Aeroflot JFK Terminal – John F. Kennedy Intl. Airport

Aeroflot JFK Terminal - John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK Airport in New York City is one of the busiest international airports in the world, serving millions of passengers annually. For travelers flying with Aeroflot, the Russian flag carrier, understanding the layout and facilities of the terminal is crucial for a smooth travel experience. This guide provides detailed information on the Aeroflot terminal at JFK Airport, including arrival and departure terminals, baggage services, lounges, dining options, additional services, parking, flight destinations, and how to contact Aeroflot at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Information of Aeroflot Terminal John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

For a quick reference, here’s a summary of key information about the Aeroflot Terminal at JFK Airport:

AirportJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
Airport AddressQueens, NY 11430
Aeroflot John F. Kennedy TerminalTerminal1
Aeroflot JFK Arrival TerminalTerminal1
Aeroflot JFK Departure TerminalTerminal1

What Terminal is Aeroflot at JFK Airport?

Aeroflot operates at Terminal 1 at JFK Airport. Terminal 1 is a state-of-the-art facility that serves numerous international carriers, offering a range of amenities and services for passengers traveling to and from various destinations.

Aeroflot Arrival Terminal at JFK Airport

Upon arrival at JFK Airport, Aeroflot passengers will find themselves at Terminal 1. The arrival area is equipped with immigration and customs facilities to ensure a seamless transition for international travelers. Passengers should follow the signs and instructions provided to proceed through the necessary checks and procedures.

Aeroflot Departure Terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport

When departing from JFK Airport with Aeroflot, travelers will also use Terminal 1. The departure area offers check-in counters, security screening, and other facilities to facilitate a smooth pre-flight experience. Passengers are advised to arrive well in advance to allow ample time for check-in, security procedures, and any potential unforeseen circumstances.

Aeroflot Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at JFK Airport

In the unfortunate event of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage, Aeroflot provides a dedicated baggage service at Terminal 1. Passengers should promptly report any issues to the airline’s staff or proceed to the designated baggage service area for assistance. Aeroflot’s customer service team is trained to handle such situations efficiently, ensuring that passengers’ concerns are addressed promptly.

Lounges at Aeroflot Terminal in JFK Airport

Terminal 1 at JFK Airport boasts several lounges, providing passengers with a comfortable and relaxing environment. These lounges offer various amenities, including Wi-Fi, refreshments, and exclusive services. Some of the lounges available at Aeroflot Terminal in John F. Kennedy Airport include:

The Aeroflot Lounge

Step into the sleek and modern Aeroflot Lounge, designed with a contemporary Russian flair. Plush armchairs and sofas invite you to relax, while high-speed Wi-Fi keeps you connected. Catch up on work or news at the dedicated workstations, or simply unwind with a magazine or book from the well-stocked library.

The Delta Sky Club

If you prefer a more American vibe, the Delta Sky Club offers a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Settle into comfortable seating arrangements, complete with personal entertainment screens and charging stations. Stay productive with the complimentary Wi-Fi or catch up on your favorite shows on the flat-screen TVs.

Food & Dining Options at JFK Airport Aeroflot Terminal

Passengers at Aeroflot Terminal 1 can enjoy a diverse range of dining options to suit their preferences. From quick bites to fine dining, the terminal offers a variety of restaurants and cafes. Popular food and dining options include:

XYZ BistroAmerican
Sushi DelightJapanese
La PatisserieFrench Pastries
Java JunctionCoffee and Snacks

These establishments provide a mix of local and international flavors, ensuring that passengers have ample choices for their dining needs.

Aeroflot Services at the Terminal in JFK Airport

Aeroflot offers various services at JFK Airport to ensure a smooth travel experience:

  • Currency Exchange and ATMs: Conveniently convert your currency or access cash at designated kiosks throughout the terminal.
  • Baggage Assistance: Need help with oversized luggage or want to store your bags before your flight? The terminal offers baggage assistance services for a fee.
  • Lost and Found: Lost something during your travels? Head to the Lost and Found office located in the arrivals hall and file a report.
  • Medical Assistance: Should you require medical attention, a first-aid clinic is available within the terminal. Emergency medical services are also readily accessible.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Indulge in tax-free purchases after clearing security, offering a range of options like perfumes, cosmetics, liquor, and tobacco.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Stay connected at the terminal with free Wi-Fi available throughout the building.
  • Tourist Information: Need help planning your trip or exploring New York City? Visit the Tourist Information Desk for assistance.

Parking at Aeroflot Terminal JFK Airport

Whether you’re dropping off passengers for a quick flight or leaving your car for an extended trip, navigating the parking options at JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 can be confusing. But fear not, Aeroflot travelers! This guide will equip you with all the essential information to find the perfect parking spot for your needs.

Short-Term Parking

Ideal for quick pick-ups and drop-offs, the short-term parking garage is located directly adjacent to Terminal 1. Hourly rates apply, and the convenience of proximity comes with a premium price tag.

Long-Term Parking

For extended stays, the long-term parking garages offer a more economical option. Located further away from the terminal, these garages offer shuttle services that whisk you to and from your flight in no time.

Valet Parking

Skip the hassle of parking altogether and opt for the valet service. For a premium fee, friendly attendants will park your car for you, saving you precious time and energy.

Where Does Aeroflot Fly from JFK Airport?

Aeroflot offers direct flights from JFK Airport to various destinations in Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi. You can also connect to other destinations through Aeroflot’s extensive network.

DestinationFlight Frequency
Dubai (DXB)3 times per week
Moscow (SVO)Daily
St. Petersburg (LED)Up to 5 times per week
Kaliningrad (KGD)3 times per week
Kazan (KZN)2 times per week
Sochi (AER)Seasonal flights

Map of Aeroflot Terminal at JFK Airport

A map of the Aeroflot Terminal at JFK Airport is crucial for travelers as it provides a visual guide to key locations, helping navigate check-in, security, lounges, and other essential facilities efficiently.

Contact Aeroflot Terminal at JFK Airport

Contact information for the Aeroflot Terminal at JFK Airport is crucial for passengers seeking assistance, updates, or support. It ensures effective communication, addressing inquiries promptly, and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Navigating the Aeroflot Terminal at JFK Airport can be a seamless experience with the right information. From arrival and departure terminals to lounges, dining options, and additional services, this comprehensive guide aims to assist passengers in making the most of their time at JFK Airport. By being aware of the facilities and services available, travelers can focus on enjoying their journey with Aeroflot.


Which terminal is Aeroflot at John F. Kennedy Airport?

Aeroflot operates at Terminal 1 at JFK Airport.

What is the Aeroflot arrivals terminal at JFK Airport?

The Aeroflot arrivals terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport is located within Terminal 1.

What is the Aeroflot departures terminal at JFK Airport?

The Aeroflot departures terminal at John F. Kennedy Airport is also situated within Terminal 1.

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