Aegean Airlines Barcelona Terminal – Barcelona–El Prat Airport

Aegean Airlines Barcelona Terminal - Barcelona–El Prat Airport

Navigating through the bustling Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN) can be a challenge, especially for those flying with Aegean Airlines. This comprehensive guide focuses on Aegean Airlines’ operations at Barcelona Airport, providing essential information for both arrival and departure terminal. By following this guide, passengers can navigate Barcelona Airport with ease and enhance their overall travel experience with Aegean Airlines. Always check with the airline for the latest information.

Information of Aegean Airlines Terminal Barcelona Airport

For a quick reference, here’s a table summarizing the key information about Aegean Airlines Terminal at Barcelona Airport.

AirportJosep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport
Airport Address08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
Aegean Airlines Barcelona TerminalTerminal 1
Arrival Terminal for Aegean AirlinesTerminal 1, Ground Floor
Departure Terminal for Aegean AirlinesTerminal 1, Third Floor

What Terminal is Aegean Airlines at Barcelona Airport?

Aegean Airlines operates at Terminal 1 (T1) of Barcelona Airport. Terminal 1 is the larger of the two terminals at BCN and hosts a multitude of international airlines. Aegean Airlines passengers can expect a modern and well-equipped facility to cater to their travel needs.

Aegean Airlines Arrival Terminal at Barcelona Airport

Upon arriving at Barcelona Airport, passengers flying with Aegean Airlines will disembark at Terminal 1. The arrivals area is efficiently organized to streamline the immigration and baggage claim processes. Whether you’re returning from a domestic or international Aegean flight, your luggage will find its way back to you at this location.

  • Main Arrivals: T1, Floor 0, Baggage Claim Hall
  • Domestic Arrivals: May arrive at dedicated areas within the T1 Baggage Claim Hall. Check your flight information for specifics.

Aegean Airlines Departure Terminal at Barcelona Airport

For those departing from BCN Airport with Aegean Airlines, the departure process is equally streamlined at Terminal 1. Here, you’ll find the dedicated Aegean Airlines check-in counters. Don’t forget to check the departure screens for your specific counter number before joining the queue.

  • Main Departures: T1, Floor 3, Check-in Counters. Counters may vary, so consult flight information boards or check with airline personnel for specific locations.
  • Domestic Departures: May depart from designated areas within the T1 Check-in Hall. Check your flight information for specifics.

Aegean Airlines Lost/Delayed/Damaged Baggage at Barcelona Airport

If your luggage encounters any hiccups, don’t fret! Head to the Aegean Airlines baggage claim office, located on the ground floor of the arrivals hall. Here, friendly staff will assist you with lost, delayed, or damaged baggage claims.

Immediate Action at Barcelona Airport

  • Report it Quickly: Don’t leave the baggage claim area without reporting any issues. Head to the Aegean Airlines representative at the Baggage Claim Helpdesk in T1 Arrivals Hall.
  • Gather Information: Before approaching the representative, have your flight information, baggage tag numbers, and a clear description of the issue ready. Note any visible damage to your luggage.
  • File a Property Irregularity Report (PIR): The representative will assist you in filing a PIR, which is an official document documenting the issue. This document is crucial for tracking and resolving your case.
  • Obtain a PIR Copy: Keep a copy of the PIR for your records. It will contain your case reference number, which you’ll need for future communication and updates.

Lounges at Aegean Airlines Terminal in BCN Airport

While waiting for your flight, why not unwind in style? Aegean Airlines passengers have access to various airport lounges, depending on their travel class and airline loyalty program. Some options include:

  • Aegean Gold Lounge: Offering a haven of comfort and luxury, this lounge boasts a buffet, bar, business center, and relaxation areas.
  • Business Class Lounges: Enjoy a taste of tranquility with dedicated business class lounges, featuring workspaces, refreshments, and comfortable seating.
  • VIP Lounges: For the ultimate pre-flight indulgence, VIP lounges provide a private and luxurious experience with exclusive amenities.

Food & Dining Options at Barcelona Airport Aegean Airlines

From quick bites to gourmet meals, Terminal 1 caters to every palate. Here’s a glimpse of the culinary delights waiting for you:

El NacionalT1, Floor 0Spanish tapas & market
Caffè NeroT1, Floor 3, Boarding Gates C/DCoffee & snacks
Jamie Oliver DeliT1, Floor 3, Boarding Gates C/DSandwiches & salads
La PaellaT1, Floor 3, Boarding Gates C/DTraditional paella
Wok to WalkT1, Floor 3, Boarding Gates C/DAsian stir-fry

Aegean Airlines Services at Terminal in BCN Airport

Aegean Airlines ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience with a range of services at Barcelona Airport terminal:

  • Currency exchange: Convert your currency before or after your flight.
  • Duty-free shopping: Indulge in tax-free shopping on a variety of products.
  • ATM machines: Withdraw cash conveniently.
  • Information desks: Get help with travel queries and directions.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected throughout your wait.

Parking at Aegean Airlines Terminal Barcelona Airport

Parking facilities at BCN Airport are well-managed, and passengers flying with Aegean Airlines can find convenient parking options near Terminal 1. When navigating the maze of car parking options at Barcelona Airport, finding the perfect spot for your trusty vehicle can be daunting. But fear not, fellow traveler, for this expanded guide will illuminate your path to parking paradise!

Short-Term Parking

Ideal for quick pick-ups, drop-offs, and fleeting visits, short-term parking is your go-to for snappy stays. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 boast conveniently located short-term car parks, accessible directly from the arrivals and departures areas. Rates typically range from €4.20 for 30 minutes to €20.95 for a maximum of 4 days.

Long-Term Parking

For extended adventures, long-term parking offers a cost-effective solution. The dedicated long-term car park (Aparcamiento Larga Estancia) sits conveniently between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, a quick shuttle bus ride away from both terminals. Rates start at a budget-friendly €16 per day, making it a perfect choice for week-long getaways or business trips.

Valet Parking

Craving ultimate convenience? Valet parking whisks your car away and delivers it back pristine upon your return. Available at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, valet parking services like VIP Parking and El Prat offer a touch of luxury for a starting price of around €40 per day.

Where Does Aegean Airlines Fly from Barcelona Airport?

Aegean Airlines offers a diverse range of flight options from Barcelona, connecting you to various destinations in Europe and beyond. Here’s a glimpse:

LondonUnited Kingdom

Map of Aegean Airlines Terminal at BCN Airport

Knowing the location of Aegean Airlines terminal at Barcelona Airport is crucial for a smooth travel experience. It helps passengers navigate efficiently, plan their time effectively, and access airline-specific services.

Contact Aegean Airlines Terminal at Barcelona Airport

Having the contact information for Aegean Airlines at Barcelona Airport is crucial for quick communication in case of flight changes, delays, or special assistance needs. It ensures passengers can stay informed, receive prompt support, and address specific concerns during their journey.

  • Aegean Airlines Barcelona Airport Office: Terminal 1, Floor 3, Check-in Counters.
  • Phone Number: +34 91 080 2376
  • Website: 

Navigating the Aegean Airlines terminal at Barcelona Airport is a seamless experience, with well-organized facilities and a range of services to cater to passenger needs. Whether arriving or departing, passengers can expect efficiency and convenience at every step of their journey.


Which terminal is Aegean Airlines at Barcelona Airport?

Aegean Airlines operates primarily from Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport.

What is the Aegean Airlines arrivals terminal at BCN Airport?

Domestic and international arrivals for Aegean Airlines take place at Terminal 1, Floor 0, Baggage Claim Hall.

What is the Aegean Airlines departures terminal at Barcelona Airport?

Departures for Aegean Airlines take place at Terminal 1, Floor 3, Check-in Counters.

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