Air France Terminal at Paris Orly Airport (ORY)

Air France Terminal at Paris Orly Airport (ORY)

Air France Terminal at Paris Orly Airport (ORY) stands as a bustling gateway to a world of travel, seamlessly blending modern efficiency with a touch of French elegance. As one of the major hubs for Air France, the terminal at Orly Airport embodies the airline’s commitment to delivering a superior travel experience.

Information of Air France Terminal Paris Orly Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a table summarizing the key information about Air France Terminal at Paris Orly Airport (ORY):

Airport Paris Orly Airport
Airport Address94390 Orly, France
Air France Orly TerminalTerminal 3 is the Air France terminal at Orly Airport
Air France Orly Domestic Arrivals TerminalCarousels 1-6
Air France Orly Foreign Arrivals TerminalCarousels 7-14
Air France Orly Self-service KiosksAvailable

What Terminal is Air France at Orly Airport?

Air France, the national carrier of France, operates primarily from Terminal 3 at Orly. This modern terminal caters to both domestic and international arrivals and departures. So, whether you’re embarking on a cross-country adventure or embarking on a global escapade, you’ll find your Air France flight nestled comfortably within Terminal 3.

Air France Arrival Terminal at Orly Airport

Landing at Orly with Air France means gliding into Hall B within Terminal 3. Follow the friendly blue and white signs guiding you to baggage claim, where you’ll reunite with your trusty travel companion. Domestic and international arrivals share the same baggage claim area, so keep an eye on your flight details for carousel information.

Air France Terminal Baggage Claim ORY Airport

  • Domestic Arrivals: Carousels 1-6 handle baggage for domestic flights.
  • Foreign Arrivals: Carousels 7-14 handle baggage for international flights.

Air France Departure Terminal at ORY Airport

Your Air France departure journey also begins at Terminal 3 at Orly Airport. Check-in desks for both domestic and international flights are conveniently located in Hall A, making it easy to drop off your luggage and collect your boarding pass. Gates for both domestic and international flights are scattered throughout Terminal 3, so be sure to check your boarding pass for your specific gate location.

Domestic & Foreign

  • Check-in counters for both domestic and international flights are located on the ground floor of Terminal 3.
  • Look for the electronic flight information boards to locate your specific check-in counter.

Air France Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Orly Airport

Losing an item while traveling can cast a long shadow over your journey. Luckily, the Air France terminal at ORY Airport offers several resources to reunite you with your misplaced belongings.

  • Report a Loss: Immediately head to the Air France Lost & Found office located near the baggage claim area in Hall B, Terminal 3. You can also report your lost item online through the Air France website or by calling their customer service hotline (+33 1 43 45 25).
  • Provide Details: Be as descriptive as possible! Specify the item’s type, brand, color, size, and any identifying marks. Photos or receipts can be incredibly helpful in the search.
  • Claiming Success: If your item is found, you’ll be notified via email or phone. You can either collect it in person at the Lost & Found office during their opening hours (check the official website for timings) or arrange for its return through a courier service (fees may apply).

Lounges at Air France Terminal in ORY Airport

Soaring through the skies is exhilarating, but navigating the pre-flight buzz can be draining. Luckily, Air France at ORY Terminal 3 offers a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury: the Joie Lounge, located in Hall B, Level 1. This elegant space provides comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, refreshments, and a selection of newspapers and magazines. Access is available to Business Class passengers, Flying Blue Elite members, and passengers holding a valid lounge pass.

Food & Dining Options at Orly Airport

Air France Terminal at Orly Airport offers a diverse culinary landscape to tantalize your taste buds. From grab-and-go snacks at Maison Kayser to a sit-down meal at La Seine, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the delectable options:

Restaurant/CaféType of Cuisine
Maison KayserFrench bakery
La SeineFrench bistro
StarbucksCoffee shop
PaulBakery and café
Yam’TchaChinese cuisine

Air France Services at Terminal in ORY Airport

Air France offers a range of services at Terminal 3 at ORY Airport to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience. These include:

  • Currency exchange
  • ATMs
  • Shops and boutiques
  • Tourist information desk
  • Wheelchair assistance

Parking at Air France Terminal ORY Airport

Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend getaway or an around-the-world adventure, finding the perfect parking spot at Air France Orly Terminal 3 can be the icing on the pre-flight cake. Fear not, weary traveler! Here’s your guide to navigating the parking options:

Short-Term Parking:

Need a spot for a quick pick-up or drop-off? Opt for the conveniently located short-term parking area right outside Terminal 3. Pay by the hour and enjoy effortless access to your car whenever you return.

Long-Term Parking:

Planning a week-long adventure? Long-term parking facilities offer secure and affordable options just a short shuttle ride away. Book your spot online or at the parking information desk and enjoy peace of mind knowing your car is safe and sound while you explore the world.

VIP Valet:

Craving ultimate convenience? Upgrade to the valet parking service available in both short- and long-term options. Let the professionals handle the hassle, while you breeze through check-in with your precious extra minutes.

Where Does Air France Fly from Orly Airport?

Air France flies to a wide range of destinations from ORY, including major European cities, North American hubs, and exotic locales across the globe. Here’s a glimpse of some of the destinations you can reach with Air France:

CairoMiddle East
New York CityNorth America
DubaiMiddle East

Map of Air France Terminal at Orly Airport

To help you navigate Air France Terminal 3, you can find a map available online or at the ORY airport information desk. This map will show you the location of the terminal, check-in desks, gates, baggage claim, and other essential facilities.

Contact Air France at Orly Airport

Contacting Air France terminal at Orly Airport can be a lifesaver in several ways. Whether you need to reconfirm flight details, report delayed luggage, enquire about lounge access, or seek wheelchair assistance, a quick call or visit to the information desk can save you time and stress.

If you have any questions or require assistance while at ORY, you can contact Air France through the following channels:

Air France Help Desk: Located in Hall A, Terminal 3
Air France website:
Air France phone number: +33 1 43 45 25

With this comprehensive guide in hand, you can now navigate the Air France experience at Orly Airport with confidence. From gliding into the arrival hall to boarding your flight to exciting destinations, your journey will be seamless and enjoyable. Remember, Air France is dedicated to providing a memorable travel experience, so relax, unwind, and let them take care of the rest.


Does Air France fly to Orly?

Yes, Air France flies to Orly Airport (ORY) in Paris. It’s their main hub for domestic and some international flights in France.

Which terminal is Air France at Orly?

Air France operates all its flights from Terminal 3 at Orly Airport.

What is the Air France arrivals terminal at Orly Airport?

All Air France arrivals, both domestic and international, arrive at Hall B in Terminal 3.

What is the Air France departure terminal at ORY Airport?

All Air France departures, both domestic and international, depart from Hall A in Terminal 3.

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