Air Canada Reviews – Safety, Seats, Customer Service, & More

Air Canada Reviews

Operating since 1937, Air Canada flies to more than 200 destinations worldwide. Functioning as the best airline in North America in 2022, fliers frequently prefer it for traveling across the globe. As more people plan to fly with the biggest Canadian carrier, going through Air Canada reviews can give them clarity regarding the services and amenities provided.

Through its numerous facilities, the Canada-based airline focuses on the most important aspects travelers require for positive experiences. In terms of customer assistance, ground experience, comfort onboard, etc., Air Canada has secured 3 to 4-star ratings. Although the airline is associated with areas of improvement too, considering more details can help understand the nature of its reviews.

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Skytrax★★★☆☆In-flight Entertainment
TripAdvisor★★★★☆Customer Service
AirlineQuality★★★☆☆Seat Comfort
SeatGuru★★★★☆Cabin Cleanliness
Kayak★★★☆☆Food and Beverage
Trustpilot★★★★☆Check-in Experience
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Air Canada Reviews

What are Air Canada’s Reviews on Safety?

When safety is a concern, 2 major aspects of the Canadian carrier are looked at – on-ground and in-flight experiences. Both in terms of on-ground and inflight security, the airline has earned good reviews from its passengers.

Air Canada Reviews on Safety

In their Air Canada flight reviews, passengers have appreciated the effective measures practiced whether on the ground or in the air. In this regard, the training and development programs for the cabin crew members are also focused on.

On-Ground Safety

Mainly, the on-ground processes of the Canada-based airline involve the safe landing and departure of the aircraft. They include passenger safety and security operations at the terminal as well. Passengers have spoken highly of the security arrangements at different terminals. It is one of the reasons Air Canada’s reviews on safety are positive.

  • This airline conforms to IATA standards to maintain safety grounds.
  • The on-ground crowd management has been properly regulated.
  • According to the passengers, the gate agents have been largely cordial.
  • It reflects the results of adequate training programs for the airline staff.

Security on Flights

Inflight security has always been a cause for concern for passengers. According to the passengers of Air Canada, the airline adopts standard security measures prescribed by aviation authorities. According to their reviews, the inflight security arrangements have been satisfying.

Air Canada flight reviews further show that the crew understands measures like the use of automated external defibrillators, CPR, etc.

  • To ensure a risk-free flight, the airline is observed to invest in advanced safety systems.
  • Fliers were happy with the security arrangements in case of an emergency.
  • One of the reasons for receiving positive reviews was the “Fitness for Air Travel” option.
  • Passengers can call the airline’s medical emergency assistance desk for extra seating.
  • This helps to make arrangements for any medical issues that can arise while onboard.

What are Air Canada Flight Reviews on Food and Entertainment?

Several fliers have talked about the quality of services like food and entertainment given onboard by the Canadian air operator. In general, the airline facilitates both free and paid options for these. Although the options can vary as per classes and routes, the reviews of Air Canada highlight that a range of choices remain available.

Air Canada Flight Food and Entertainment Reviews

Fliers were satisfied with the infight video-on-demand facilitated by the airline. They have voted the airline as the best in-flight entertainment in North America. The 2,500 hours of inflight entertainment is usually satisfactory. 

High-speed Wi-Fi plans added more to customer satisfaction. For some passengers, the charges were a bit on the higher side. However, the airline tried to ensure a top-quality service at an affordable price.

In terms of food services too, this carrier is a favorable choice. Fliers liked the special meals which were offered when requested. Air Canada Bistro was another paid food service positively reviewed.

How is the Air Canada Review on Seat Services?

Air Canada Seat Review

Air Canada provides standard and preferred seats for its passengers. Standard seats can either be window or aisle. But preferred ones are for those who want extra space. A good seat service is what certain fliers look for. With this carrier, some of them have received such a service, thereby, resulting in largely positive Air Canada reviews.

  • Fliers were particularly happy with the advanced seat selection process.
  • They needed to pay for this selection service but it proved to be value-worthy. 
  • To their delight, the airline also had the option of Preferred Seats at a price.
  • Passengers favorably reviewed the extra space between seats, also indicated via good Air Canada ratings.
  • With more knee space on bulkhead row seats, their satisfaction level was higher.
  • The airline offered advanced seat selection as complementary for certain classes.

What Do Air Canada Business Class Reviews Indicate?

Air canada business class reviews

Business Class of Air Canada has received several reviews from travelers, indicating luxury services onboard. These reviews of Air Canada Business Class are an indicator of the travelers being satisfied with amenities such as bedding, herringbone seats, and the onboard entertainment services provided. 

  • The Business Class travelers were satisfied by priority check-in services.
  • Select airports had Premium Agents to provide personalized check-in services.
  • The consistency in luxury seats’ quality has been praised.
  • Some Boeing 777-300ER passengers mentioned huge airbags on the seatbelt.
  • They found the bags to be slightly uncomfortable while sleeping.
  • Some travelers have liked the lavatories in particular.
  • It’s because these lavatories had windows to maintain better hygiene.

How Positive are Air Canada Reviews for International Flights?

Air Canada international flight reviews have been quite positive. On these flights, passengers have been provided with excellent on-ground services while visiting international destinations. In-flight services have been satisfactory as well but varied from one class to another.

A huge number of international flights connect to one of the airline’s hubs on the way. This reduces the elapsed trip duration between North America and Asia or Europe. Some passengers have experienced fast Air Canada check-in services while flying on this route.

To their delight, some passengers have been provided with dedicated priority boarding lanes. These lanes were specially provided to international passengers in Premium Economy.

What are Air Canada Airlines Reviews for Kids’ Travel?

As per Air Canada review, travelers are usually satisfied with the service which provides signature class cabins when traveling with infants aged below 24 months. But it becomes slightly inconvenient for them to hold kids in their laps on long routes.

Air Canada Airline Pet Travel Reviews

However, travelers are more positive about the seat allocation policy for children and unaccompanied minors. Particularly for unaccompanied minors, this airline’s policy states children will be seated close to the cabin crew. Their seats usually fall in the last three rows so that they can be easily attended by the crew.

Other reasons why Air Canada customer reviews are positive for kids’ travel are:

  • The trained crew members take utmost care of the children till the destination airport.
  • Economy passengers with infants prefer this airline as they can request bassinet services.
  • Without any extra charge, the children under 14 years get to sit near their parent(s).

Air Canada Reviews for Different Policies

There are different policies offered by the flag carrier of Canada to ensure convenient travel experiences. Policies for baggage, cancellations, re-scheduling, and many more help passengers in various practices that take place during their journey.

The reviews related to some of the major policies are discussed below:  


As per the fliers of Air Canada, the standard baggage allowance may not always allow enough items. The airline allows them to bring only 1 personal article along with 1 standard bag. The well-structured guidelines are provided by the carrier regarding the weight and dimensions of different bags. 

According to Air Canada’s baggage policy reviews, new fliers should thoroughly check baggage allowance as it depends on various factors such as:

  • Destination
  • Airfare
  • The date on which the ticket was bought
  • Status of the flier’s loyalty program


Air Canada reviews show how the cargo service network has huge coverage. Customers who deal in the transportation of pharmaceuticals and animals are quite impressed by the airline’s freight service which covers more than 450 locations. They have expressed their satisfaction regarding the controlled environment where the shipment is transported.

Flight Change

Passengers have given satisfactory feedback about the flight change policy offered by Air Canada. They get to rebook a different flight without any charges in case of last-minute changes. 

As per certain Air Canada reviews, free modifications are mainly possible when done within five days of the scheduled departure. Furthermore, they receive assistance regarding the option of requesting a refund when rebooking is not possible.

Cancellations and Delays

The flag carrier of Canada has received appreciation from travelers for its standard policies on delays and cancellations. 

Its policy states that a traveler needs to cancel a booking through the original point of purchase. Aside from this, Air Canada also allows partial cancellation for one part of the itinerary. Although certain flexibilities are introduced through the cancellation policy, the initiation of methods can be less convenient for some travelers.

Travelers have also talked about the flexibility offered via the flight delay policy. In case the flight is delayed for 3 hours or more and a person does not accept the rearranged flight, the airline tends to refund the unused ticket. Provided that there are delays not caused by the carrier, then the flexibility can be limited.

Is Air Canada Pet-Friendly as per Reviews?

Air Canada Airline Pet Travel Reviews

Not only is Air Canada a good airline for passenger travel but pet transport too. It is a pet-friendly airline, owing to several terms included in its travel policy. For their comfort, the airline advises passengers to put their pets in a carrier under or in front of the seat. Although only 1 animal is allowed per person, its smooth transportation is ensured.

Some of the passengers find the Canadian air operator the best to travel with pets. It allows small dogs or cats into the cabin. Air Canada pet travel reviews state that unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel with pets because of safety majors. For others though, flying with companions is allowed as well as convenient.

According to some reviews, a few constraints are observed when flying with pets. However, the airline implements them for the safety and comfort of other passengers onboard.

Note: In the Premium Economy, animals are restricted.

Is Air Canada a Good Airline as per Reviews?

Based on passengers’ experiences, Air Canada is one of the top carriers globally. As a founding member of the Star Alliance, it has always prioritized customer satisfaction. From flight bookings to in-flight safety measures, the airline has always maintained a good record. These elements contribute positively to the Air Canada flight reviews.

  • It was awarded as the world’s most family-friendly airline in 2023.
  • The well-structured website of the airline provides a clutter-free user experience.
  • To improve customer satisfaction, this carrier works towards fliers concerns such as:
    • Seat discomfort 
    • Flight delays 

Examining Air Canada Rouge Reviews 

For the subsidiary of the Canadian carrier, Air Canada Rouge, reviews have mostly been favorable, upon examining the services. Flyers have mentioned standard onboard products and services. It also has a highly trained staff, making it a certified 3-star leisure airline. Flyers further appreciate the service quality provided at cost-effective airfares.

  • Flyers show satisfaction with the high-speed Wi-Fi service.
  • They mention the availability of footrests for extra comfort while onboard.
  • Many of them could conveniently move at terminals as the gate agents managed the flow well.
  • However, some passengers have mentioned delays in on-ground services.
  • Particularly for getting refunds, they had to wait for a longer duration.

An Overview of Air Canada Express Reviews

Being a partner of Air Canada, the Express service has earned appreciation from its passengers. They have experienced good onboard facilities and were attended well by trained crew members. Such experiences indicate Air Canada Express reviews to be good.

  • Certain passengers found the equally spaced aircraft seats to induce comfort.
  • Comfortable legrooms were further observed.
  • The airline provides good in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment services.
  • Passengers were also satisfied with the meals provided.

Canada’s national airline tries to ensure that its fliers receive positive experiences while flying domestically/internationally. Hence, Air Canada flight reviews are majorly good. Some instances like delayed flights and seat discomfort may arise. Nevertheless, by working on these concerns, the airline and its subsidiaries try to improve customer satisfaction.


Is Air Canada a good airline?

Yes, Air Canada is one of the good carriers globally.

What is the rating of Air Canada?

Air Canada holds a 3-star rating as per certain bodies.

How are Air Canada flight reviews?

This major carrier in Canada mostly receives positive reviews from its passengers.

How is Air Canada Business Class reviewed?

It is reviewed as the most prominent airline for business-class travelers.

What are the Air Canada bad reviews?

According to some reviews, flyers faced flight delays with Air Canada.

Is Air Canada a safe airline to travel with children?

Customer reviews state that this carrier is safe to travel with children.

How are Air Canada pet travel reviews?

Air Canada is a pet-friendly airline. Hence, its reviews are good.

Are the reviews of Air Canada Premium Economy positive?

Yes, for this cabin, reviews indicate customer satisfaction.

What are the reviews of Air Canada for international flights?

As per reviews, international flights are safe and cost-effective.

Are Air Canada seat reviews good?

Since most aircraft have spacious seats, the reviews are mainly good.

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