Air France Terminal Mexico City International Airport

Air France Terminal Mexico City International Airport

Air travel involves a myriad of details, and knowing your way around an airport is crucial for a smooth journey. For those flying with Air France from Mexico City Airport (MEX), understanding the terminal layout and associated services is essential. In this guide, we will delve into the specifics of Air France operations at MEX Airport, covering arrival and departure terminals, baggage claim, lounges, dining options, services, parking, destinations, and contact information.

Information of Air France Terminal Mexico City Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a table summarizing the key information about Air France Terminal at Mexico Airport.

AirportMexico City International Airport
Airport AddressAirport Address
Air France Mexico TerminalTerminal 1
Air France Mexico Arrival TerminalTerminal 1
Air France Mexico Departure TerminalTerminal 1

What Terminal is Air France at Mexico Airport?

Air France operates primarily from Terminal 1 at Mexico Airport. This means both domestic and international arrivals and departures will be handled at this terminal. Remember, though, that it’s always best to double-check your flight confirmation or contact Air France directly to confirm your terminal assignment, as schedules and arrangements can occasionally change.

Air France Arrival Terminal at Mexico Airport

Upon landing at Mexico City Airport, passengers flying with Air France will arrive at designated terminal 1. It is imperative to be aware of this terminal to efficiently navigate the airport and proceed to baggage claim.

Air France Terminal Baggage Claim MEX Airport

After disembarking, passengers need to head to the baggage claim area to retrieve their belongings. This process is often categorized by domestic and foreign flights.

  • Domestic Arrivals: Passengers on domestic flights with Air France will follow the signs leading to the domestic baggage claim area.
  • Foreign Arrivals: For those arriving from international destinations, a separate area is allocated for foreign flights’ baggage claim.

Air France Departure Terminal at MEX Airport

When departing from Mexico City Airport with Air France, it is essential to know the departure terminal. This information aids in planning and ensures a seamless check-in and boarding process.

Air France Check-in

Before reaching the departure gates, passengers must go through the check-in process. Air France typically provides various options, including online check-in, self-service kiosks, and traditional check-in counters.

Air France Gates

After completing the check-in process, passengers proceed to the departure gates. These are usually organized by domestic and foreign departures.

  • Domestic Departures: Gates for domestic flights are marked, allowing passengers to find their way easily.
  • Foreign Departures: International flights depart from designated gates, streamlining the boarding process for passengers traveling abroad.

Air France Lost/Damaged Baggage at Mexico Airport

While Air France strives to handle your luggage with care, the unfortunate reality is that baggage issues can sometimes occur during travel. If you find yourself facing lost, damaged, or delayed luggage at Mexico Airport, don’t panic!

The Air France terminal at MEX Airport offers several resources to reunite you with your misplaced belongings. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps and resources to navigate the situation effectively.

Reporting Lost Baggage

  • Report immediately: As soon as you realize your luggage is missing, report the issue to the Air France baggage services desk located near the arrival baggage claim area. Be prepared to provide your flight details, baggage claim tag number, and a detailed description of your luggage.
  • File a PIR: The Air France staff will assist you in filing a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This document is essential for tracking your lost luggage and initiating the claims process.
  • Stay informed: Air France will keep you updated on the search for your luggage through email and SMS. You can also track the status of your PIR online using the Air France baggage tracking tool.
  • Compensation: If your luggage is not found within 21 days, you may be eligible for compensation from Air France. The amount will depend on the value of your belongings and the airline’s liability limits.

Lounges at Air France Terminal in MEX Airport

While waiting for your flight, Air France passengers can relax and unwind in the airline’s comfortable lounge, located in the Departures Level of Terminal 1 at MEX Airport. The lounge offers Wi-Fi, refreshments, and a variety of seating options to suit your needs.

  • La Première Lounge: Reserved for Air France La Première passengers, offering exceptional comfort and amenities.
  • Business Lounge: Open to Business Class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members, featuring a relaxed atmosphere and convenient facilities.
  • Lounge access for other passengers: Certain credit cards and loyalty programs may grant access to the Air France lounge.

Food & Dining Options at MEX Airport

Air France Terminal 1 at Mexico Airport boasts a wide range of dining options to satisfy every palate. From quick grab-and-go snacks and casual cafes to sit-down restaurants offering local and international cuisine, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds.

Restaurant NameCuisineLocation
El CardenalMexicanDepartures Level
La CantinaMexicanArrivals Hall
StarbucksCoffee & TeaDepartures Level & Arrivals Hall
PaulFrench BakeryDepartures Level & Arrivals Hall
Sushi-IttoJapaneseDepartures Level

Air France Services at Terminal in MEX Airport

Air France terminal is committed to providing excellent services to its passengers, at MEX City Airport. Travelers can avail themselves of various services for a more convenient and enjoyable journey.

  • Baggage Services: Handling lost or damaged baggage promptly.
  • Customer Service Desk: Providing assistance and information to passengers.
  • Priority Boarding: Streamlining the boarding process for certain passengers.

Parking at Air France Terminal MEX Airport

For passengers driving to the MEX Airport, understanding the Air France Terminal parking facilities is crucial. Mexico City Airport offers various parking options, including short-term and long-term parking.

  • Short-term Parking: Ideal for passengers with brief layovers or dropping off/picking up travelers.
  • Long-term Parking: Suitable for passengers leaving their vehicles during an extended trip.

Where Does Air France Fly from MEX Airport?

Air France offers direct flights from MEX Airport to various destinations in France and beyond, including:

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)Daily
Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS)3 times weekly
Vienna International Airport (VIE)2 times weekly
New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)Daily
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)3 times weekly

Map of Air France Terminal at MEX Airport

A visual aid can significantly assist passengers in navigating the Air France terminal of Mexico City Airport. The airport provides maps at strategic locations, and travelers can also access them online before their journey.

Contact Air France at MEX Airport

Having the contact information for the Air France terminal at Mexico Airport on hand can be remarkably beneficial for passengers flying with Air France, both before and during their journey.

  • Air France Check-in Counters: +52 (55) 5705-0592
  • Air France Reservations: +52 (55) 5328-5000
  • Air France website:

Navigating the Air France terminal at Mexico City Airport becomes a seamless experience with a comprehensive understanding of the arrival and departure terminal, baggage claim, lounges, dining options, services, parking, destinations, and contact information. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time flyer, this guide ensures a stress-free and enjoyable journey with Air France from Mexico City Airport.


Which terminal is Air France at Mexico Airport?

Air France operates at Terminal 1 at Mexico City Airport.

What is the Air France arrivals terminal at MEX Airport?

For arrivals, Air France passengers will use Terminal 1 at Mexico City Airport.

What is the Air France departure terminal at MEX Airport?

For departures, Air France passengers will use Terminal 1 at MEX City Airport.

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