Aegean Airlines FRA Terminal – Frankfurt Airport

Aegean Airlines FRA Terminal - Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe’s busiest and most significant aviation hubs, serves as a gateway to various destinations worldwide. For passengers flying with Aegean Airlines, understanding the terminal details is crucial for a seamless travel experience. This article provides a comprehensive guide to Aegean Airlines’ terminal at Frankfurt Airport (FRA), covering arrival and departure terminals, baggage handling, lounges, dining options, services, parking, flight destinations, and contact information.

Information of Aegean Airlines Terminal Frankfurt Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a table summarizing the key information about Aegean Airlines Terminal at Frankfurt Airport.

AirportFrankfurt International Airport
Airport Address60547 Frankfurt, Germany
Aegean Airlines Frankfurt TerminalTerminal 1, Hall B
Aegean Airlines Frankfurt Arrival TerminalTerminal 1
Aegean Airlines Frankfurt Departure TerminalTerminal 1

What Terminal is Aegean Airlines at Frankfurt Airport?

Aegean Airlines operates at Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. Terminal 1 is a bustling hub accommodating numerous airlines and offering a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable journey for travelers. Whether arriving or departing, passengers can navigate through this terminal with ease.

Aegean Airlines Arrival Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

As your Aegean Airlines flight gracefully touches down at Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1 welcomes you with open arms. Step inside and follow the friendly signs toward baggage claim, where your trusty luggage awaits a joyful reunion.

Remember, domestic and international arrivals share this bustling space, so keep your eyes glued to the overhead displays for your flight code and the corresponding carousel number. After reclaiming your travel companions, you’re free to explore the airport’s diverse offerings.

Aegean Airlines Departure Terminal at FRA Airport

When you fly Aegean Airlines to Frankfurt Airport, your journey starts in Terminal 1! Look for the big signs with the Aegean blue and white colors, they’ll guide you to the check-in counters. Give them your bags and boarding pass, then you’re free to explore! Grab some coffee, do some last-minute shopping, or just relax and watch the other travelers. Soon, your flight code will light up on the big screens, and it’s time to board! Get on the plane, find your seat, and get ready for an exciting adventure with Aegean Airlines!

Aegean Airlines Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at FRA Airport

Your Aegean Airlines flight may have touched down perfectly at Frankfurt Airport, but sometimes, baggage hiccups can disrupt your travel rhythm. Don’t let lost, delayed, or damaged luggage throw you off course! Here’s how to navigate the situation like a seasoned traveler:

Lost Baggage? Head to the Terminal 1 Lost & Found near baggage claim (or any Aegean desk) to file a report. Describe your missing bag and share your contact details. Track your journey online with your baggage claim tag number. Aegean will keep you updated.

Delayed Baggage? Keep an eye on different luggage carousels, your flight code might pop up later. If not, file a report and track it online like a lost bag.

Damaged Baggage? Before leaving the airport, report it to the Lost & Found or Aegean staff, document the damage with photos, and file a report. They’ll assess and offer repairs or replacements.

Lounges at Aegean Airlines Terminal in FRA Airport

Relax in style before your flight. Aegean Airlines partners with various lounges at Terminal 1, offering comfortable seating, refreshments, and business facilities.

  • Blue Ground Star Alliance Gold Lounge: For Business Class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members.
  • Senator Lounge: For Lufthansa Business Class passengers and HON Circle members.
  • First Class Lounge: For Lufthansa First Class passengers and HON Circle members.

Food & Dining Options at Frankfurt Airport Aegean Airlines

Frankfurt Airport offers a diverse range of dining options, catering to various tastes and preferences. Passengers flying with Aegean Airlines can indulge in a culinary journey with restaurants and cafes such as:

Wiener FeinbäckerBakery & PastriesHall A
PastaciItalianHall B
AirbräuGermanHall C
StarbucksCoffeeHall B
VapianoItalianDepartures Level

Aegean Airlines Services at Terminal in FRA Airport

Make your journey smooth and seamless with these convenient services offered at the Terminal:

  • Currency Exchange: Convert your euros to drachmas (or whichever currency your destination requires) at the currency exchange bureau.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Pamper yourself with tax-free souvenirs and travel essentials.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected with loved ones or get some work done before your flight.
  • Information Desks: Seek assistance from friendly airport staff at the information desks located throughout the terminal.

Parking at Aegean Airlines Terminal FRA Airport

Aegean Airlines calls Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport its home, and whether you’re arriving or departing, knowing your parking options is key to a smooth journey. Here’s a breakdown of the parking scene at Terminal 1:

Terminal Parking

  • P2 & P3: These multi-story car parks are conveniently located directly next to the terminal, offering the closest and most hassle-free parking option. Ideal for short stays and quick pick-ups/drop-offs.
  • P8 & P9: These car parks are situated slightly further away but still within walking distance of the terminal. A good budget-friendly choice for longer stays.

Terminal Parking Rates

  • Prices vary depending on the duration of your stay and the type of parking chosen. Expect to pay around €2 for the first 30 minutes, €6 for the first hour, and up to €39 for a day in the terminal parking areas.
  • Book online in advance for the best rates and guaranteed availability, especially during peak travel seasons.

Where Does Aegean Airlines Fly from Frankfurt Airport?

Aegean Airlines connects Frankfurt with various destinations across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Here’s a small sample:


Map of Aegean Airlines Terminal at FRA Airport

The Aegean Airlines Terminal map at Frankfurt Airport is an essential tool that enhances the passenger experience by providing clear, visual guidance, promoting efficient navigation, and ensuring that passengers are aware of the various facilities and services available within the terminal.

Contact Aegean Airlines at Frankfurt Airport

Need assistance during your Aegean Airlines adventure? Here are some ways to reach their helpful team at Frankfurt Airport:

  • In-person: Visit the Aegean Airlines check-in counters or information desks in Hall B of Terminal 1.
  • Phone: Call the dedicated Aegean Airlines Frankfurt Airport number at +49 69 23 85 630.
  • Website: Visit the Aegean Airlines website at for FAQs, online contact forms, and live chat options.

With this comprehensive guide tucked away in your travel arsenal, you’re now equipped to navigate the Aegean Airlines terminal at Frankfurt Airport with ease. From locating your baggage to discovering delicious dining options, this guide will ensure your journey is as smooth as the Aegean breeze. So, relax, settle back, and prepare to be whisked away to sun-kissed shores and Grecian adventures with Aegean Airlines.


Which terminal is the international terminal at Frankfurt?

Terminal 2 is the international terminal at Frankfurt Airport.

Which terminal is Aegean Airlines at FRA Airport?

Aegean Airlines operates exclusively from Terminal 1.

What is the Aegean Airlines arrivals terminal at FRA Airport?

All Aegean Airlines arrivals, both domestic and international, arrive at Hall B in Terminal 1.

What is the Aegean Airlines departures terminal at Frankfurt Airport?

All Aegean Airlines departures, both domestic and international, depart from Terminal 1.

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