Air France Terminal at Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Air France Terminal Cairo International Airport

Navigating a bustling airport, especially in a foreign city, can be a stressful affair. But fret not, Air France travelers flying from Cairo International Airport! Your journey promises smooth skies and seamless service, even before takeoff, thanks to the convenient and efficient Air France Cairo Terminal. Nestled comfortably within Terminal 2, this dedicated space caters to your every need, ensuring a relaxed and hassle-free pre-flight experience.

Information of Air France Terminal Cairo Airport

Air France Cairo Arrivals2Arrival Hall
Air France Cairo Baggage Claim2Designated Air France carousel
Air France Cairo Departures2Departure Hall
Air France Cairo Check-in2Dedicated Air France counters
Air France Cairo Gates2Varies according to flight

What Terminal is Air France at Cairo Airport?

No need to wander through multiple terminals – your Air France flight will arrive and depart conveniently from Terminal 2. You can now relax and focus on enjoying your trip to or from Cairo!

Air France Arrival Terminal at Cairo Airport

Stepping off your Air France flight, you’ll land in Terminal 2’s arrival hall.

  • Baggage Claim: Locate the designated Air France baggage carousel to collect your luggage.
  • Domestic & International Arrivals: Both domestic and international Air France passengers disembark at Terminal 2, so follow the directional signs to your next destination, whether it’s customs or connecting flights.

Air France Departure Terminal at Cairo Airport:

Ready to take off with Air France? Head to Terminal 2’s departure hall.

  • Check-in: Air France check-in counters are conveniently located in the departure hall. Remember to check in online beforehand to save time.
  • Gates: After check-in, proceed to the designated Air France gate, listed on your boarding pass. Enjoy the duty-free shopping or grab a bite before boarding.

Air France Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Cairo Airport

Misplaced luggage can cast a shadow over even the smoothest journey. But fret not, Air France passengers at Cairo Airport have options when it comes to navigating lost, delayed, or damaged baggage. Here’s what you need to know:

Lost or Delayed Baggage at Cairo Airport

  • Head to the Air France Baggage Services counter located within Terminal 2. Look for signage or ask airport personnel for directions.
  • Have your baggage claim check and flight information handy. These documents are crucial for identifying your missing luggage.
  • File a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). The Air France Baggage Services team will assist you in completing this form, providing details about your missing bag, its description, and contact information.
  • Keep a copy of the PIR for your records. This document serves as your reference throughout the baggage tracing process.

Delayed Baggage at Cairo Airport

  • Check the baggage carousel again later. Sometimes, bags arrive on a separate flight or get delayed due to security checks.
  • Contact the Air France Baggage Services counter for updates on the whereabouts of your luggage. They can track your bag and provide estimated arrival times.
  • Consider essentials: If your delay extends beyond a few hours, pack necessities like toiletries and a change of clothes in your carry-on baggage for the interim.

Lounges at Air France Terminal in Cairo Airport

Flying Air France from Cairo Airport’s Terminal 2 promises a smooth takeoff, but let’s face it, airport pre-flight chaos can ruffle even the calmest of travelers. Luckily, Air France understands your need for tranquility, offering havens of comfort and convenience in the form of exclusive lounges. Here’s a sneak peek into your potential oasis:

  • La Première Lounge: Stepping into the La Première Lounge is like stepping into a world of unparalleled luxury. Plush armchairs, elegant décor, and attentive service elevate every minute of your wait. Think dedicated dining areas, personalized entertainment options, and a premium bar stocked with fine beverages. Relax, indulge, and prepare for your journey in first-class style.
  • Business Lounge: Business travelers, rejoice! The Business Lounge prioritizes productivity and comfort. Workstations with high-speed Wi-Fi, private phone booths, and a well-equipped business center ensure you stay connected and on top of your game. Refuel with gourmet snacks and refreshing drinks at the buffet, or unwind in the tranquil seating area before your flight.
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus Lounge: Flying with Delta, KLM, or another SkyTeam partner airline in Elite Plus status? You’re also invited to the SkyTeam Elite Plus Lounge. Unwind in a sophisticated atmosphere with comfortable seating, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a selection of refreshments. It’s your perfect pre-flight sanctuary to catch up on emails, grab a bite, or simply relax and prepare for your journey.

Food & Dining Options at Cairo Airport

Cairo International Airport, particularly Terminal 2, where Air France operates, transforms into a culinary odyssey before your jet sets off. Whether you crave local Egyptian flair, international comfort food, or a quick coffee fix, the terminal’s diverse dining options guarantee you won’t go hungry.

Caffè NeroItalian coffee and pastriesDeparture Hall
Hard Rock CafeAmerican classicsDeparture Hall
Abou El SidEgyptian street foodArrival Hall
PaulFrench bakery and cafeMain Corridor
Burger KingFast foodFood Court
Pizza HutItalian pizzaFood Court
Sushi TrainJapanese sushiFood Court
Salad StopHealthy salads and wrapsMain Corridor

Air France Services at Terminal in Cairo Airport

Air France at Cairo Airport’s Terminal 2 isn’t just a gateway to your destination; it’s a haven of helpful services designed to enhance your travel experience. Whether you need a currency exchange, a relaxing pre-flight lounge, or assistance with last-minute tasks, there’s something to cater to every need.

  • Currency Exchange: Convert your funds conveniently at the dedicated Air France currency exchange counter, ensuring you’re ready for local expenses upon arrival.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Immerse yourself in a world of tax-free luxury at the diverse duty-free shops. Whether you’re seeking perfumes, cosmetics, or electronics, indulge in duty-free indulgence.
  • ATM Machines: Need cash? No problem! Conveniently located ATMs throughout the terminal allow you to access your funds with ease.
  • Medical Assistance: Should you require medical attention, qualified medical personnel are available at the airport clinic.
  • Tourist Information: Need recommendations for sightseeing, restaurants, or local transportation? Visit the airport’s tourist information desk for expert guidance.

Parking at Air France Terminal Cairo Airport

Whether you’re dropping off loved ones, embarking on a business trip, or jetting off on vacation, navigating parking at Cairo Airport’s Air France Terminal (Terminal 2) can be a breeze with the right information. Here’s all you need to know to ensure a smooth and convenient parking experience:

  • Short-Term Parking: Ideal for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, and arrivals. Located directly outside the terminal, offering easy access with hourly rates.
  • Long-Term Parking: Perfect for extended stays or business trips. Situated slightly further from the terminal, with convenient shuttle services and competitive daily or weekly rates.

Where Does Air France Fly from Cairo Airport?

Air France connects Cairo to various destinations, including:

DestinationFlight Frequency
Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)Daily
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)5 times weekly
Frankfurt Airport (FRA)3 times weekly

Map of Air France Terminal at Cairo Airport

Here is the Map of Air France Terminal at Cairo Airport:

Contact Air France at Cairo Airport

Flying Air France from Cairo Airport’s Terminal 2 promises a smooth journey, but sometimes you might need a helping hand. Whether you have a question about your flight, need to report lost luggage, or simply want some local recommendations, Air France is here for you. Here are all the ways you can reach them:

  • Air France Cairo Ticket Office: +20 2 22655000 (located in Terminal 1)
  • Air France Global Contact Center: +33 (0) 9 69 39 36 54
  • Air France Website:

Air France at Cairo International Airport offers a smooth and comfortable travel experience. With this comprehensive guide, you can navigate the terminals with ease and make the most of your journey.


Which terminal is Air France at Cairo Airport?

Air France operates exclusively from Terminal 2 at CAI Airport.

What is the Air France arrivals terminal at Cairo Airport?

All Air France passengers, both domestic and international, arrive at Terminal 2 at CAI Airport.

What is the Air France departure terminal at Cairo Airport?

All Air France flights, both domestic and international, depart from Terminal 2 at CAI Airport

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