Aegean Airlines LHR Terminal – Heathrow Airport

Aegean Airlines LHR Terminal - Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) stands as one of the world’s busiest and most iconic aviation hubs, welcoming millions of passengers annually. Aegean Airlines, the flag carrier of Greece, operates from Heathrow, connecting travelers to various destinations. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the Aegean Airlines terminal at LHR Airport, covering arrivals, departures, services, lounges, dining options, and essential information for passengers.

Information of Aegean Airlines Terminal LHR Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a table summarizing the key information about Aegean Airlines Terminal at LHR Airport.

AirportHeathrow Airport
Airport AddressHounslow TW6 1QG, United Kingdom
Aegean Airlines LHR TerminalTerminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal
Aegean Airlines LHR Arrivals TerminalTerminal 2
Aegean Airlines LHR Departures TerminalTerminal 2 in Departures Hall

What Terminal is Aegean Airlines at LHR Airport?

Aegean Airlines operates exclusively from Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal at Heathrow Airport (LHR). This modern terminal offers a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after your flight or preparing for your Aegean adventure.

Aegean Airlines Arrival Terminal at LHR Airport

Upon arriving at London Heathrow Airport with Aegean Airlines, passengers will find themselves at Terminal 2. The arrival experience is streamlined and designed for convenience.

Domestic & Foreign Arrivals at Aegean Airlines Terminal

Terminal 2 at LHR primarily handles international flights. Therefore, both domestic and foreign arrivals will be directed to the same terminal.

Aegean Airlines Departure Terminal at Heathrow Airport

For departures with Aegean Airlines, passengers will check in and pass through security at Terminal 2 at LHR Airport. The departure experience at this terminal is known for its efficiency and passenger-friendly facilities.

Domestic & Foreign Departures at Aegean Airlines Terminal

Similar to arrivals, both domestic and foreign departures are accommodated at Terminal 2. Passengers can expect a seamless departure process regardless of their destination.

Aegean Airlines Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at LHR Airport

In the rare occurrence of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage at London Heathrow Airport, Aegean Airlines has a dedicated baggage services counter in Terminal 2. For lost items, immediate reporting is essential, initiating a swift search process.

Passengers can track delayed baggage online or at the counter for updates. In case of damaged baggage, report the issue at the counter for documentation and resolution, including repair or replacement arrangements.

Lounges at Aegean Airlines Terminal in Heathrow Airport

Terminal 2 at LHR Airport hosts lounges that cater to various airline passengers. Aegean Airlines passengers can access lounges such as:

  • Star Alliance Lounge
  • Plaza Premium Lounge
  • United Club Lounge

These lounges offer comfortable seating, refreshments, and business facilities.

Food & Dining Options at Heathrow Airport Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines Terminal 2 at LHR Airport boasts an array of dining options to suit various tastes. Passengers flying with Aegean Airlines can enjoy restaurants like:

Restaurant NameCuisine
The Perfectionists’ CaféBritish
ItsuAsian Fusion
Wonder treeInternational

Aegean Airlines Services at Heathrow Airport Terminal

Aegean Airlines provides a range of services at Terminal 2, including:

  • Priority boarding
  • VIP services
  • Baggage services
  • Lost and found

These services enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

Parking at Aegean Airlines Terminal Heathrow Airport

For passengers driving to Heathrow Airport through Aegean Airlines, Terminal 2 has ample parking facilities. Options include short-stay, long-stay, and valet parking, providing convenience for travelers.

Short-Stay Parking

For those seeking a quick drop-off or pick-up, the short-stay parking facility at Terminal 2 provides a hassle-free solution. Conveniently located near the terminal entrance, this option is ideal for travelers with shorter itineraries, allowing for swift access to check-in counters.

Long-stay Parking

Long-stay parking is tailored for passengers embarking on extended journeys. Strategically situated for easy access and well-connected to the terminal, long-stay parking offers a secure and cost-effective solution for travelers requiring extended parking durations. Shuttle services efficiently link the long-stay area to the terminal, ensuring a smooth transition between the parking lot and check-in areas.

Where Does Aegean Airlines Fly from LHR Airport?

Aegean Airlines connects you to diverse destinations across Europe and beyond, directly from LHR. Here’s a glimpse of their offerings:

Athens (ATH)GreeceDaily
Paris (CDG)FranceDaily
Amsterdam (AMS)NetherlandsDaily
Frankfurt (FRA)GermanyDaily
Munich (MUC)GermanyDaily
Rome (FCO)ItalyDaily
Barcelona (BCN)SpainDaily
Madrid (MAD)SpainDaily

Map of Aegean Airlines Terminal at Heathrow Airport

The map of Aegean Airlines Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) serves as a crucial tool for passengers, providing essential information and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Contact Aegean Airlines at LHR Airport

For any inquiries or assistance, passengers can contact Aegean Airlines Terminal 2 at LHR Airport. You can reach them at the following contact points:

  • Check-in desks in Terminal 2 |
  • Information desk in the Arrivals Hall |
  • Phone: +44 (0) 20 8744 9800 |
  • Website: |

In conclusion, navigating the Aegean Airlines terminal at LHR Airport is a seamless experience. Terminal 2’s modern facilities, coupled with Aegean Airlines’ services, ensure a comfortable journey for passengers. Whether arriving or departing, travelers can expect efficiency, convenience, and a range of amenities to enhance their time at the airport.


Which terminal is Aegean Airlines at London Heathrow Airport?

Aegean Airlines operates from Terminal 2 at LHR Airport.

What is the Aegean Airlines arrivals terminal at Heathrow Airport?

Arrivals with Aegean Airlines are at Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport.

What is the Aegean Airlines departures terminal at LHR Airport?

Departures with Aegean Airlines are also from Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport.

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