JetBlue Terminal FLL – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl. Airport

JetBlue Terminal FLL - Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl. Airport

Fort Lauderdale beckons, palm trees sway, and your JetBlue adventure begins at the heart of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: Terminal 3. Fear not, wanderlust warriors, for this comprehensive guide equips you with all you need to conquer JetBlue Terminal FLL, from check-in and baggage claim to pre-flight bites and gate hopping. So strap in, JetBlue travelers, as we unlock the secrets of Terminal 3 and pave the way for a smooth and stress-free takeoff!

What Terminal is JetBlue at FLL Airport?

JetBlue operates exclusively from Terminal 3 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. No need to navigate multiple terminals – your JetBlue journey begins and ends within the comfort of Terminal 3.

Information of JetBlue Terminal FLL Airport:

JetBlue FLL Arrival TerminalTerminal 3
JetBlue FLL Baggage ClaimTerminal 3 Arrival Hall
JetBlue FLL Check-in CountersTerminal 3 Lobby
JetBlue FLL GatesGates G & H
JetBlue FLL Lost/Delayed/Damaged BaggageTerminal 3 Arrival Hall
JetBlue FLL LoungesNone

JetBlue Arrival Terminal at FLL Airport

As your JetBlue flight touches down, follow the green signs leading you to the arrival hall within Terminal 3. Both domestic and international travelers reunite under this welcoming roof, so keep an eye out for familiar faces and the start of your Florida adventure.

JetBlue Terminal Baggage Claim FLL Airport

Once in the arrival hall, follow the baggage claim screens displaying your flight number and head to your designated carousel. Domestic and international arrivals share the same baggage claim within Terminal 3, making it a breeze to reclaim your travel essentials.

JetBlue Departure Terminal at FLL Airport

Ready to swap Mickey Mouse for margaritas? JetBlue departures await at Terminal 3! Check-in counters and gates are conveniently located within the terminal, making the process smooth and efficient. Whether you’re heading domestic or international, Terminal 3 is your launching pad.

JetBlue Check-in

Skip the lines and embrace pre-flight relaxation! JetBlue offers online check-in for most flights, saving you precious time and allowing you to breeze through the self-service kiosks or dedicated check-in counters upon arrival at Terminal 3.

JetBlue Gates

JetBlue uses Gates G and H at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) for both domestic and international departures. However, the specific gate number for your flight will depend on your itinerary.

JetBlue Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at FLL Airport

Even sunny skies can witness the occasional luggage hiccup. But fear not, JetBlue travelers! We’ve got your back when it comes to misplaced, delayed, or worse, damaged luggage at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s JetBlue Terminal. Here’s how to navigate these mishaps with ease:

Lost and Delayed Luggage at FLL Airport

Here’s how to navigate lost and delayed luggage:

  • Report ASAP: Head straight to the dedicated JetBlue Baggage Service Desk in the Terminal 3 arrival hall. The friendly staff will file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and get the search for your missing belongings underway.
  • Track It Live: Don’t let anticipation dampen your vacation vibe! Use your PIR reference number to track your bag’s location online, keeping you updated every step of the way.
  • Most Bags Find Their Way: Remember, most lost luggage eventually reunites with its owner. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Florida’s beauty, knowing JetBlue is actively working to return your beloved suitcase.

Damaged Luggage at FLL Airport

Here’s how to navigate Damaged luggage:

  • Immediate Action: Don’t wait! Report any damage to the Jetblue Baggage Service Desk before leaving the airport. Take photos of the damage for documentation purposes.
  • Claim Time: Fill out a PIR and keep all paperwork for future reference. JetBlue will assess the damage and guide you through options for repair or replacement.

Lounges at JetBlue Terminal in FLL Airport

While JetBlue doesn’t have dedicated lounges at FLL, you haven’t been banished to the terminal benches! Here are your lounge options to unwind before jetting off:

  • Priority Pass Lounges: Flash your Priority Pass membership to access either The Club MCO in Concourse 1 (near XpressSpa) or Concourse 4 (near gate 91). Think of comfy seating, refreshments, Wi-Fi, and workstations in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Terminal Amenities: No pass? No worries! Terminal 3 itself boasts plenty of comfortable waiting areas, charging stations, and even quiet corners for catching up on emails. Refuel before takeoff with grab-and-go snacks at the Marketplace or indulge in a sit-down meal at Wine Bar George or Chef Art Smith’s Plantation House.

Food & Dining Options at FLL Airport

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is a foodie haven, offering a taste of Florida and beyond before your flight. Explore numerous restaurants and cafes across both terminals, each ready to fuel your pre-flight adventure:

Bokamp Restaurant and BarContemporary American
El Jefe SteakhouseArgentinian Steakhouse
Tacos & TequilaMexican Street Food
Java House CoffeeCoffee & Pastries
Marketplace at Terminal 3Grab-and-Go Options

JetBlue Services at Terminal in FLL Airport

JetBlue goes beyond check-in and gates at FLL Terminal 3 to pamper your travel experience with convenient services:

  • Currency Exchange: Ditch the airport ATM fees and convert dollars to your destination’s currency (or vice versa) at competitive rates at dedicated desks within the terminal.
  • Tourist Information: Feeling lost on local attractions, transportation, or hidden gems? The friendly information desk in FLL’s Terminal 3 is your expert guide, ready to dispense insider tips and maps.
  • Wheelchair Assistance: Ensure a barrier-free journey with dedicated assistance available upon request. Contact the FLL Airport Assistance Center at 954-825-5455.
  • Family Services: Traveling with little ones? Utilize designated children’s play areas in Terminal 3 and inquire about stroller rentals or baggage assistance at JetBlue counters.
  • Lost & Found: Misplaced something in the terminal? Report lost items at the JetBlue Baggage Service Desk in the Terminal 3 arrival hall.

Parking at JetBlue Terminal FLL Airport

Wheels down at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, but where do you land your car? Fear not, JetBlue travelers, for parking options aplenty await at Terminal 3!

Choose Your Convenience:

  • Short-Term Parking: Keep it quick and close with hourly rates in convenient garages near Terminal 3. Perfect for pick-ups, drop-offs, and greeting loved ones.
  • Long-Term Parking: Budget-friendly and spacious, the Economy Lot offers covered parking with a free shuttle service to Terminal 3. Ideal for extended stays or cost-conscious adventurers.
  • Valet Parking: Arrive in style and skip the hassle with door-to-door valet service at Terminal 3. Relax and let the pros handle your car while you focus on vacation vibes.

Where Does JetBlue Fly from FLL Airport?

Ready to spread your wings? Take a peek at these sunny destinations awaiting your JetBlue adventure:

Atlanta (ATL)United States
Boston (BOS)United States
Orlando (MCO)United States
New York (JFK)United States
Newark (EWR)United States
Philadelphia (PHL)United States
San Juan (SJU)Puerto Rico
Santo Domingo (SDQ)Dominican Republic
St. Thomas (STT)U.S. Virgin Islands
Toronto (YYZ)Canada

Map of JetBlue Terminal at FLL Airport

Here is a Map of the JetBlue Terminal at FLL Airport:

Contact JetBlue at FLL Airport

Whether it’s a quick question about your flight or a helping hand with luggage woes, JetBlue at FLL Airport has got your back. Here’s how to reach them:

  • Phone: ☎️ +1 407 825-6276 (Dial this if you’re feeling chatty!)
  • Website: (Manage your trip online, browse FAQs, or even send a message!)
  • Twitter: @JetBlue (Tag them with your question and watch for a helpful tweet!)
  • In Person: ‍✈️ JetBlue counters at Terminal 3 (Friendly JetBlue agents are always happy to assist!)

With this comprehensive guide tucked in your pocket, conquering JetBlue Terminal 3 at FLL Airport has never been simpler. From check-in to baggage claim, gates to pre-flight bites, we’ve equipped you with the knowledge and resources to navigate your way with ease. So buckle up, JetBlue travelers, let the Sunshine State beckon, and embrace the excitement of your upcoming adventure!


What terminal is JetBlue at FLL Airport?

JetBlue operates exclusively from Terminal 3 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Look for the blue signs!

Which terminal are JetBlue arrivals at FLL?

Both domestic and international JetBlue flights arrive at Terminal 3. Same place, just follow the baggage claim signs.

Which terminal are JetBlue departures at FLL?

All JetBlue departures, domestic and international, take off from Terminal 3. Check your boarding pass for your specific gate number.

Does JetBlue have lounges at the FLL terminal?

JetBlue doesn’t have dedicated lounges at FLL, but you can access shared Priority Pass lounges (if eligible) or relax in the comfortable waiting areas with charging stations and Wi-Fi.

What should I do if my luggage is lost or delayed at FLL’s JetBlue terminal?

Head to the dedicated JetBlue Baggage Service Desk in the Terminal 3 arrival hall. They’ll help you file a report and track your belongings.

Where can I park at the JetBlue terminal at FLL?

Terminal 3 offers various parking options: short-term garages for quick pick-ups, long-term Economy Lot with a shuttle, and even valet parking for ultimate convenience.

What is the JetBlue phone number at FLL Airport?

You can reach JetBlue at FLL Airport by calling +1 407 825-6276.

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