Air Baltic Terminal CDG – Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Air Baltic Terminal CDG - Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is a bustling hub for international travelers, serving as a gateway to the City of Lights and beyond. For passengers flying with Air Baltic, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of the CDG airport terminal for a seamless travel experience. In this guide, we will explore the specific terminal details for Air Baltica at CDG Airport, covering arrivals, departures, lounges, dining options, services, parking, destinations, and more.

Information of Air Baltic Terminal Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG)

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the Air Baltic Terminal at CDG Airport:

AirportParis Charles De Gaulle Airport
Airport Address95700 Roissy-en-France, France
Air Baltic Charles De Gaulle TerminalTerminal 2F
Air Baltic CDG Arrivals TerminalPrimarily Terminal 2F
Air Baltic CDG Departures TerminalPrimarily Terminal 2F

What Terminal is Air Baltic at CDG Airport?

Air Baltic primarily operates from Terminal 2F at CDG Airport, though a few flights may arrive or depart from other terminals within Terminal 2 (2B, 2D, 2E, 2G). To be certain, always check your flight confirmation or the Air Baltic website for the specific terminal information.

Air Baltic Arrival Terminal at CDG Airport

Upon arriving at CDG Airport on an Air Baltic flight, passengers will find themselves at Terminal 2. Terminal 2 is equipped with immigration and customs facilities to ensure a smooth transition for international travelers. Clear signage and helpful staff make navigating through the arrivals process straightforward.

Air Baltic Departure Terminal at CDG Airport

Air Baltic departures predominantly take place from Terminal 2F of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Check-in counters are typically located on the ground floor, though kiosks for self-service check-in might be available as well. After check-in, proceed through security and follow directions to your gate.

Air Baltic Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at CDG Airport

Unfortunately, even the most meticulous travel plans can encounter hiccups. If your baggage goes missing, arrives delayed, or suffers any damage, fret not. Head to the Air Baltic Lost and Found desk located in your arrival terminal within Terminal 2. Here’s a quick overview of what to do:

  • Report the issue: Head to the Air Baltica Lost and Found desk located in your arrival terminal within Terminal 2. File a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with a detailed description of your missing, delayed, or damaged bag.
  • Provide details: Be specific about your bag’s color, size, brand, and any identifying features. Mention the flight number and arrival date.
  • Take action: For delayed luggage, Air Baltica will track your bag and attempt to deliver it to your address. For lost or damaged luggage, you may be eligible for compensation. Keep receipts for any necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Stay informed: Check the Air Baltica website or app for updates on your bag’s status. Contact Air Baltica customer service through their website, phone (+371 6760 6666), email, or social media for further assistance.

Lounges at Air Baltic Terminal in Charles De Gaulle Airport

Relaxation and rejuvenation await weary travelers in the comfortable lounges accessible at Terminal 2. Whether you prefer the tranquility of the Air Baltic Business Lounge or the vibrant energy of the SkyTeam Lounge, there’s a space to suit your needs.

AirBaltic Business Lounge

Located in Terminal 2E, Gate K, this stylish lounge offers complimentary food and drinks, Wi-Fi access, comfortable seating, and a dedicated business center. The space is bathed in natural light and features a sleek Scandinavian design, creating a relaxing and productive atmosphere.

SkyTeam Lounge

Situated in Terminal 2E, Gates L and M, this expansive lounge welcomes passengers traveling on Air Baltic (as part of the SkyTeam alliance) in Business Class or SkyTeam Elite Plus members. Expect a wider selection of food and beverages, entertainment options like TV and games, and various seating areas to suit your needs.

Food & Dining Options at Charles De Gaulle Airport

No airport experience is complete without a delicious bite. Terminal 2 offers a plethora of dining options, from casual cafes and quick-service joints to elegant restaurants and gourmet shops. Here’s a quick peek at some tempting choices:

Le PanoramicPanoramic views and French culinary delights
Starbucks CoffeeFamiliar coffee haven for a quick caffeine fix
PaulFreshly baked bread and pastries
Pret a MangerHealthy sandwiches and salads
La Maison du ChocolatIndulge in decadent chocolates

Air Baltic Services at Terminal in CDG Airport

Air Baltic offers a range of services to enhance your travel experience at Terminal 2:

  • Currency exchange: Convert your cash into the necessary currency for your destination.
  • Duty-free shopping: Pick up some souvenirs or travel essentials at tax-free prices.
  • Wi-Fi access: Stay connected with the world through complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the terminal.
  • Information desks: Get assistance and answers to your questions from friendly airport personnel.

Parking at Air Baltic Terminal CDG Airport

Whether you’re arriving by car or dropping someone off, finding the right parking option at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the layout. This section will guide you through the various parking options available near Air Baltic Terminal 2.

Short-term parking

Perfect for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, or short visits. These parking spots are located closest to the terminals, offering convenient access but at a higher cost. Expect to pay around €4 per hour for short-term parking.

Long-term parking

Ideal for extended stays or overnight parking. These parking lots are situated further away from the terminals but offer more affordable rates. You can expect to pay around €20 per day for long-term parking.

Valet parking

The ultimate in convenience, valet parking allows you to drop your car off at the terminal and let the professionals handle the rest. However, this service comes at a premium price, typically starting around €50 per day.

Where Does Air Baltic Fly from CDG Airport?

With Air Baltic, the world is your oyster. Here’s a glimpse of the exciting destinations you can access directly from CDG Airport:


Map of Air Baltica Terminal at CDG Airport

A map of the Air Baltic Terminal at CDG Airport is crucial for passengers as it provides a visual guide to navigate the terminal efficiently, locate essential facilities, and streamline the travel experience.

Contact Air Baltic Terminal at CDG Airport

Contact information for the Air Baltic Terminal at CDG Airport is crucial for passengers to address queries, seek assistance, and stay informed about their flights. It provides a direct channel for communication, ensuring a smooth travel experience and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

Navigating Air Baltic Terminal at CDG Airport is an integral part of your travel experience. Understanding the arrivals and departures processes, as well as the available services and amenities, ensures a stress-free journey. CDG Airport’s Terminal 2 offers a modern and efficient environment, complemented by Air Baltica’s commitment to passenger satisfaction.


Which terminal is Air Baltic at CDG Airport?

Air Baltic primarily operates from Terminal 2 (specifically, 2B, 2D, 2E, and 2F) at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

What is the Air Baltic arrivals terminal at CDG Airport?

You’ll likely arrive at one of the Terminal 2 zones (2B, 2D, 2E, or 2F) upon landing with Air Baltic at Charles De Gaulle Airport.

What is the Air Baltic departures terminal at Charles De Gaulle Airport?

Departures with Air Baltic also take place from one of the Terminal 2 zones (2B, 2D, 2E, or 2F). Follow the directions to your designated gate within the relevant zone.

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