Las Vegas - Harry Reid International Airport

Gearing up for a Vegas escapade with JetBlue? Before you hit the blackjack tables, ace your airport arrival with this comprehensive guide to navigating the JetBlue terminal at Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport. From check-in to baggage claim, lounges to delectable dining, we’ll equip you with all the essentials for a smooth and stylish Sin City touchdown. So, buckle up and let’s unravel the JetBlue terminal Las Vegas experience!

Information of JetBlue Terminal Las Vegas Airport

JetBlue Las Vegas Terminal3 (T3)
JetBlue Las Vegas ArrivalsAll JetBlue flights, domestic and international, arrive at Terminal 3
JetBlue Las Vegas Baggage ClaimDomestic: Carousels 1-5; International: Carousel 6
JetBlue Las Vegas DeparturesAll JetBlue flights, domestic and international, depart from Terminal 3
JetBlue Las Vegas Check-inOpen 2 hours before scheduled departure
JetBlue Las Vegas GatesD
JetBlue Las Vegas Lost & FoundContact Baggage Service Office at 1-702-261-4980
JetBlue Las Vegas LoungesNo dedicated JetBlue lounges, but access available with Priority Pass membership (Concourse 1 or Concourse 4)

What Terminal is JetBlue at Las Vegas Airport?

Let’s clear the air first: JetBlue operates out of Terminal 3 at Harry Reid International Airport. This modern terminal boasts dedicated gates (D1-D17) for your blue-hued Airbus beauties, making your journey smooth and streamlined.

JetBlue Arrival Terminal at Las Vegas Airport

As you disembark and strut through the terminal, keep an eye out for Carousel 13 for your domestic baggage carousel. International arrivals (if applicable) will find their luggage patiently waiting on Carousel 14.

JetBlue Departure Terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Ready to take off on your Vegas adventure? The JetBlue check-in counters conveniently open two hours before your flight, so you can breeze through baggage drop and security at your own pace. Don’t forget to check out the self-service kiosks for a quicker and tech-savvy experience.

JetBlue Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas: the city of dazzling lights, boundless thrills, and… sometimes, misplaced luggage. But fear not, JetBlue traveler! Even if your bags take a detour on the road to Vegas, your desert adventure doesn’t have to be derailed. This guide is your oasis in the baggage-claim desert, equipped with everything you need to navigate lost, delayed, or damaged luggage at JetBlue’s Las Vegas terminal:

Lost Luggage at LAS Airport

Here’s a quick guide to navigate the lost luggage:

  • Report the Disappearance: Head straight to the JetBlue Baggage Service Office in Terminal 3 (1-702-261-4980). The sooner you report your missing bag, the sooner the hunt for your Vegas essentials begins.
  • Become a Baggage Detective: Describe your luggage like a seasoned PI: color, brand, size, unique markings – every detail helps JetBlue track down your precious cargo. Photos are your ace in the hole.
  • Track Your Lost Treasure: Once your report is filed, you’ll receive a tracking number and online access to your bag’s whereabouts. Checking it frequently can be a thrill in itself – your lost luggage might be closer than you think!
  • Vegas-Style Delivery: If your bag finds its way back within the airport, JetBlue will personally deliver it to your hotel or desired location within the Vegas area. Talk about a VIP upgrade! For longer journeys, they’ll ship it to you free of charge.

Delayed Luggage at LAS Airport

Here’s a quick guide to navigate the Delayed luggage:

  • Patience is a Vegas Virtue: Sometimes, even the best-laid plans get delayed by desert winds or operational hiccups. If your bag doesn’t arrive on your flight, the Baggage Service Office will keep you updated on its expected arrival.
  • Carry-on Like a Pro: Pack a carry-on like a champion! Include medications, a change of clothes, and toiletries to keep you comfortable until your luggage catches up. Packing light in your carry-on is always a winning strategy, even in the city of excess.

Damaged Luggage at LAS Airport

Here’s a quick guide to navigate the Damaged luggage:

  • Report the Ruckus: Before leaving the airport, file a damage report with the JetBlue Baggage Service Office. Take photos of the damage and keep your baggage claim tag as proof – they’re your evidence against the wear-and-tear gremlins!
  • Repair or Replace: Depending on the severity of the damage, JetBlue might offer repairs or even replace your luggage entirely. Consider it a Vegas-style upgrade!

Lounges at JetBlue Terminal in Las Vegas Airport

While JetBlue doesn’t have its own dedicated lounges at Terminal 3 in Las Vegas Airport, fret not, weary traveler! You can still unwind and recharge before your flight with access to comfortable spaces thanks to Priority Pass membership. Here are your options:

  • The Centurion Lounge (Concourse D): This modern oasis boasts sleek décor, complimentary food and drinks, spacious seating areas, and even showers. Catch up on work, relax with a movie, or simply soak in the pre-flight calm.
  • The Club LAS (Concourse E & D): Choose between two locations of this popular lounge, offering complimentary Wi-Fi, a variety of snacks and beverages, comfortable seating, and TVs to keep you entertained. The Concourse E location even features a dedicated business center.

Food & Dining Options at Las Vegas Airport

Before you hit the glittering chaos of the Vegas Strip, why not tantalize your taste buds at JetBlue’s Terminal 3? Forget airport food nightmares – this terminal boasts a vibrant array of tempting options to satisfy any craving, from quick bites to sit-down feasts. So, take a break from baggage claim or grab a pre-flight treat, and let your Las Vegas journey begin with a delicious first act:

Tantalizing Temptations:

RestaurantCuisineCraving Fix
La TapatiaMexican FiestaSpicy Sizzle & Fresh Flavors
Vino VoloItalian DelightsAuthentic Pasta & Wine Bliss
Shake ShackBurger BlissClassic Comfort & Juicy Perfection
Bobby’s Burger PalaceAmerican ComfortAll-American Goodness & Grilled Goodness
Wolfgang Puck ExpressAsian Fusion SymphonyExotic Flavors & Global Inspiration
Pei Wei Asian KitchenFast-Casual Wok WondersFresh Ingredients & Customizable Stir-Fries
Jamba JuiceSmoothie OasisFruity Refreshment & Vitamin Boosts
StarbucksCoffee HavenAromatic Brews & Classic Treats

JetBlue Services at Terminal in Las Vegas Airport

JetBlue’s Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport isn’t just a waiting area – it’s a hub of helpful services ready to smooth your journey. Whether you need to convert currencies, find tourist information, ensure accessibility, or keep your little ones entertained, JetBlue has you covered:

  • Currency Exchange: Ditch the ATM fees and exchange your dollars for Vegas-ready chips at competitive rates right at the terminal.
  • Tourist Information: Lost in the neon Jungle? The friendly information desk will point you towards hidden gems, must-see sights, and even show recommendations for your Vegas getaway.
  • Wheelchair Assistance: Ensure a seamless journey with dedicated assistance available upon request. Let JetBlue staff help you navigate the terminal and board your flight with ease.
  • Family Services: Traveling with little ones? Utilize children’s play areas in specific gates and inquire about stroller rentals to keep the family happy and entertained.
  • Lost & Found: Misplaced a souvenir or essential item? Head to the JetBlue Baggage Service Office to report your loss and potentially reunite with your belongings.

Parking at JetBlue Terminal Las Vegas Airport

Landing at JetBlue’s Terminal 3 in Las Vegas? The neon lights and desert thrills await, but before you hit the Strip, let’s tackle the crucial question: where to park your chariot (or rental steed). No worries, JetBlue offers a range of convenient parking options near Terminal 3 to suit your Vegas style and budget:

  • Short-Term Garages: Located directly adjacent to the terminal, these garages are perfect for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, and frequent flyers. Think high-speed convenience, but expect premium rates.
  • Long-Term Economy Lot: Park further afield and save some bucks! This economical option offers a free shuttle service to whisk you and your luggage back to the terminal. Ideal for extended stays or budget-conscious travelers.
  • Valet Parking: Skip the parking search and let the pros handle it. Valet parking offers door-to-door service for maximum convenience but be prepared for a higher price tag.

Where Does JetBlue Fly from Las Vegas Airport?

Ready to ditch the desert heat and explore new horizons? JetBlue’s Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport is your gateway to exciting destinations across the US and beyond. So, grab your boarding pass, buckle up, and let’s see where your next JetBlue adventure might take you:

Atlanta (ATL)
Boston (BOS)
Buffalo (BUF)
Chicago (ORD)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Newark (EWR)
New York (JFK)
Philadelphia (PHL)
San Francisco (SFO)
Syracuse (SYR)
Tampa (TPA)
Toronto (YYZ)
Washington D.C. (DCA)

Map of JetBlue Terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Here is the map of JetBlue Terminal at Las Vegas Airport:

Contacting JetBlue at Las Vegas Airport

Whether you have a question about your flight, need to report lost luggage, or simply want some assistance navigating the airport, getting in touch with JetBlue at Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport is easy. Here are a few ways to reach them:

With this guide nestled in your pocket, conquering the JetBlue terminal at Las Vegas Airport is a breeze. So, take a deep breath, adjust your lucky fedora, and get ready to embrace the neon oasis that awaits. Remember, whether you’re chasing high stakes on the casino floor or basking in the desert sun, a smooth airport experience sets the tone for an unforgettable Vegas adventure.


Which terminal is JetBlue at Las Vegas Airport?

JetBlue operates out of Terminal 3 (T3) at Harry Reid International Airport, specifically at the D gates.

What are the hours of the JetBlue ticket counter at Las Vegas Airport?

The JetBlue ticket counter opens 2 hours before your scheduled departure and closes 30 minutes before departure.

Where does the baggage claim for JetBlue flights at Las Vegas Airport?

The baggage claim for JetBlue flights is located on the lower level of Terminal 3.

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