Air Canada WiFi: Inflight Wi-Fi Costs & Refund | 2024 Guide

Air Canada WiFi: Inflight Wi-Fi Costs & Refund | 2024 Guide

Find out the convenience of staying connected in the skies with Air Canada WiFi. If you’re wondering, ‘Does Air Canada have WiFi?’, the answer is a resounding yes! Air Canada offers inflight WiFi across its fleet, allowing passengers to browse, work, or stay entertained during their journey.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Air Canada WiFi options, costs, and review its performance, including the exclusive perks of free WiFi in Premium Economy and Business Class. Discover the convenience of onboard WiFi and how to get a refund for your WiFi purchase if needed.

Does Air Canada Have WiFi?

Air Canada Inflight Wi-fi

Yes, Air Canada offers inflight WiFi on select flights for both Business and Economy class passengers. Stay connected during your journey with Air Canada’s onboard WiFi service available on international flights. Experience seamless connectivity and stay productive or entertained throughout your flight.

Does Air Canada Have Free WiFi?

Air Canada is introducing a new perk for its Aeroplan members, providing free messaging Wi-Fi on all aircraft equipped with onboard Wi-Fi. This complimentary service will be available on Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express flights as well.

Passengers can stay connected during their journey using messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages by Google, and more. Additionally, members of partner programs like United MileagePlus, Lufthansa Miles & More, and Emirates Skywards can also enjoy this benefit by linking their eligible program number to their reservation. Stay connected without extra cost on your next Air Canada flight!

How Much Does Air Canada WiFi Cost?

Stay connected in the skies with Air Canada’s convenient WiFi service. Whether you want to catch up on work, browse the web, or stay entertained during your flight, Air Canada offers inflight WiFi on select aircraft. The cost of Air Canada WiFi varies based on the duration of your flight and the type of plan you choose.

Air Canada WiFi Plans and Pricing:

WiFi PlanDurationPrice (CAD)
Short Flight PassUp to 1 hour$7.99
North America PassEntire flight within North America$11.99
Global PassEntire international flight$21.99
Monthly PassValid for 30 days$50.00


  • Air Canada WiFi is available on select aircraft and routes. Please check if your flight offers this service.
  • Prices are subject to change, and availability may vary.
  • Passengers can purchase WiFi plans onboard through the Air Canada WiFi portal.
  • The Short Flight Pass is ideal for shorter trips, while the North America and Global Passes are suitable for longer journeys.
  • The Monthly Pass provides the best value for frequent travelers.

Air Canada’s inflight WiFi ensures you can stay connected, productive, and entertained throughout your journey. Before your next flight, consider choosing a WiFi plan that best fits your needs, enabling you to make the most of your travel time.

Please note that the availability of WiFi may be dependent on the specific aircraft and route, so check with Air Canada or your travel agent for the latest information. Enjoy your connected flying experience with Air Canada Wi-Fi!

How to Buy Air Canada Wi-Fi?

Stay connected in the air with Air Canada WiFi. Purchasing WiFi onboard is quick and easy. Follow these steps to buy Air Canada WiFi during your flight:

Guide to Air Canada WiFi

Step 1: Connect to the Onboard WiFi: Once you are onboard an Air Canada flight that offers WiFi, enable your device’s WiFi and connect to the “Air Canada WiFi” network.

Step 2: Open Your Web Browser: Launch your preferred web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari) on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Step 3: Visit the Air Canada WiFi Portal: The first page that loads in your web browser will be the Air Canada Wi-Fi portal. If it doesn’t load automatically, try typing any web address (e.g., in the browser’s address bar and the portal should appear.

Step 4: Choose a WiFi Plan: On the Air Canada Wi-Fi portal, you will see various WiFi plans available for purchase. Select the plan that suits your needs based on the duration of your flight and the type of access you require (e.g., Short Flight Pass, North America Pass, Global Pass, Monthly Pass).

Step 5: Enter Payment Details: After selecting your desired WiFi plan, you will be prompted to enter your payment information. This typically includes credit card details or any other payment options accepted by Air Canada.

Step 6: Complete the Transaction: Once you have entered your payment details and reviewed your order, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation of your WiFi purchase.

Step 7: Start Enjoying WiFi: Once your purchase is confirmed, you will be granted access to the Air Canada WiFi service. You can now browse the internet, check emails, stream content, or do whatever you need to stay connected during your flight.

Important Tips:

  • It’s recommended to purchase the WiFi plan early in your flight to make the most of your online time.
  • The availability of WiFi may depend on the specific aircraft and route, so inquire with Air Canada or your travel agent before your trip.

Stay connected, stay productive, and enjoy a seamless browsing experience throughout your Air Canada journey with their easy-to-use WiFi service. Happy flying!

How to Connect to Air Canada Wi-Fi?

Congratulations on purchasing Air Canada WiFi! Now, let’s guide you through the process of connecting to the WiFi onboard:

Air Canada In-Flight WIFI Access

Step 1: Turn on Your Device Ensure your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is powered on and has its WiFi feature enabled.

Step 2: Enable WiFi Go to your device’s settings and turn on the WiFi function. It will search for available networks in the vicinity.

Step 3: Select “Air Canada WiFi” From the list of available WiFi networks, locate and select “Air Canada WiFi.” It should be the network provided for in-flight internet access.

Step 4: Launch Your Web Browser Once connected to the “Air Canada WiFi” network, open your preferred web browser. You will be automatically redirected to the Air Canada Wi-Fi portal.

Step 5: Sign In or Create an Account On the WiFi portal, you may be prompted to sign in if you have an existing account. If not, follow the steps to create a new account to access the WiFi service.

Step 6: Enter Your Confirmation Code After signing in or creating an account, you will be prompted to enter the confirmation code you received after purchasing the WiFi plan. This code validates your purchase and activates the WiFi service.

Step 7: Start Browsing Once you’ve entered the confirmation code, you’ll receive a confirmation message indicating that your Air Canada WiFi is now active. You can now browse the internet, check emails, and stay connected throughout your flight.

Important Tips:

  • If you face any connectivity issues or have trouble accessing the WiFi portal, try refreshing the page or reconnecting to the “Air Canada WiFi” network.
  • In some cases, you might need to re-enter your confirmation code if the connection is lost during the flight.
  • Remember to sign out of the WiFi portal after your session to protect your account and data.

Enjoy your connected flying experience with Air Canada Wi-Fi and make the most of your time in the air! Happy browsing!

Does Air Canada Have Wi-Fi on International Flights?

Air Canada offers WiFi on select routes, flights, both international and domestic. Below is a table showcasing some of the flights offered by Air Canada and their WiFi availability:

Flight NameRouteWiFi AvailabilityType
AC001Toronto to Tokyo (NRT)YesInternational
AC856Montreal to Paris (CDG)YesInternational
AC789Vancouver to London (LHR)YesInternational
AC156Toronto to VancouverYesDomestic
AC432Montreal to CalgaryYesDomestic
AC614Toronto to MontrealYesDomestic
AC598Calgary to TorontoYesDomestic

Please note that Wi-Fi availability is subject to change, and it’s always best to check with Air Canada or review their current in-flight amenities for the most up-to-date information.

How to Get Air Canada Wi-Fi Refund?

If you experienced issues with Air Canada’s Wi-Fi service and would like to request a refund, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Document the Issue: Take note of the date, time, and duration of the Wi-Fi problem you encountered during your Air Canada flight. Also, gather any supporting evidence like error messages or screenshots.
  2. Contact Air Canada Customer Support: Visit the Air Canada website and locate the “Contact Us” section. Choose the appropriate contact method, such as phone, email, or online form.
  3. Explain the Situation: Provide a detailed account of the Wi-Fi issue you faced and the inconvenience it caused during your flight. Attach any relevant evidence to support your claim.
  4. Request a Refund: Politely request a refund for the Wi-Fi service due to the technical difficulties you encountered.
  5. Provide Booking Information: Include your flight details, booking reference, and any other relevant information that can help identify your reservation.
  6. Wait for Response: After submitting your refund request, await a response from Air Canada’s customer support team. They may need some time to investigate the issue before processing the refund.
  7. Confirmation and Resolution: If your refund request is approved, Air Canada will notify you and process the refund to your original payment method.

Remember to be patient and provide all necessary information to expedite the refund process. If you encounter any difficulties during the process, don’t hesitate to follow up with Air Canada’s customer support for further assistance.

What are the Benefits of Inflight WiFi?

Check out these top benefits of having Air Canada inflight WiFi:

  1. Stay Connected: With inflight WiFi, passengers can stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues during their journey. You can send messages, make video calls, and share updates on social media, keeping loved ones informed about your travel progress.
  2. Productivity on the Go: Inflight WiFi enables business travelers to stay productive while in the air. Respond to emails, work on documents, and attend virtual meetings, making the most of your travel time and staying ahead of your professional commitments.
  3. Entertainment Options: Access a wide range of entertainment options during your flight. Stream movies, TV shows, or listen to your favorite music, turning your flying experience into an enjoyable one.
  4. Real-Time Information: Stay informed with up-to-date news, weather, and destination-related information. Inflight WiFi allows you to check local attractions, events, and the latest happenings at your Air Canada terminal at LAX.
  5. Travel Planning: Utilize the internet to plan your itinerary, book accommodation, and research exciting activities at your travel destination. Inflight WiFi empowers you to make spontaneous travel decisions or prepare for a seamless arrival at LAX.
  6. In-Flight Shopping: Take advantage of in-flight shopping opportunities and browse duty-free selections or exclusive Air Canada merchandise online using the inflight WiFi.
  7. Airline Updates: Receive real-time updates from Air Canada, including flight status changes, gate information, and any other important announcements related to your journey, including your terminal at LAX.
  8. Seamless Connectivity: Inflight WiFi ensures a smooth transition from the skies to your destination. Stay connected and informed until you arrive at your Air Canada terminal at LAX, where your adventures await.

Experience these benefits and more with Air Canada’s inflight WiFi, enhancing your journey and keeping you connected and entertained throughout your flight. Whether you’re flying for business or leisure, the convenience of in-flight internet enriches your travel experience in the digital age.


In conclusion, Air Canada offers WiFi services on its flights, providing passengers with the convenience of staying connected during their journeys. With various WiFi plans available, travelers can choose the one that suits their needs best, whether they’re on a short domestic flight or a long international journey. Moreover, Air Canada’s recent offering of free messaging Wi-Fi to Aeroplan members and select partner program members adds an exciting perk to enhance the in-flight experience.

However, it’s important to note that WiFi availability may vary depending on the aircraft and route, so it’s advisable to verify the options and check for updates directly with Air Canada. As the aviation industry continuously evolves, passengers can expect more improvements and innovations in in-flight connectivity and services.


Does Air Canada Business Class Have Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Air Canada provides complimentary Wi-Fi to Business Class passengers on select aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is There Wi-Fi on Air Canada Flights?

Yes, Air Canada offers Wi-Fi on many of its flights, allowing passengers to stay connected during their journey. Please note that Wi-Fi availability may vary based on the aircraft and route.

Is Wi-Fi Free on Air Canada Business Class?

Yes, Wi-Fi is complimentary for Business Class passengers on eligible aircraft with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Is Wi-Fi Free on Air Canada International Flights?

Wi-Fi availability and pricing on international flights may vary. Some international routes offer paid Wi-Fi, while others may provide complimentary access to certain classes of service.

Can You Buy Wi-Fi on Air Canada?

Yes, passengers flying on Wi-Fi-enabled Air Canada flights can purchase internet access during their journey. Different Wi-Fi plans and pricing options may be available.

Does My Air Canada Flight Have Wi-Fi?

To check if your specific Air Canada flight offers Wi-Fi, visit the Air Canada website or contact their customer support with your flight details.

How to Get Wi-Fi on Air Canada Flight?

To access Wi-Fi during your Air Canada flight, connect to the onboard Wi-Fi network, and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase an internet plan.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi on Air Canada?

Free Wi-Fi may be available on select flights for certain classes of service or as part of special promotions. Check Air Canada’s website or inquire with the airline to see if your flight qualifies for complimentary Wi-Fi.

What Air Canada Flights Have Wi-Fi?

Many Air Canada flights offer Wi-Fi, but the availability depends on the aircraft and route. Visit the Air Canada website or contact their customer support to find out if your specific flight provides Wi-Fi services.

Does Air Canada’s Boeing 777 Aircraft Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Air Canada’s Boeing 777 aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected during their flights.

Is Wi-Fi Available on Air Canada’s Airbus A320 Aircraft?

Yes, Air Canada’s Airbus A320 aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi, providing passengers with internet connectivity during their flights.

What Is the Price of Inflight Wi-Fi on Air Canada Flights?

The price of inflight Wi-Fi on Air Canada flights may vary depending on the duration of the flight and the type of internet plan chosen. Passengers can purchase Wi-Fi plans onboard to access the internet during their journey.

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