Aeroflot is among the oldest air carriers. It has been a part of the industry for 99 years. As a prominent airline, it provides both cargo and passenger flight services. Also known as Aeroflot Russian Airlines, it has two hubs. The first one is Krasnoyarsk International Airport while the other one is Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport.

This airline goes to more than 100 destinations. In 50+ countries, its network seems to be available. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, parts of China, Iran, etc., are some of these locations. Millions of passengers choose to give effect to their travel plans via this airline.

The fleet of Aeroflot Airlines is quite big. It has more than 180 aircraft. These are best for passenger services. It also has a cargo fleet that renders efficient services. Boeing and Airbus models are among the top planes used by this air operator.

With this operator, fliers can access numerous travel services. They can fly to varying locations with their baggage. For this, allowance facilities are provided. Passengers who have special needs can also choose this carrier. They will be given assistance to continue their journey comfortably. All in all, every person can get the best facilities while flying.

Aeroflot Airline Larnaca, Cyprus Office Address:

nullLarnaca, New International Airport Larnaca

Aeroflot Airline Reservation office Contact Numbers:

null (+357-24)-008-457

null Email Address –

null Working Hours – Every day: 11:30-19:00
Break: 15:00-16:00


Aeroflot Airlines Travel Services Information:

  • You can access information regarding how to travel with this airline.
  • Proper details in relation to checked and cabin luggage are provided.
  • Awareness regarding crucial documents to travel with this carrier should be inferred.
  • Aeroflot informs about medical and health facilities passengers can avail of.
  • This operator lets you choose your seat type.
  • You can also request for adding more baggage, as per your requirements.
  • Food-related services are provided that can be reserved via online mediums.
  • The airline features a guide for traveling that discloses the best places to visit.
  • Informative updates about the pandemic and such crises are also shared.

Aeroflot Check-in Options Information

Aeroflot Airlines Online Check-in:

  • Using simple information, you can check in for your flight online.
  • You can use the website of Aeroflot to do so.
  • Kindly keep information such as “Booking Code”, “Surname”, and “Ticket Number” in hand.

Aeroflot Airlines Offline Check-in Using Kiosks:

  • 40 minutes before you have to leave, you can check in offline through kiosks.
  • This service is available at certain airports listed on the airline’s website.
  • Your identity card, PNR, and surname will be required.

Aeroflot Airlines Offline Check-in through Desk:

  • This carrier has established a check-in desk. 
  • For different classes, these desks can be found at airport terminals.
  • In the case of certain locations, contact numbers are available for help.
      Russia: 8-800-444–55-55
      Moscow: (495) 223-55-55
  • To drop off your baggage too, different desks can be accessed.

Aeroflot Airlines Flight Schedule:

  • The airline has built a facility to enable passengers to check their flight schedules.
  • People can access it via the website of this air operator.
  • Information regarding the origin and arrival cities will be required.
  • For direct, as well as return journeys, the schedule can be verified.
  • This feature will work best when passengers enter the correct information.
  • Information regarding the route of a flight may also be inferred using this service.
  • By providing correct details, Aeroflot hopes to keep its fliers informed.
  • They can make changes to their reservations in accordance with the details received.

Aeroflot Airlines Flight Status Online:

  • Prior to leaving for your flight, you can verify its status with Aeroflot Airlines.
  • It has provided a facility to check this status online.
  • Through the carrier’s website, you can navigate its timetable.
  • Add the relevant details of the departing city.
  • Make sure that information such as the departure date and time are correctly supplied.
  • The details in relation to the arrival city will also be required.
  • This online facility remains active at most hours.
  • Nevertheless, when further help is required, a center for contacting the airline has been provided.
      Moscow: +7 (495) 223-55-55
      Russia: 8-800-444-55-55

Aeroflot Baggage Allowance Information

Aeroflot Airlines Free Luggage Allowance:

  • With Aeroflot, most classes can get an allowance for free luggage.
  • The number of bags can vary, depending on the class chosen.
  • Between 23 to 32 kg baggage can be brought, as per the ticket purchased.

Aeroflot Airlines Cabin Baggage Service:

  • On the basis of the class, flyers can bring cabin baggage.
  • The weight limits can vary and can be checked after connecting with the airline.
  • As per the class, size limits are also to be inferred.
  • This baggage will have to be placed below the seat in your front.

Aeroflot Airlines Special Luggage Option:

  • You may carry baggage with 32-50 kg/piece.
  • Kindly request a special bag allowance from Aeroflot.
  • Special costs are associated with this service.
  • For Economy and Comfort fliers, 23 kg is acceptable.
  • Business travelers can fly with 1 piece of 32 kg luggage.
  • Both sports and music equipment are allowed via this service.

Aeroflot Airlines Additional Baggage:

  • Excess luggage allowance can be availed of when carrying extra bags.
  • The air carrier can apply additional prices for this facility.
  • These prices can be determined as per the date of reservation.

Aeroflot Airlines Luggage Tracing Service:

  • You can track baggage that hasn’t been received.
  • On losing luggage with this airline at Sheremetyevo International Airport, domestic fliers can use the following email IDs and contact numbers to get help:
Airport Terminal Email ID Phone Number
C +7(495)6641201 
(Ext. 48459)
D +7(495)7538641
F and D +7(495)7538641
B +7(495)7538668
  • To ask for lost items discovered at this airport’s E, F, and D Terminals, use the email ID: LF@SVO.AERO and contact: +7(495)5788016.
  • For the same purposes, Terminal B and C’s contact details include the email ID: LF_TE@SVO.AERO and phone number: +7(495)5785494.
  • In case your baggage hasn’t arrived, dial +7(495)664-14-99 or +7(495)544-33-25.

Aeroflot Pet Travel Information

Aeroflot Airlines Pet-in-Cabin Service:

  • You can fly with up to 2 animals in the cabin.
  • Your pet(s) and carrier’s combined weight should be up to 8 kg.
  • The age of the animal should be from 8 weeks to 6 months.

Aeroflot Airlines Pet as Baggage:

  • 1 or 2 pets are allowed in this category.
  • 1 carrier per pet can be flown with.
  • The age criterion remains the same as pets in the cabin.
  • 50 kg is the total weight of the pets and carriers allowed for 1 passenger.

Aeroflot Airlines Animal Cargo Service:

  • Aeroflot imposes no weight limits.
  • The quantity of pets is not limited either.
  • Make a reservation using offline or online mediums.

Aeroflot Airlines Special Services for Passengers:

  • A traveler with a disability can comfortably fly with Aeroflot Airlines.
  • +7(495)380-35-85 is the phone number to be used by such fliers.
  • Using the given number, their queries can also be settled.
  • At the time of making a booking, a flier has to mention his/her requirement for special services.
  • The booking can be made using the website.
  • This airline’s offices can also help make a reservation.
  • To use these services, the details of the disability will be needed.
  • Information regarding accompanying passengers/guide animals is to be submitted.
  • Any requirements for medical devices can be specified.

Aircraft Types on Aeroflot Airlines:

  • 182 vehicles are a part of the fleet.
  • Boeing and Airbus aircraft are majorly used by this air operator.
  • Passengers can fly with comfort in every model.
  • For both short and long journeys, these models ensure that the flights remain feasible.
  • The fleet of Aeroflot is equipped with the latest features.
  • As a result of this, various facilities are available onboard.
  • The varying needs of fliers can be satisfied, given the number of in-flight services.

Aeroflot Contact Information

Aeroflot Airlines Social Media Service:

  • The airline has its presence across various social media platforms.
  • It can be reached via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for settling queries.
  • See to it that the official handles of these platforms are used for contacting Aeroflot.

Aeroflot Airlines Office Guidance:

  • A number of offices have been set up by this air carrier.
  • They are present in numerous countries like Russia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam,
  • Using the carrier’s website, you can find more offices.
  • From the site, the details of these bodies can be found.
  • Doubts can be quickly settled by the representatives working here.

Aeroflot Airlines Calling Option:

  • Aeroflot Airlines has multiple centers for contacting it.
  • The main center lies in Russia. 
  • It can be connected on the call using the following phone numbers:
    • 8-800-444-55-55: For fliers in Russia
    • +7 (495) 223-5555: For international travelers
  • For additional centers, you can check the website of this carrier.

Aeroflot Airlines Contact Service for Late Fliers:

  • This airline provides assistance when you arrive late for your flight.
  • On-call and in-person assistance can be availed of.
  • To connect on the call, kindly use the below-given contact numbers:
    • 8-800-444-5555: When in Russia
    • +7 (495) 223-5555: For other fliers
  • After you reach the menu, pick the 6th option or say “I’m Late for My Flight”.
  • For in-person help, you can visit the offices of this carrier.


What is Aeroflot Airlines’s official website? is the official website of Aeroflot Airlines.

How do I contact Aeroflot customer service?

The customer service number of Aeroflot is 080010 08924.

What is the Aeroflot customer service email?

Aeroflot Customer service email is

Where is the headquarters of Aeroflot?

The headquarters of Aeroflot is settled in Moscow, Russia.

How do I change my flight on Aeroflot?

You can change your flight online by going to their official website.
Go to the “Manage your bookings” section>> select “Find” >> click on “Ticket Exchange and Return” and make the desired changes. Or you can give a call on the customer care service and request your flight change.

Does Aeroflot allow web check-in?

Yes, Aeroflot facilitates web check-in and self-check-in online.

Does Aeroflot have options for online seat selection?

Yes, Aeroflot serves the facility of online seat selection.

How to Cancel Aeroflot Flight Ticket Online?

Follow these steps to cancel your Aeroflot flight ticket online:

  • Visit the official website of Aeroflot.
  • Select the “Services” section.
  • Click on “Manage Your Booking”
  • Fill in your booking reference number and last name details.
  • Your reservation details will appear on the screen, select the “Cancel” button.
    A confirmation email will be sent to you after successful cancellation.

  • How many destinations does Aeroflot fly daily?

    Aeroflot covers about 49 destinations in 26 countries on daily basis.

    Am I entitled to free baggage if I am traveling with children on Aeroflot?

    Free Baggage Allowance is the same for children as they are for Adults.

    What is the baggage limit for Aeroflot Airlines for domestic routes including cabin baggage?

    There are different policies regarding baggage limits depending upon the class of the traveler.

    The Free Baggage allowances are given below:

    • Business ( Flex and Classic fare) – 2 baggage pieces, up to 32 kg per piece
    • Business (Base fare) – 1 baggage piece up to 32 kg
    • Comfort (Flex and Classic fare) – 2 baggage pieces, up to 23 kg per piece
    • Comfort (Base fare) – 1 baggage piece up to 32 kg
    • Economy (Flex fare) – 2 baggage pieces, up to 23 kg per piece
    • Economy (Classic, Saver, and Promo fare) – 1 baggage piece up to 23 kg
    • Economy (Lite and Promo Lite fare) – No free baggage allowance.

    What is the baggage limit for Aeroflot Airlines for international routes including cabin baggage?

    The Aeroflot Airlines baggage limit for international flights is the same as for the domestic baggage limits.

    How much weight and size is allowed in Aeroflot?

    Business Class:
    Weight limit: 32kg/70lbs per bag.
    Dimensions – 203 linear cm/79.9 linear in (length + width + height)
    Economy Class:
    Weight limit: 23kg/50lbs per bag.
    Dimensions – 158 linear cm/62.2 linear in (length + width + height)

    Can I make a cancellation request on the day of departure?

    Yes, you can cancel your Aeroflot ticket on the day of departure after paying the cancellation fee.

    Do I get a refund if an Aeroflot flight is canceled?

    Yes, Aeroflot gives refunds on tickets that are canceled due to flight cancellation.

    How much is the cancellation fee for Aeroflot?

    Aeroflot Airlines’ cancellation fee may vary from $100 to $500 depending upon the fare type and time of cancellation, for cancellations requested after 24 hours.

    How can I correct my Aeroflot flight spelling mistake?

    Name edit on Aeroflot tickets can be done by 3 methods.
    You can go on their official website, “Manage your Booking section” and make changes to your booking details, you can call on their customer care number and request corrections, or you can visit their office and ask them to make the required modifications.
    If you are editing your spelling error after 24 hours from booking, a certain fee will be applicable.

    How much does it cost to change your name on an Aeroflot flight?

    No Name change fee is applicable upto 24 hours from booking, after that, however, depending upon the class type, the name change fee may vary.

    What is the Aeroflot airlines pet policy?

    According to the Aeroflot pet policy, every passenger is allowed to take a maximum of two pets in the cabin, weighing not more than 8 kgs with the container. In the baggage hold, there can be a maximum of 2 containers, a total weight of under 50kg. Additionally, There is no limit on the quantity or weight of pets in cargo.

    How many pets are allowed on Aeroflot flights?

    Every passenger can take a maximum of 2 pets in the cabin, weighing under 8kg. In baggage hold, there can be a maximum of 2 containers with a total weight limit of 50 kg and no limits apply to the cargo.

    What is the cancellation policy for Aeroflot?

    The cancellation policy of Aeroflot states that every ticket canceled within 24 hours from the time of booking can be canceled for free and a full refund will be given on that reservation. After 24 hours, cancellation charges may apply depending upon the time & fare type and refunds will only be given on refundable tickets.

    How do I change the flight ticket date of Aeroflot for free?

    You can change the flight ticket date of Aeroflot for free if you go it within 24 hours from the time of booking.

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