What Terminal is EgyptAir at Frankfurt Airport?

Egyptair Frankfurt Airport Terminal (FRA)

As one of the major international airports in Europe, Frankfurt Airport is a bustling hub for travelers from around the world. For passengers flying with EgyptAir to Frankfurt Airport, understanding the terminal layout is crucial for a seamless journey. This article provides a detailed exploration of EgyptAir’s terminal at Frankfurt Airport, covering arrival and departure procedures, baggage claim, lounges, dining options, services, parking, flight destinations, and essential contact information.

Information of EgyptAir Terminal Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the EgyptAir Terminal at Frankfurt Airport:

AirportFrankfurt Airport
Airport Address60547 Frankfurt, Germany
EgyptAir Frankfurt TerminalTerminal 1, Hall B
EgyptAir Frankfurt Arrivals TerminalEgyptAir Arrival Terminal within Terminal 1, Hall B
EgyptAir Frankfurt Departures TerminalEgyptAir Departure Terminal within Terminal 1, Hall B

What Terminal is EgyptAir at Frankfurt Airport?

Frankfurt Airport boasts a sprawling layout with multiple terminals. Fortunately, EgyptAir operates solely from Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport, offering a convenient and centralized location within the airport. Whether you’re arriving or departing, this terminal will be your gateway to the skies with EgyptAir.

EgyptAir Arrival Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

Upon arriving at Frankfurt Airport, EgyptAir passengers will find themselves at Terminal 1. The airport consists of two terminals, and Terminal 1 is the main hub for many international carriers, including EgyptAir. Disembarking, follow the marked signs to the EgyptAir Arrival Terminal within Hall B. Here, you’ll navigate through passport control and baggage claim, marking the start of your German adventure.

EgyptAir Departure Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

Now, if your journey begins in Frankfurt, the EgyptAir Departure Terminal in Hall B will be your launchpad. Check-in counters are readily available, and friendly staff will guide you through the process. Remember, check-in closes 30 minutes before your scheduled flight time, so plan accordingly.

EgyptAir Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Frankfurt Airport

In the unfortunate event of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage at EgyptAir Terminal in Frankfurt Airport, it is essential to act promptly. Passengers experiencing such issues should contact EgyptAir’s ground services or visit the designated baggage service office within Terminal 1.

Reporting problems immediately ensure timely assistance and increases the likelihood of resolving the situation satisfactorily. Additionally, passengers should have their flight and baggage information readily available when reporting the issue for a more efficient process.

Lounges at EgyptAir Terminal in Frankfurt Airport

While EgyptAir itself doesn’t have its dedicated lounges at Frankfurt Airport, its partnership with Lufthansa grants passengers access to a selection of Lufthansa lounges within Terminal 1. These lounges offer a haven of comfort and relaxation before your flight.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

This lounge is located on the third floor of Terminal 1, near Gate B26. It offers a variety of seating areas, including individual armchairs, sofas, and booths. The buffet features a selection of hot and cold food, as well as snacks and drinks. There is also a business center with computers and printers.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge

 This lounge is located on the fourth floor of Terminal 1, near Gate A26. It offers a more exclusive atmosphere than the Business Class Lounge, with a dedicated check-in area and a wider selection of amenities. The buffet features a premium selection of food and drinks, and there is also a cigar lounge and a spa.

Lufthansa First Class Lounge

This lounge is located on the fifth floor of Terminal 1, near Gate A26. It offers the most luxurious experience of all the Lufthansa lounges, with private seating areas, a gourmet buffet, a full-service bar, and a shower suite.

Food & Dining Options EgyptAir Terminal at FRA Airport

Frankfurt Airport boasts an array of dining options, catering to diverse culinary preferences. EgyptAir passengers can explore various restaurants and cafes before or after their flights.

A few notable options include:

Goethe Bar & RestaurantGerman Cuisine
Pizza HutItalian-American
Asia SnackAsian Cuisine
StarbucksCoffee and Snacks

EgyptAir Services at Terminal in Frankfurt Airport

Your journey with EgyptAir through Frankfurt Airport doesn’t end at touchdown or take-off. The airline offers a range of services to ensure your experience is smooth, convenient, and comfortable. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you:

  • Currency Exchange: No need to scramble for Euros! Exchange your currency at the designated counter within Terminal 1, Hall B.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Indulge in tax-free shopping at the various outlets throughout the terminal, offering a variety of perfumes, cosmetics, and luxury goods.
  • Tourist Information: Get expert advice and recommendations from the friendly Tourist Information desk located in the Arrivals Hall. They can help you navigate the city, plan your activities, and obtain travel essentials.
  • Medical Assistance: Should you require medical attention during your transit, a medical center is available within the airport, offering first-aid services and consultations.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected and browse the internet at your leisure with the complimentary Wi-Fi available throughout Terminal 1.

Parking at EgyptAir Terminal Frankfurt Airport

Navigating Frankfurt Airport for your EgyptAir flight is much easier when you know where to park your car. Luckily, several options are available near Terminal 1, Hall B, where EgyptAir operates, ensuring a stress-free transition from car to check-in.

Short-Term Parking

P3 Terminal 1 – Short-term parking: Located directly opposite Terminal 1, this multi-story car park is ideal for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, and short stays. Expect rates starting from €2 for 30 minutes and reaching €39 for a day.

Long-Term Parking

P2 Terminal 1 / P8 Terminal 2: These open-air car parks offer convenient long-term parking options just a short walk or shuttle ride from Terminal 1. Prices start from €2 for 30 minutes and go up to €39 for a day, with discounted rates available for longer stays.

eParking: For budget-conscious travelers, eParking offers reserved parking spaces at affordable rates in Terminal 1 (P2, Level 14) and Terminal 2 (P9, Level U3). Booking online is recommended to secure your spot.

Where Does EgyptAir Fly from Frankfurt Airport?

With EgyptAir, the world awaits! From Frankfurt Airport, you can connect to a vast network of destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. Here’s a table showcasing some of the exciting routes offered:

Cairo International AirportEgypt
Dubai International AirportUAE
Heathrow AirportUnited Kingdom
King Abdulaziz International AirportSaudi Arabia
Toronto Pearson International AirportCanada
Dulles International AirportUnited States

Map of EgyptAir Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

The map of EgyptAir Terminal at Frankfurt Airport is crucial for passengers as it provides a visual guide, helping them navigate the terminal efficiently, and locate services, gates, lounges, and other essential facilities for a seamless travel experience.

Contact EgyptAir Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

Contact information for EgyptAir Terminal at Frankfurt Airport is crucial for passengers to seek assistance, report issues, and obtain information promptly, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience.

  • EgyptAir Terminal Counter: Located in Hall B, the check-in counter staff can answer your questions and offer guidance.
  • EgyptAir Call Center: Dial +49 69 690 31 625 for direct assistance from EgyptAir representatives.
  • EgyptAir Website: Visit www.egyptair.com for flight information, online check-in, and other helpful resources.

In conclusion, navigating Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1 for EgyptAir flights involves understanding the arrival and departure procedures, exploring lounges and dining options, utilizing services, and being aware of parking facilities. Armed with this comprehensive guide, passengers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable travel experience with EgyptAir at Frankfurt Airport.


Which terminal is EgyptAir at Frankfurt Airport?

EgyptAir operates from Terminal 1 at FRA Airport.

What is the EgyptAir arrivals terminal at Frankfurt Airport?

The arrivals terminal for EgyptAir at FRA Airport is Terminal 1.

What is the EgyptAir departures terminal at Frankfurt Airport?

The departures terminal for EgyptAir at FRA Airport is also Terminal 1.

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