Japan Airlines SFO Terminal – San Francisco International Airport

Japan Airlines SFO Terminal - San Francisco International Airport

Japan Airlines SFO Terminal, a hub for seamless travel and cultural immersion, stands as your gateway to the wonders of Japan and beyond. Situated at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), this terminal embodies the essence of Japanese hospitality and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for every passenger.

Whether you’re embarking on a business expedition, a family adventure, or a solo exploration, Japan Airlines SFO Terminal orchestrates your travel experience with precision and care.

What Terminal Japan Airlines at SFO?

Japan Airlines operates at Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The terminal is located on the south side of the airport and is easily accessible from all major transportation options.

Terminal 1 offers a wide variety of features and amenities for Japan Airlines passengers, including:

  • Check-in counters: Japan Airlines has multiple check-in counters located in Terminal 1, including self-service kiosks for added convenience.
  • Baggage drop: Japan Airlines offers baggage drop services at both the curbside and in the terminal.
  • Security checkpoints: There are multiple security checkpoints in Terminal 1, so passengers can move quickly through the security process.
  • Dining options: Terminal 1 has a variety of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Shopping options: Terminal 1 has a variety of shopping options, including duty-free stores, souvenir shops, and bookstores.
  • Customer service: Japan Airlines has customer service representatives available to assist passengers with any questions or needs they may have.

Japan Airlines Arrival Terminal SFO

Upon arrival at SFO, Japan Airlines passengers will disembark at Terminal 1, located on the south side of the airport. The terminal offers a streamlined arrival process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition from air to ground transportation.

Japan Airlines Departure Terminal SFO

Japan Airlines Departure Terminal SFO, situated at Terminal 1 of San Francisco International Airport (SFO), serves as a gateway to Japan and destinations beyond. This modern and well-equipped terminal caters to the needs of Japan Airlines passengers, offering a seamless and enjoyable departure experience. From check-in and baggage drop to security screening and access to departure gates, the terminal is designed to expedite your journey and ensure a smooth transition from land to air.

Where is the Japan Baggage Claim Area at SFO?

Upon arriving at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Japan Airlines passengers will find their luggage at Terminal 1, Baggage Claim Area 2. The baggage claim area is located on the lower level of the terminal and is easily accessible from the arrivals concourse.

Additional Information:

  • Baggage claim carousels: The specific baggage claim carousel for your flight will be displayed on electronic monitors located throughout the baggage claim area.
  • Baggage assistance: Japan Airlines staff members are available to assist passengers with any baggage-related questions or concerns.
  • Lost and Found: If your luggage is lost or delayed, please contact Japan Airlines’ lost and found department at (415) 645-6511.

What Destination Does Japan Fly from SFO?

Here are the destinations that Japan Airlines flies to from San Francisco International Airport (SFO):

Destination CityCountryAirport Code
TokyoJapanNRT, HND
SeoulSouth KoreaICN
Hong KongChinaHKG
Kuala LumpurMalaysiaKUL
AucklandNew ZealandAKL
Los AngelesUSALAX

Japan Airlines offers a wide range of flights to destinations around the world from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). With its comfortable amenities and focus on passenger convenience, Japan Airlines SFO sets the stage for a memorable travel experience.

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