EgyptAir CAI Terminal – Cairo International Airport

EgyptAir CAI Terminal - Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport, being a major hub, hosts various airlines, and EgyptAir stands out as one of the prominent carriers operating from this bustling aviation hub. For travelers navigating Cairo Airport, understanding the specifics of the EgyptAir terminal is crucial for a smooth journey. This article will delve into the details of EgyptAir’s presence at Cairo Airport, covering arrival and departure terminals, baggage claim, lounges, dining options, services, parking, destinations, and more.

Information of EgyptAir Terminal Cairo Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the EgyptAir Terminal at Cairo Airport:

AirportCairo International Airport
Airport AddressEl Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
TerminalTerminal 3
Arrival TerminalTerminal 3
Departure TerminalTerminal 3

What Terminal is Egyptair at Cairo Airport?

Egyptair home at Cairo International Airport, Terminal 3, is a haven of streamlined efficiency and modern comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a first-time flyer venturing into the world, this guide will equip you to navigate your journey with ease.

EgyptAir Arrival Terminal at Cairo Airport

As of the latest information, EgyptAir primarily operates from Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport for both arrivals and departures. Terminal 3 is the newest and most advanced terminal at the airport, offering modern facilities and services to travelers. Domestic and international arrivals are segregated, so look for the dedicated carousel for your flight.

EgyptAir Departure Terminal at CAI Airport

Similar to arrivals, EgyptAir primarily operates from Terminal 3 for departures at Cairo Airport. The departure terminal is well-equipped to handle the diverse needs of travelers, offering check-in counters, security checks, and boarding gates.

Egyptair check-in counters are located in the main departure hall of Terminal 3. Once checked in, locate your departure gate on the large display screens or consult your boarding pass. Gate information may change, so keep an eye out for any updates.

EgyptAir Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Cairo Airport

Dealing with lost, delayed, or damaged baggage is an unfortunate but occasional part of air travel. For EgyptAir passengers experiencing such issues at Cairo Airport Terminal, there are specific procedures in place to address and resolve these concerns.

Lost Baggage

In the event of lost baggage, passengers are advised to report the situation immediately upon arrival at the airport. EgyptAir has a dedicated baggage services counter within Terminal 3 at Cairo Airport, where airline staff is trained to assist passengers with the necessary procedures.

Delayed Baggage

For delayed baggage, EgyptAir has a tracking system that allows passengers to monitor the status of their luggage. Passengers can inquire about the progress of the search and the estimated time of delivery.

Damaged Baggage

In cases of damaged baggage, it’s essential to report the issue before leaving the airport. Inspecting the luggage in the presence of airline staff is recommended to document the damage accurately. The airline may provide compensation or assistance in repairing or replacing the damaged items.

Lounges at EgyptAir Terminal in CAI Airport

For travelers seeking comfort and amenities, EgyptAir Terminal 3 at Cairo Airport offers lounges with various facilities. These lounges provide a relaxing environment for passengers to unwind before their flight. Here’s your guide to these havens of tranquility:

Al Genah Lounge

This exclusive space, accessible to first-class and business-class passengers as well as members of the Egyptair Plus loyalty program, is an oasis of calm amidst the pre-flight buzz. Sink into plush armchairs, savor delectable refreshments from the buffet, and stay connected with the world thanks to the high-speed Wi-Fi.

Smoking Lounge

For those who prefer a puff before their flight, the Egyptair Smoking Lounge offers a designated space to unwind. While not as opulent as the Al Genah Lounge, it provides comfortable seating, a selection of refreshments, and, of course, designated smoking areas.

Food & Dining Options at Cairo Airport EgyptAir Terminal

Cairo Airport’s Terminal 3 boasts a variety of dining options to cater to different tastes and preferences. From quick snacks to full-course meals, passengers can find an array of choices to satisfy their culinary desires.

Dining Options

Sky ChefInternationalDepartures Hall
CilantroMiddle EasternConcourse Area
Espresso HouseCoffee & SnacksThroughout Terminal

EgyptAir Services at Terminal in CAI Airport

Egyptair Terminal 3 at CAI International Airport isn’t just about streamlined departures and arrivals. It’s a bustling hub brimming with services designed to make your journey smooth and enjoyable, from the mundane to the luxurious. Here’s a glimpse into the offerings:

  • Currency Exchange: Convert your currency with ease at dedicated counters.
  • ATMs: Withdraw cash from conveniently located ATMs.
  • Prayer Rooms: Find designated spaces for quiet prayer and reflection.
  • Medical Facilities: A clinic is available for minor medical needs.
  • Luggage Storage: Need to store your bags for a while? Paid storage options are available.
  • VIP Services: Indulge in personalized assistance with baggage handling, immigration, and lounge access.

Parking at EgyptAir Terminal Cairo Airport

Cairo Airport provides ample parking facilities for passengers traveling with EgyptAir. Multiple parking options are available, including short-term and long-term parking areas, ensuring convenience for travelers.

Short-Term Parking

Need a quick drop-off or pick-up? Short-term parking is available right outside the terminal, conveniently located for a speedy arrival or departure. Rates are per hour, with dedicated spaces for cars and motorcycles.

Long-Term Parking

Staying a while? Long-term parking offers secure and spacious parking for your car, just a short walk or shuttle ride from the terminal. Rates are per day or week, with covered and uncovered options available.

Multi-Storey Car Park

For a more sheltered option, the multi-storey car park provides ample space for both short and long-term parking. It’s conveniently located near the terminal and offers easy access to arrivals and departures.

Where Does EgyptAir Fly from Cairo Airport? In Table

For a comprehensive overview of EgyptAir’s destinations from Cairo Airport, refer to the table below:

AfricaJohannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo, and more
Middle EastDubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Amman, and more
EuropeLondon, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and more
AsiaBangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, Delhi, and more
North AmericaNew York, Toronto, Washington, Dulles and more

Map of EgyptAir Terminal at Cairo Airport

The map information of EgyptAir Terminal at Cairo Airport is crucial for travelers as it provides a visual guide, aiding in navigation, locating facilities, and ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience.

Contact EgyptAir Terminal at Cairo Airport

For any specific inquiries or assistance, passengers can contact EgyptAir customer service directly or visit the airline’s information desk located within Terminal 3 at Cairo Airport.

In conclusion, navigating Cairo Airport, especially EgyptAir Terminal 3, can be a seamless experience with proper information and planning. Whether you are arriving or departing, understanding the terminal layout, services, and amenities will contribute to a stress-free journey.


Which terminal is EgyptAir at CAI Airport?

EgyptAir primarily operates from Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport.

What is the EgyptAir arrivals terminal at Cairo Airport?

The arrivals terminal for EgyptAir is located within Terminal 3.

What is the EgyptAir departures terminal at Cairo Airport?

The departures terminal for EgyptAir is also situated within Terminal 3.

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