Air France Terminal at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Air France Terminal Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Soaring through the skies with Air France awaits, but before you jet-set from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, knowing your bearings makes for a smooth takeoff. This guide to the Air France Terminal at Arlanda Airport equips you with everything you need, from arrivals and departures to baggage claim, lounges, and even where to grab a pre-flight bite. Breathe easy, Air France travelers, your Arlanda journey starts here!

What Terminal is Air France at Arlanda Airport?

Breathe easy, Air France operates exclusively from Terminal 2 at Arlanda Airport. No terminal hopping is needed, just head straight to Terminal 2 and let your Air France adventure begin.

Information on Air France at Arlanda Airport:

Air France Arlanda Terminal2
Air France Arlanda Arrival Terminal2
Air France Arlanda Departure Terminal2
Air France Arlanda Baggage Claim AreaDesignated area within Terminal 2
Air France Arlanda Check-inOnline or Terminal 2 counters
Air France Arlanda GatesLocated within Terminal 2

Air France Arrival Terminal at Arlanda Airport

Touchdown at ease, all Air France flights, both domestic and international, arrive at Terminal 2. Don’t worry about navigating multiple terminals, simply follow the arrival signs and find your baggage carousel in peace.

Air France Baggage Claim Arlanda Airport

Claiming your luggage after an Air France flight is straightforward. Head to the designated baggage claim area within Terminal 2 and locate your carousel based on your flight information. Remember to keep your baggage claim check handy!

Air France Departure Terminal at Arlanda Airport

Taking off with Air France? You’ll also depart from Terminal 2. Check-in desks and gates are conveniently located within the terminal, making your pre-flight process a breeze.

Air France Check-in

Avoid pre-flight stress and check in online before your Air France flight using the airline’s website or mobile app. You can also check in at the designated Air France counters in Terminal 2.

Air France Gates

Does boarding pass at the ready? Find your Air France gate within Terminal 2 by following the departure screens or inquiring at the information desk. Gates may change, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.

Air France Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Arlanda Airport

Misplaced luggage can cast a shadow even on the smoothest Air France flight. But fret not, Arlanda travelers, understanding the process for handling lost, delayed, or damaged baggage equips you for a calm and efficient response. Here’s what you need to know:

Lost or Delayed Baggage at Arlanda Airport

  • Report the issue immediately: Head straight to the Air France Baggage Services counter in Terminal 2. Don’t leave the airport without filing a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).
  • Keep documents handy: Have your baggage claim check and flight information readily available to expedite the process.
  • Describe your luggage: Provide details like color, size, brand, and any distinguishing features to aid identification.
  • Relax and follow up: Air France will track your luggage. Check the Air France baggage search tool online or contact the Baggage Services team for updates.

Damaged Baggage at Arlanda Airport

  • Report the damage immediately: Don’t leave the airport without reporting the damage to the Air France Baggage Services team. Keep the damaged item and any broken parts as evidence.
  • Obtain a Damage Report: Request a written Damage Report detailing the extent of the damage. This document helps expedite your claim process.
  • Consider travel insurance: Having travel insurance can provide additional protection and compensation for damaged baggage.

Lounges at Air France Terminal in Arlanda Airport

Escape the pre-flight bustle and indulge in comfort at the Air France La Première Lounge or Business Lounge:

  • La Première Lounge: Luxurious ambiance, dedicated dining areas, personalized entertainment, and a premium bar await.
  • Business Lounge: Workstations, private phone booths, a business center, and a buffet provide a productive and relaxing space.

Food & Dining Options at Arlanda Airport

No need to go hungry before your flight! Arlanda Airport offers a diverse array of dining options:

Caffè NeroItalian coffee and pastriesDeparture Hall
Hard Rock CafeAmerican classicsDeparture Hall
PaulFrench bakery and cafeMain Corridor
Burger KingFast foodFood Court
Pizza HutItalian pizzaFood Court
Sushi TrainJapanese sushiFood Court
Salad StopHealthy salads and wrapsMain Corridor

Air France Services at Terminal in Arlanda Airport

Air France at Arlanda Airport goes beyond just flights, offering a range of services to ensure your journey is effortless and enjoyable. Whether you need currency exchange for souvenirs, want to catch up on work in a dedicated business center, or need a peaceful prayer room, Terminal 2 has you covered.

  • Currency exchange: Convert your travel funds conveniently to the currency exchange counter.
  • Duty-free shopping: Indulge in tax-free shopping for perfumes, cosmetics, and other goodies.
  • ATMs: Access cash easily with conveniently located ATMs throughout the terminal.
  • Medical assistance: A medical center is available to address any health concerns.
  • Tourist information: Seek advice and recommendations from the friendly tourist information desk.
  • Business center: Work efficiently with high-speed Wi-Fi, computers, and printing facilities.
  • Meeting rooms: Conduct small meetings in designated and well-equipped rooms.
  • Luggage storage: Leave your bags securely while you explore the city.
  • Prayer rooms: Find private spaces for reflection and prayer.
  • Smoking areas: Designated smoking areas cater to smokers’ needs.

Parking at Air France Terminal Arlanda Airport

Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or a family getaway, finding the right parking can significantly impact your Air France journey from Arlanda Airport. So, ditch the parking woes and choose your ideal spot with this handy guide!

  • Short-Term Parking: Ideal for quick drop-offs or picking up arriving passengers, conveniently located near the Terminal 2 entrance.
  • Long-Term Parking: Perfect for extended trips, offering economical rates and a shuttle service directly to the terminal.
  • Premium Parking: Want VIP treatment? Opt for covered parking or even valet service for ultimate convenience.

Where Does Air France Fly from Arlanda Airport?

Here are some destinations Air France Flies from Arlanda Airport:


Map of Air France Terminal at Arlanda Airport

Here is the Map of Air France Terminal at Arlanda Airport:

Contact Air France at Arlanda Airport

Need assistance at the Air France Terminal? Reach out to their friendly team in Arlanda through these convenient channels:

  • Air France Information Desk: Located in Terminal 2, this desk is your one-stop shop for all your pre-flight and arrival inquiries.
  • Phone: +46 8 519 999 90 (24/7)
  • Website:
  • Air France App: Available for iOS and Android devices

With this comprehensive guide at hand, navigating the Air France Terminal at Arlanda Airport becomes a breeze. From arrivals to departures, baggage claim to pre-flight lounges, we’ve covered everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable Air France journey. So, relax, unwind, and let Air France take care of the rest. Bon voyage!


Which terminal is Air France at Arlanda Airport?

Air France operates exclusively from Terminal 2.

What is the Air France arrivals terminal at Arlanda Airport?

All Air France flights, both domestic and international, arrive at Terminal 2.

What is the Air France departure terminal at Arlanda Airport?

All Air France flights, both domestic and international, depart from Terminal 2.

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