FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport (HND)

FinnAir Terminal Haneda Airport (HND)

Haneda Airport in Tokyo is a bustling hub of international travel, serving millions of passengers every year. For those flying with FinnAir to Haneda Airport, knowing the ins and outs of the terminal can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of FinnAir’s operations at Haneda Airport, from arrival and departure terminals to dining options and services provided.

Information of FinnAir Terminal Haneda Airport (HND)

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport:

AirportHaneda Airport
Airport AddressHanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan
FinnAir Haneda TerminalTerminal 3
FinnAir HND Arrivals TerminalTerminal 3
FinnAir HND Departures TerminalTerminal 3
Official Website

What Terminal is FinnAir at Haneda Airport?

FinnAir operates its flights at Terminal 3 of Haneda Airport, also known as the International Terminal. This bustling terminal is a hub for numerous airlines, connecting passengers to various destinations worldwide. While navigating the terminal, you’ll encounter signage and announcements in multiple languages to assist you.

FinnAir Arrival Terminal at Haneda Airport

Upon arrival at Haneda Airport Terminal 3 via FinnAir Arrival, you’ll disembark your aircraft and follow the designated arrival signs. You’ll then proceed through immigration and customs, where you may be required to present your passport, visa (if applicable), and customs declaration form. After completing these formalities, you can collect your baggage at the designated baggage claim area for your specific flight.

FinnAir Departure Terminal at Haneda Airport

For departing flights, head to Terminal 3, where you’ll find the FinnAir check-in counters. Check-in typically opens 3 hours before your flight’s departure and closes 1 hour before. You can check in online beforehand to save time at the airport. After checking in, proceed through security screening and make your way to your departure gate.

FinnAir Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Haneda Airport

If you experience lost, delayed, or damaged baggage, head to the Lost and Found office located within Terminal 3. You can also report the issue online using the Finnair website or mobile app. To expedite the process, remember to keep all your baggage claim tags and any documentation related to your checked baggage readily available.

Be sure to file your report as soon as possible, as this will increase the chances of a swift resolution and reunite you with your belongings. The FinnAir staff is there to assist you throughout the process, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have any questions or concerns.

Lounges at FinnAir Terminal in HND Airport

While there isn’t a dedicated FinnAir lounge at Haneda Airport, passengers holding eligible tickets or memberships can access several shared lounges within Terminal 3, offering a haven of relaxation and comfort before your flight. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the available options:

Sakura Sky Lounge (One World Alliance)

This lounge is exclusive to passengers flying on One World Alliance member airlines, which includes Finnair. Passengers holding a Business Class ticket on a Finnair flight or holding Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum, or Gold tier membership can access this lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge (various airline partnerships)

This lounge offers access to passengers flying on select airlines and holding specific memberships, including Priority Pass. While not exclusively affiliated with Finnair, eligible passengers can access the Plaza Premium Lounge for a fee or using their membership benefits.

Food & Dining Options at Haneda Airport

Terminal 3 features a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores catering to various dietary needs and preferences. From international cuisine to Japanese specialties, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger before or after your flight.

Popular Food Options at Haneda Airport Terminal 3:

Tsukiji Kiyomaru Sushi SaitoJapanese
StarbucksCoffee and pastries
Ginza OnoderaJapanese
Wagyu Burger Bros.Burgers
Ajisen RamenRamen restaurant

FinnAir Services at Terminal in Haneda Airport

FinnAir offers various services at Terminal 3 of Haneda Airport to ensure a smooth and convenient travel experience. Here’s a breakdown of some key services:

  • Online check-in and mobile boarding passes: Save time at the airport by checking in online and downloading your boarding pass on your mobile device.
  • Baggage handling: Check in your baggage at the designated counters and let FinnAir take care of its transportation.
  • Special assistance: FinnAir offers assistance to passengers with disabilities and specific needs. This may include assistance with check-in, boarding, and navigating the airport. You can inquire about these services beforehand or upon arrival at the airport.
  • Lost and found: If you lose your belongings at the airport, report it to the Lost and Found office located within Terminal 3. You can also report lost baggage online using the Finnair website or mobile app.
  • In-flight services: While not specific to the terminal, FinnAir offers various in-flight services depending on your travel class and destination. These may include meals, beverages, entertainment options, and amenities like blankets and pillows.

Parking at FinnAir Terminal Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport offers various parking options for short-term and long-term parking needs. Multi-level parking facilities are located close to each terminal, including Terminal 3. You can find detailed information and pricing on the Haneda Airport website.

Short-term Parking

If you’re planning to pick up or drop off passengers, or if your stay at the airport will be brief, Haneda Airport offers several convenient short-term parking lots located near Terminal 3. These lots provide hourly parking options for maximum flexibility. Be aware that short-term parking can become more expensive if you exceed a few hours.

Long-term Parking

For travelers who require parking for an extended period, Haneda Airport provides dedicated long-term parking facilities. These lots, P1 and P4, are located slightly further from Terminal 3 but often come with more economical daily rates. Consider utilizing the airport’s free shuttle service to connect you between the long-term parking areas and your terminal.

Where Does FinnAir Fly from Haneda Airport?

FinnAir operates flights to various destinations from Haneda Airport. Here’s a table outlining some of their popular routes:

Destination CityAirport Code
Helsinki, FinlandHEL
Paris, FranceCDG
Dallas, USADFW
Chicago, USAORD
Los Angeles, USALAX
London, EnglandLHR
Frankfurt, GermanyFRA
Stockholm, SwedenARN

Map of FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport

Map information about the FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport is crucial as it helps passengers navigate the terminal efficiently, locate amenities, and find their departure gates without confusion or delays.

Contact FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport

Contact information for the FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport is crucial for passengers to access assistance, resolve queries, and ensure a smooth travel experience. It provides a direct line of communication for addressing any issues or concerns promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and convenience.

  • Website: Visit the Finnair contact section on their website: (contact section)
  • Phone: For general inquiries and flight information, call the Finnair Japan customer service line: +81 5 0505 08437 (calls from outside of Japan) or 050-5050-8437 (calls from Japan).

Navigating FinnAir Terminal at Haneda Airport is made easy with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re arriving or departing, rest assured that Terminal 3 offers all the amenities and services to make your journey enjoyable.


Which terminal is FinnAir at Haneda Airport?

FinnAir operates at Terminal 3 (International Terminal) of Haneda Airport.

What is the FinnAir arrivals terminal at Haneda Airport?

The FinnAir arrivals terminal is also Terminal 3 (International Terminal).

What is the FinnAir departures terminal at HND Airport?

The FinnAir departures terminal is also Terminal 3 (International Terminal).

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