Aeromexico Las Vegas Terminal – Harry Reid Intl. Airport

Aeromexico Las Vegas Terminal - Harry Reid International Airport

Nestled within the vibrant hub of Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), also famously known as Las Vegas Airport, Aeromexico terminal is a pivotal point for globetrotters worldwide. Navigating the intricacies of this terminal is paramount for those embarking on a journey with Aeromexico. This comprehensive guide unravels the nuances of the Aeromexico terminals, shedding light on arrival and departure procedures, baggage handling, lounges, dining choices, available services, parking facilities, and the array of destinations served.

Information of Aeromexico Terminal Las Vegas Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the Aeromexico Terminal at Las Vegas Airport:

AirportHarry Reid International Airport
Airport Address5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Aeromexico Las Vegas TerminalTerminal 3
Aeromexico LAS Arrival TerminalTerminal 3
Aeromexico LAS Vegas Departure TerminalTerminal 3

What Terminal is Aeromexico at Las Vegas Airport?

Aeromexico operates primarily from Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport. This modern facility caters to both domestic and international flights, offering a range of services to make passengers’ experiences comfortable and convenient.

Aeromexico Arrival Terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Upon arriving at Las Vegas Airport on an Aeromexico flight, passengers will find themselves at Terminal 3. The arrivals area is well-equipped to handle both domestic and international flights, streamlining the process for a hassle-free experience.

Follow the arrival signs to reach the designated Aeromexico Baggage Claim, where you’ll be reunited with your luggage. Whether you’re flying domestically or internationally, the claim area is well-organized and caters to all passengers seamlessly.

Aeromexico Departure Terminal at LAS Airport

When departing from Las Vegas on an Aeromexico flight, passengers will also use Terminal 3. This terminal caters to both domestic and international departures, providing necessary facilities for check-in, security checks, and boarding. Whether you’re heading back home or onto another Aeromexico flight to a new destination, the departure area offers ample seating, shops, and dining options to make your wait a breeze.

Aeromexico Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Las Vegas Airport

In the unfortunate event of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage at Aeromexico Terminal 3 in Las Vegas Airport, passengers can promptly address the issue at the dedicated Baggage Services Counter. Located within the terminal, this service point ensures swift assistance for travelers encountering baggage-related concerns.

Passengers are advised to report any issues immediately upon arrival to initiate the necessary procedures for locating lost items, addressing delays, or filing claims for damaged baggage. Aeromexico’s professional staff at the Baggage Services Counter are well-equipped to guide passengers through the process, providing support and facilitating the resolution of any baggage-related challenges to ensure a seamless and satisfactory travel experience.

Lounges at Aeromexico Terminal in Harry Reid Airport

Aeromexico passengers flying through Terminal 3 at LAS Airport have access to exclusive lounges designed to enhance their travel experience. These lounges provide a comfortable and tranquil environment, offering various amenities to ensure a relaxing pre-flight or post-flight stay. Here’s a closer look at the lounges available at Aeromexico Terminal at Harry Reid Airport:

Salon Premier

Salon Premier is Aeromexico’s premium lounge, designed for travelers seeking an elevated experience. This lounge is a haven of comfort and sophistication, providing an array of amenities to make the wait for a flight enjoyable.

Club Premier

Club Premier is an exclusive lounge designed for Aeromexico’s Club Premier members. It provides an intimate setting with tailored services for passengers with special privileges.

Food & Dining Options at Aeromexico Terminal McCarran Airport

Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport boasts a diverse range of dining options, catering to various tastes and preferences. Whether passengers are looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, there are plenty of choices available.

StarbucksCoffee & pastries
Wolfgang Puck PizzaGourmet pizzas
California Pizza KitchenCalifornia-style pizzas and salads
The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafCoffee and tea beverages
Vino VoloWine bar with light bites

Aeromexico Services at Terminal in LAS Airport

Aeromexico is committed to providing a seamless travel experience for its passengers. The following services are available at Terminal 3 to enhance convenience:

  • Aeromexico Customer Service Desk: Located in the terminal for inquiries and assistance.
  • VIP Assistance: Available for passengers with special needs or those requiring extra assistance.
  • Lost and Found: A dedicated counter to report and retrieve lost items.
  • Baggage Drop: Dedicated Aeromexico baggage drop-off areas are conveniently located near the check-in counters.
  • Ticket assistance: Aeromexico staff at the check-in counters and information desks can assist with ticket changes, seat assignments, and other ticketing-related inquiries.
  • Currency exchange: Currency exchange services are available for those arriving with foreign currency.
  • ATMs: Multiple ATMs throughout the terminal allow for convenient cash withdrawals.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Terminal 3 offers free Wi-Fi throughout the building, allowing you to stay connected before your flight.
  • Mobile charging stations: Charging stations are available in various locations throughout the terminal to keep your devices powered up.

Parking at Aeromexico Terminal LAS Airport

Whether you’re renting a car for a desert adventure or just need a quick taxi ride to your hotel, Terminal 3 at Harry Reid International Airport offers convenient parking options to meet your needs. Here’s a breakdown of the different options available:

Short-Term Parking

The most convenient option for short pick-ups and drop-offs is the short-term parking garage located directly outside the terminal. Rates start at $3 for the first 30 minutes and increase with each additional hour.

Long-Term Parking

For longer stays, the long-term parking garage is a more economical choice. This multi-level garage is located just a short shuttle ride from the terminal and offers competitive rates. Daily rates start at around $15.

Where Does Aeromexico Fly from Las Vegas Airport?

With Aeromexico, the world is your oyster. From bustling metropolises like Mexico City and Guadalajara to charming coastal towns like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, explore a plethora of destinations directly from Las Vegas:

Mexico CityMexico
George BushUSA
Chicago O’HareUSA
New YorkUSA
San FranciscoUSA
Los AngelesUSA

Map of Aeromexico Terminal at Las Vegas Airport

The map of the Aeromexico Terminal at LAS Airport is crucial for passengers as it provides a visual guide to the terminal layout, aiding in efficient navigation, locating services, and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Contact Aeromexico Terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Contact information for the Aeromexico Terminal at Las Vegas Airport is crucial for passengers seeking assistance, information, or resolving issues promptly, ensuring a smoother and more convenient travel experience.

  • Aeromexico Check-in counters: Located within Terminal 3
  • Aeromexico Baggage Services: Located within Terminal 3
  • Aeromexico Website:
  • Aeromexico Phone Number: 1-800-237-6639

With this comprehensive guide in your pocket, navigating the Aeromexico terminal at Las Vegas Airport will be a seamless experience. From arrival procedures to departure gates, and everything in between, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any situation with confidence. So, relax, grab your boarding pass, and let Aeromexico transport you to the heart of Las Vegas, where endless possibilities await.


Which terminal is Aeromexico at Las Vegas Airport?

Aeromexico operates primarily from Terminal 3 at Harry Reid Airport.

What is the Aeromexico arrivals terminal at Las Vegas Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Aeromexico is also Terminal 3, catering to both domestic and international flights.

What is the Aeromexico departures terminal at Las Vegas Airport?

For departures, Aeromexico utilizes Terminal 3, serving both domestic and international flights.

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