What Terminal is EgyptAir at Dubai Airport?

EgyptAir Dubai International Airport Terminal (DXB)

Dubai, the dazzling emirate of soaring skyscrapers and golden sands, is a bustling hub for international travelers. And if your journey takes you through this enchanting city on EgyptAir, understanding its vast airport can feel like navigating a desert maze. Navigating the EgyptAir Dubai terminal is vital for a smooth travel experience. This article delves into EgyptAir’s presence at Dubai Airport, covering terminals, services, and amenities.

Information of EgyptAir Terminal Dubai Airport (DXB)

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the EgyptAir Terminal at Dubai Airport:

AirportDubai International Airport
Airport AddressDubai – United Arab Emirates
EgyptAir Dubai TerminalTerminal 1
EgyptAir Dubai Arrival TerminalTerminal 1
EgyptAir Dubai Departure TerminalTerminal 1

What Terminal is EgyptAir at Dubai Airport?

EgyptAir operates exclusively from Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport. This modern terminal boasts a spacious layout with dedicated areas for arrivals and departures, catering to both domestic and international flights.

EgyptAir Arrival Terminal at Dubai Airport

Upon landing at Dubai Airport, EgyptAir passengers will find themselves at Terminal 1. Terminal 1 primarily handles international flights, making it the arrival point for EgyptAir’s passengers from various destinations. After a smooth touchdown, follow the arrival signs to baggage claim. Claim your precious cargo at either carousels 12 to 16 for domestic baggage or carousels 17 to 21 for international arrivals. If you’re lucky, you might even land at Concourse D, where a dedicated baggage claim area awaits EgyptAir passengers.

EgyptAir Departure Terminal at Dubai Airport

For departing EgyptAir passengers, Terminal 1 is also the departure terminal at Dubai Airport. The departure area encompasses check-in counters, security checks, and gates for international flights.

Check-in for your adventure begins at counters D40 – D64 in Terminal 1. Ensure you arrive earlier to avoid last-minute hiccups. Once checked in, head to security and passport control, and then navigate to your designated gate at Concourse C or D. Don’t forget to grab a quick bite or do some duty-free shopping before take-off.

EgyptAir Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Dubai Airport

In the unfortunate event of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage at the EgyptAir Terminal in DXB Airport, passengers should take immediate action to report the issue and initiate the resolution process. Contacting EgyptAir representatives at the airport or proceeding to the Dubai Airport Lost & Found office is essential.

Prompt reporting is crucial, and passengers should provide detailed information about their baggage, including a description and any unique identifiers. This proactive approach enables airport authorities to swiftly locate, track, and recover lost items or initiate compensation procedures for damaged belongings.

Lounges at EgyptAir Terminal in DXB Airport

Passengers flying with EgyptAir from Dubai Airport can enjoy a range of lounges offering comfort and amenities. Lounges in Terminal 1 include:

Marhaba Pearl Lounge

This lounge offers comfortable seating, refreshments, Wi-Fi, and business facilities. Access is available to passengers with Business Class tickets or eligible frequent flyer program members.

Marhaba Diamond Lounge

This premium lounge provides luxurious amenities like a private dining area, shower facilities, and a dedicated business center. Access is available to First Class passengers and select frequent flyer program members.

Food & Dining Options at EgyptAir Terminal in DXB Airport

Terminal 1 boasts an array of dining options to cater to diverse culinary preferences. From quick bites to fine dining, passengers can explore various restaurants and cafes. Some notable options include:

Al FalakEmiratiGate C15
Paul BakeryCafeConcourse D
Caviar House & PrunierSeafoodConcourse D
Food Garden ExpressInternationalConcourse C
Burger KingFast FoodConcourse C

EgyptAir Services at Terminal in DXB Airport

EgyptAir provides a range of services at Terminal 1 to enhance the passenger experience. These services include:

  • Online Check-in: Convenient online check-in options are available.
  • Baggage Services: Assistance for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.
  • Customer Service: EgyptAir representatives are available for inquiries and assistance.
  • Priority Services: Fast-track options for premium passengers.

Parking at EgyptAir Terminal Dubai Airport

Whether you’re dashing in for a quick drop-off or settling in for a longer stay, parking your car at DXB Airport’s Terminal 1 for your EgyptAir flight requires some planning. Fear not, fellow traveler, for this guide dives into the different parking options available, ensuring your journey starts and ends smoothly.

Short-Term Parking:

Need to whisk someone off to their EgyptAir flight or grab a quick arrival? Short-term parking is your savior. Located conveniently across from Terminal 1, these spaces are ideal for stays of up to 60 minutes. Think of it as a quick pit stop before soaring off into the skies.

Long-Term Parking:

Embarking on a longer Egyptian escapade? Long-term parking offers a secure haven for your vehicle. Situated opposite the Departures Hall, this option is perfect for stays exceeding an hour. Breathe easy knowing your car is safely tucked away while you explore the wonders of Cairo or bask on the beaches of Hurghada.

Valet Parking:

Prefer a touch of luxury and convenience? Valet parking takes the hassle out of finding a spot. Simply hand your keys to the friendly professionals, and they’ll handle the rest, parking your car in a designated area. Relax in the terminal, knowing your ride is in good hands.

Where Does EgyptAir Fly from Dubai Airport?

For travelers curious about EgyptAir’s destinations from Dubai Airport, here’s a list:

New YorkUnited States
DullesUnited States
JeddahSaudi Arabia
London HeathrowUnited Kingdom

Map of EgyptAir Terminal at Dubai International Airport (DXB)

The map information of EgyptAir Terminal 1 at DXB Airport is crucial for passengers as it provides a visual guide to navigate the terminal, locate facilities, and streamline the travel experience, ensuring efficiency and convenience.

Contact EgyptAir Terminal at Dubai Airport

Contact information for EgyptAir Terminal at Dubai Airport is crucial for passengers to seek assistance, report issues (such as lost baggage), and obtain essential information, ensuring a smooth and well-supported travel experience.

  • Customer Service: EgyptAir customer service representatives at the airport.
  • Airport Information Desk: Located in the terminal for general airport inquiries.
  • Telephone: +971 4 216 3222.
  • Website: https://www.egyptair.com/

In conclusion, navigating EgyptAir at Dubai Airport involves understanding the facilities and services provided at Terminal 3. From arrival to departure, passengers can make use of lounges, dining options, and various services to ensure a comfortable journey. Familiarizing oneself with the airport’s layout and amenities is the key to a seamless travel experience.


Which terminal is EgyptAir at DXB Airport?

EgyptAir operates exclusively from Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport. Both arrivals and departures take place from this terminal.

What is the EgyptAir arrivals terminal at Dubai Airport?

The EgyptAir arrivals terminal at DXB Airport is Terminal 1. You’ll be directed to carousels 12-16 for domestic baggage claim or carousels 17-21 for international arrivals.

What is the EgyptAir departures terminal at Dubai Airport?

The EgyptAir departures terminal at DXB Airport is also Terminal 1. Check-in counters are located at D40-D64, followed by security and passport control. Gates are situated at Concourse C or D.

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